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Brats (Open)

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Post by [V] on December 24th 2014, 3:25 am

“Dad I am going! You can’t stop me!”

The unmistakable whine of an annoyingly rebellious teenager. The bratty, spoilt sixteen year old slammed the door to their Twilight Town home as she left… and all her father could do was sigh. What had he done to deserve such entitled little shits? His wife was already in bed – not asleep, how could she be with all this commotion? And his son… well, he had no idea where his son was. Now that he had turned eighteen he had stopped even saying when he was leaving the house – at least his daughter offered him that luxury. With a slow, pained limp he made his way to the kitchen, poured himself a drink and almost collapsed sitting down at the table in the centre of the room. If he couldn’t control his kids, he might as well drink, right?


“Dad is such a piece of shit!” The voice belonged to the same rebellious teenager, but with just a little less whine this time. It wasn’t quite clear to anyone watching who she was talking to, considering there wasn’t anyone with her, but she was sure her brother could hear. She had designed the technology that they were communicating over, after all.

What did he do this time? Her brother’s voice buzzed back in her ear. She reflected, just for a second. Why was she so annoyed again?

“Edward, I’m six-teen! I shouldn’t have to explain where I’m going every time I want to leave the house! And besides, what am I meant to say? Oh sorry dad, can’t stay home for dinner, me and Eddy are going to rob the fucking Robson’s?” She knew how much he hated it when she called him Eddy, or anything other than Edward really. He thought it sounded less proper, made him less of a man or something. She could imagine the look on his face as the condescension dripped from her lips.

April, you – he cut himself off before chastising her - it wasn’t worth it right before their ‘mission’.

Just shut up and get to your mark, okay? Don’t ruin this one for us again, got it?

“Whatever, Ed. I’m already at my ‘mark’, waiting for your go,” she was intentionally making fun of him again, the way he spoke about their little expeditions as if they were some kind of military operation was outright ridiculous to her, bordering on juvenile. But she let him do it, wasn’t hurting anyone and she got the feeling he got a kick out of it. He had always wanted to join the military, after all. Only problem was there weren’t any wars to fight, which meant there wasn’t really much point. That’s the problem with peacetime; the dickheads that would’ve been fighting the wars are finding other ways to get a rush instead – in this case, home invasion and theft. Oh well, at least this way she got to be involved.

Then what are you waiting for?

Oh, right… she should get started then, shouldn’t she? She flipped up the latch and opened the door to the power board in the alley behind the Robson’s house. It was almost too easy. They did a practice run a couple of weeks ago, and found that every time they flicked the switch to turn the power off, Mr. Robson would emerge and come outside, grumbling as he went, to switch it back on. With him out of the house it was just his idiot old wife inside, who was as good as deaf anyway. In and out before he got back in the house. Simple.

“Alright, go.” She said, almost disinterested as she flicked the switch. It was almost too easy. Where was the challenge? At least Edward got to raid the place and do all the fun stuff, all she did now was sit back in her little perch, and make sure that good old Mr. Robson came outside and did what he was supposed to do.


The front door was unlocked. Edward quickly stepped inside and shut the door quietly behind him. He knew that Mrs. Robson was pretty much deaf, but he figured it paid to err on the side of caution. He thought she’d still be sitting in the living room while her husband went to fix the power, so he snuck up the stairs and moved towards their bedroom. He glanced in a few rooms before he found the right one, and swiftly stepped inside. Anything that looked like it might be worth something went straight in his bag - they could sort out the trash from the treasure. Right now, speed was the priority.


Meanwhile, April was almost completely disinterested. She leant against the wall opposite the backside of the Robson’s house picking at her nails, until she realised something. He hadn’t come outside. But… Edward hadn’t said anything went wrong…

Something wasn’t right.

“Edward…?” She said, barely above a whisper.

No response.


What? His voice whispered back, clearly annoyed.

“He never came outside.”

What do you mean?”

“I… you need to get out of there. Right now.

He was sure there was nothing wrong. They’d had close calls but they’d never been caught. They were careful, and as much as it pained him to admit it – April was smart. They planned everything out… but, admittedly, this time they’d been a bit sloppy. It was just too easy, that they hadn’t bothered to be as meticulous as usual. A lesson learned, he thought to himself, before quickly slinging his bag over his back and making his way back downstairs.

Suddenly, there was a bright light in his face.

A torch.


He was halfway down the stairs when he was nearly blinded by whoever was at the bottom. Instinctively his hand moved to cover his eyes, and he grit his teeth. How was he going to explain his way out of this one?

“Who are you?”

The voice didn’t belong to Mr. Robson. Had he called the police? All Edward knew was that he didn’t want to stick around to find out. Spinning on his heel, the teen bounded back up the stairs and down the hallway, hearing screams behind him to ‘stop’ and to ‘make sure he didn’t get away’. That meant there was more than one. Great.

“April! Something is wrong, we gotta move. Go back home I’ll meet you there.” He screamed into his earpiece seconds before he smashed out the second floor window and landed on the roof of the smaller house next door. Oops.

WHAT? Edward I’m not leaving you behind!

“You don’t have a choice.” He said, before clicking the button on the back of his ear to switch their transmission off. If he was going to get caught, at least he could make sure his sister made it home safe. As much as they teased each other, they really did care about one another. He bounded down a side street, taking a glance behind him every second or two to make sure there wasn’t anyone behind him. Until…


Was that… an explosion? There was smoke, coming from… the Robson’s house? He clicked the transmitter on his ear back on.

“April, are you alright?”

No response.

She’d either turned hers off too, or… No. That was it. She’d turned hers off too.

He sprinted back down the street, returning to the scene of the crime. If that wasn’t law enforcement in there before they were sure as anything on their way now. As well as anyone else in the street who’d heard the small bomb go off. He stood out the front of the house, and involuntarily brought his hand to his mouth and gasped when he’d seen what had happened. The house was just… gone. There wasn’t any damage to the neighbouring houses… just rubble. Smoking, stinking rubble. He looked around, no sign of April either. He couldn’t just wait, standing around too long would seem suspicious… especially with the bag full of stolen stuff on his back. He started walking home, hoping, praying April would be there when he arrived.

She had to be.

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Brats (Open) Empty Re: Brats (Open)

Post by Oriel on December 24th 2014, 7:41 am

Twilight Town, a world with plenty of buildings, a clock tower and a vast ocean with the train tracks leading to who knows where. It tended to be particularly crowded during the day, especially near the beach and in the center but night time was a different story. A hue of orange from street lights revealed the empty streets as the towns people stayed safe in their homes. A quiet night for a 'quiet' town. A young mage would beg to differ with that statement however, her preference to travel during the night here rather than day would prove that. Coming from just a few islands this place always seemed so crowded. The days were always full of large amounts people rushing here and rushing there, teenagers lounging around where ever they could and children generally running around and getting lost. "Stupid kids.." The girl spat to herself followed with "Stupid parents more like it." Her eyes shifted to see curtains pulled in every house, some lights on, some off. Her walk was peaceful, though time here tended to bring out negativity with the contrast from beautiful islands and views.

With light teal hair, black jeans and a white jumper the girl was exactly what she seemed like to be walking around at this time at night, angsty. Angsty teen Oriel. One foot after another tapping the pathway was all Oriel could hear over her thoughts as she made her way up an unpleasant hill through some neighbourhood. At this time of night it was too late to catch the train to the beach, or so she was certain of it being so this was it. Walking to the top of a hill to look out at the views, think, breathe.. and be all angry but passive at all that is happening in the universe. 'I guess not everyone knows we're connected to other worlds.' The fact that they were able to travel amongst the Sea of Skies made Oriel wonder how some could just.. not know, or even be interested. A sigh escaped her mouth as her hands began to fall into her pockets.


"What was that?"

Her words followed the silence after, her head turning to see houses lights turning on here and there. A young man running towards her only to stop and turn around and head back to where he was going. Was it because he saw me? The mage would think to herself, her mind jumping to the worst of conclusions: terror attacks. This left no room for the mage to wonder about it, she may have been wrong but that wasn't something she was willing to risk. Sick of this hill shit the girl lifted off the ground as her kunai-like crystals slid down her sleeve and inbetween her fingers. The mage wasn't one to waste her physical stamina on running. Her body hovered just inches off the ground as magics involving wind pushed her forward at a pace that some of the fastest athletes would sprint at.

Arriving at the scene stood the young man who had run.. away? On his back was a sack of goods, suspicious would be Oriel's first thought, but why would he run back to the boom? Her head turned to what was once a home. With no seconds to spare the boy turned back, beginning what looked like a defeated walk back to base. Maybe he didn't hear the mage due to her lack of footsteps. Whatever had happened here happened for no good reason thus leading to confrontation. Oriel's feet touched the ground as she stared the young man in the eyes, her hands resting readily by her sides.

"Well. What happened here huh?"


Brats (Open) Untitled-4

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Brats (Open) Empty Re: Brats (Open)

Post by [V] on December 29th 2014, 7:27 am


The word screamed itself in his mind as the stranger appeared before him. She had asked him what had happened, a fair enough question given the circumstances, but something about her tone or maybe her phrasing just seemed accusatory. Like she had some inkling that he had something to do with whatever had just gone down. He didn’t like that. Thief, sure, but terrorist? Arsonist? Whatever this was-ist? That wasn’t his style.

“Could ask you the same thing,” he retorted, before turning his gaze back on to the now demolished house. He had to think of a plan, and fast. Law enforcement would be here any second, and the bag of stashed goods was getting heavier and heavier every second. But he had a feeling this girl wouldn’t just let him wander off. The floating in the air, knives between her fingers… screamed do-gooder hero type. But then there was the attitude… anti-hero, even worse.

“Look, I’ve just come from work.” He said, which was kind of true. “And now I just need to get home,” he concluded, which was very true.

But then, as he turned to leave once more, he heard that dreaded sound. The buzzing and whirring that meant only one thing – the police were about to arrive. A million possible outcomes crossed his mind, none of them seemed to good, until…

In one quick, fluid motion he slung the bag off his back with his right hand and reached for something in his pocket with his left. A knife. As he threw the bag towards the stranger he cut a hole in bottom, some of the contents spilling to the ground as it sailed through the air. Her reflexes would either kick in and she’d catch it or it would fall to the floor at her feet, but no matter the outcome he was sure it’d catch her by surprise. Then he was off, down an alley and around a bend as quick as he could. He wasn’t going to hang around to see what happened next.


April was going to hang around to see what happened next. Whether it was nosiness, curiosity or a perverse teenage lust for drama wasn’t clear, but she knew she couldn’t miss this. She had been caught off guard by the explosion and lost her footing, smacking face first into the ground and breaking her earpiece in the process. Now she was hidden up on a nearby roof, watching the scene unfold. She’d seen her brother earlier and had planned to go down to get him when the stranger arrived. No matter, he’d just go home and she’d meet him there later. This was way more interesting than any attempted robbery. This was real.

As Edward disappeared into the night, the police arrived almost instantaneously.

“You there!” They yelled at the woman, raising strange looking weapons at her.

“What’s going on here?” They demanded, as April watched on from relative safety. She wondered how the stranger would handle it, and thought she might even intervene, if she deemed it necessary. She didn’t look like much, but the girl packed a punch and she knew it. As amoral as she liked to believe herself, she couldn’t imagine letting some poor innocent woman take the blame for something she didn’t do. Or at least, April thought she didn’t do. Where did that explosion come from?

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Brats (Open) Empty Re: Brats (Open)

Post by Oriel on December 30th 2014, 10:00 pm

"You could just tell me what happened here? Just concerned for the publi-" Sirens and a bag thrown in her face as she was mid-sentence. A short and somewhat sarcastic "Oh." was released as the mage swiftly moved her hand forward, a small blast of wind sending the bag and it's now spilling contents away from her to clunk onto the ground. Just like that the guy had dipped out and the fuzz were on their way to arriving. Just a small time thief I guess. Oriel thought to herself with her eyes rolling. It didn't explain the boom, maybe something just went wrong like... unknown fire hazard. Or he was some sicko that just liked to burn places down after stealing from them. That wasn't the matter right at hand for the teen as police rolled up. She'd definitely track this guy down soon enough.. maybe.

Raising her hands into the air Oriel's knives slipped sneakily back into her sleeve. Her expression was genuinely of confusion and concern but officials usually weren't ones to care for that jazz. Maybe it would have looked a bit better if she had remembered to stop floating in the air. None the less, Oriel wasn't going to go down for something she didn't do, so she'd start first with the honest truth. "Uh, well.. I just arrived here a moment ago to see a young man carrying this bag of goods..." She paused, moving her head back and forth for a few seconds to point at the bag then carrying on. "I heard a bang so I thought I'd check it out and yeah.." She stopped talking again, an elongated pause leading up to her last words. "Oh yeah! The guy ran away when he threw the bag at me so..."

Her expression changed again to match her teasing tone as she looked around for any trace of the guy. Nope. The girl floated there with a content look on her face, it was enough for her to know this wasn't her doing but soon she was to realize they'd probably think this was all her doing. She wasn't sure how they'd respond to her story so for now, she was planning an escape. It all seemed quite easy with magic on her side.


Brats (Open) Untitled-4

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Brats (Open) Empty Re: Brats (Open)

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