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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Adrian King
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I am the King of Wonder

My Name? Call me Mr. King. Or Adrian King if you're ever close.

How old am I? Of course, I've been a King and still remain, 35. My body is just restricted to the appearance of 15.

What gender? I see, you can't see past my mask. Male.

And you want to know my interests of gender? Well, I hardly think that matters. Frivolous choosing is just sexist.

But I am not good, or evil. I am enigmatic. I am who I choose to be, I may not be detailed about this but I indeed do like to hold myself in high regard. I am ruthless, so don't anger me. I will not hesitate to bring you to your knees, if I could. I would not hesitate to bend you all to my will. I will not hesitate to call upon my connections to smother a voice of rebellion against me. I will not even wait for my own breath to take what I want. What else would a King do? I have to be pretentious, I have to be arrogant and rude. I have to be prejudiced, and above all? I'm pretty racist against the residents of Radiant Garden. Consider me a war-maker, a wayfarer, a traveler and archaeologist. I am the King after all, with a cold heart.

I call upon the Astral Grid:

Water to Ice.
Fire to Magma.
Wind to Sound.
Earth to Mud.
Space to Time.
And Life to Death.

But magic is a tedious thing, though you may consider me a Magister. A Black Magister, White Magister, Green Magister, Rainbow Magister, whatever suits your needs. It's risky, and very draining. But how it affects me? All part of the enigmatic part.

|Level 3|
STR /\/\ 2
CON /\/\ 6 | +2 Magical Hardening
Magus Affinitus /\/\ 10
Magus Resistiante /\/\ 7 | +1 Magical Hardening
Speed /\/\  5 | -1 Magical Hardening
Dexterity /\/\ 6 | -1 Magical Hardening
Stamina /\/\ 6 | -1 Magical Hardening

Drakar - The Dark Messiah

I can haz Omens?

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Adrian King
Post Count : 1851
The Offensive Grid

King's Staff

The staff has a normal, plain quarterstaff form but when it is fully revealed Adrian is capable of channeling his magical energies. The jewel is actually a focal point that can amplify and harness what he channels. The  jewel and the frame around it act as a bladed segment. Alternatively, the jewel can absorb magics as long as it is cast from someone less adept at magic than Adrian.


Guardian Glove

This glove grants Adrian power and control over the spiritual beast that collects and consumes hearts and memories. A bane to the remnants and fragments of the world, the guardian is a being of might. It acts as an extension of Adrian in terms of magic, and comes from his body like a shadow. He can only travel out 50 meters from Adrian and is controlled completely mentally. Alternatively, a copy of a slain memory, heartless, nobody or somebody can be summoned in place of the guardian in the state they were slain. The guardian itself switches between its agility and power form. The power form is only sustainable for the base stamina stat equivalent in post count. I.e. 1 stamina = 1 post. However, this grants 4 more points for the power form to distribute.


Agility - 7'5" |

Power - 20'2" |

Agility Stats - Adrian's Level
STR | 2
END | 5
MAG | 1
DEX | 10
SPD | 10
STAM | 10

Power Stats - Level 5
STR | 10
END | 10
MAG | 1
DEX | 5
SPD | 5
STAM | 8

Drakar - The Dark Messiah

I can haz Omens?

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