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My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open]

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My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open] Empty My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open]

Post by Nasir on December 22nd 2014, 1:44 am

The sounds of foreign machinery were off-putting, causing most of the tiny, woodland creatures to flee. While daredevils and the overly curious remained, even they kept their distance. A few humanoids and beasts alike had been subject to example, reaffirming the fears of the now gone animals. A few carcasses sprinkled the area, while still clear of the deforestation ground. Oddly enough, there seemed to be a high concentration in a specific area. One could deduct, based on their actions, they weren't deforesting for the forest's resources, but instead were searching for a specific rarity amongst the thickets. And while they did seem to cut down a bundle of trees, they were discarded or left where they had landed, apparently worthless in comparison to this assumed treasure. As one last tree toppled, the rest of the forest had been deemed irrelevant; their safety guaranteed.

"We, uh, we've got it, Bossman." One, ill-spoken, uncharismatic worker shouted, in a rather unremarkable claim. The success seemed underwhelming, but for two individuals, unrelated to the party, this was a cue to intercept. These individuals had anonymously been feeding this company information, for they could not properly locate or extract the material they were looking for. This company had resources far beyond theirs, but what they did not have was the combat prowess these two possessed. The pair also had the advantage of knowledge -- more specifically, the knowledge of the companies whereabouts and function. They had stolen some vital information in their month long quest to locate this item, which helped them consistently receive data they should not have been privy to.

Unfortunately, the company had a body guard, in order to help the rest of the dim-witted employees retrieve the product safely. This orc was large and muscly, a threatening site to the average person. And, to be completely honest, even Nasir was intimidated, despite hiding it behind his eagerness. The plan, however, did require stealth, which meant he couldn't be as talkative or antagonistic as he usually was behind the mask, much to his dismay. The blue, Oni mask was only the headpiece of the outfit, albeit the most interesting piece involved. The rest was a rather lackluster black, meant to help conceal his movements when in cover. If anything, it shouldn't draw attention, which it hadn't so far. Part of this success could also be attributed to his distance, since the fiend had a keen eye.

As they began loading up the item, Nasir's fingers wrapped around the device. The metal was all too comforting, as he knew he had a makeshift weapon if need-be. Raising it to the sky, he waited for them to finish loading. As soon as the package was secure, he shot the red flare into the sky, causing a panic amongst them. Immediately after pressing the trigger, he manipulated the metal into a spike, throwing it with all of his might towards the rear, left wheel of the cart meant to deliver the package. Unfortunately, he hadn't hit it as much as he'd like, only causing a small tear, opposed to popping it in its entirety. The orc noticed the direction the attack came from, but it knew that staying with the car was the most efficient way to deal with the situation. He knew a distraction when he saw one. Fortunately for Nasir, he didn't want to take on the demon, as he knew he wouldn't have been able to hold his own against such a creature. He was still adjusting to his new, undefined upper limits.

Letting out a stifled sigh of relief, he had to improvise. They were slower, but they weren't as slow as they needed to be for him to catch up. He was trying to restrict use of his powers, but sometimes it was necessary. With a strong, solid form, he created an angled ramp in front of the cart. As they treated to get out the way, they failed, and instead worsened their fate. Instead of a clean dramatic shift in direction, they began to spiral and roll, causing them and most materials to get launched near the river. The horses had panicked and when they recovered, they took off running. Little did they realize the importance of what was still in their cargo.

Hopefully, the next step of the objective would be completed until he could make his arrival, which would take a bit of time. He felt the distance he was told to post was unnecessary, but perhaps it was what prevented the orc from deciding to deal with him immediately. Truthfully, if it wasn't for the improvised ramp, he wouldn't have been able to even get the caravan to the next checkpoint. And, even then, he had already done so sloppily, making their more infinitely more difficult, but there was only so much one could predict outlying factors.

He better come through. The adolescent thought to himself, while running through the forest.

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My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open] Empty Re: My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open]

Post by Azmot on December 22nd 2014, 7:30 am

Good, Nasir. You're training is paying off

Sahn rested with his hood down on the other side of the river, concealed behind a rock, waiting for them to get distracted. The brutish orc looked to be somewhere near Sahn's power level, but not anywhere near his intelligence. The flare went up, the cart had been loaded - two cues. And then they were flipped and settled right near a large body of water. By the gods, was it Christmas? Hm. Sahn had never liked Halloween Town nor any of it's branches.

Springing to action, Sahn revealed himself from behind the rock, which immediately drew the eye of the orc. The seasoned creature readied itself, hoisting a rather unwieldy looking axe above his head and chucking it in the heavily clothed man's direction with surprising accuracy. It was clear by it's path that it would close the forty feet that the river traveled wide and the extra twenty to reach Sahn; though it would never reach his body. In a traditional boxing stance, left hand positioned behind his right, he let loose a powerful jab with his front-most superior appendage.

A geyser momentarily erupted from the river and crashed into the axe, which slowed immensely before dropping harmlessly into the river, to be carried off. Sahn couldn't suppress a smile, really. He closed his distance to the river in two steps and jumped far, windmilling his arms not for balance on the jump but to move the water beneath him; someone trained could see that the movements were similar to the ones that the Shaolin Monks in the Land of Dragons preformed in order to meditate - while he couldn't master swordsmanship nor true martial arts, he found their techniques oddly effective when handling nature. As soon as his shoes touched the water, he was propelled forward, his arms still windmilling in a fashion that made him surge forward faster and faster. Twenty feet to go. Ten. He was there.

In a final push, Sahn violently clawed the air in a vertical sweep that made the water travel in an upward arc and over the orc. He would pivot, quickly, as the stream disconnected from the river, so that a mass of water, approximately the amount that would fill fifteen bathtubs, was what supported Sahn; the rest fed the soil beneath. As the aquamancer looked back, however, the axe had emerged from the river and was flying towards him, the orc manipulating it with rough movements. The axe glowed a bit, so Sahn was sure that he wasn't a mettiamancer like Nasir, but rather just had a nifty weapon. He might have to pick it up after he drowned the guy.

Sahn dropped into the water and out the bottom of it, avoiding the axe for now and focusing on it's maestro. Balling his hands in fists, he shot them both forward and outstretched his hands, toward the big green lump of muscle. With this movement, Sahn commanded the element, all of it, to overtake the beast. It collided with the orc, at first able to endure the attack with pure strength, but was eventually knocked off its balance, if just for a moment. Sahn took this opportunity, while it was completely engulfed, to close his fists, hard, and lock the molecules of water into place, the temperature dropping in tandem with the stillness of the liquid. As it froze, it expanded, making it very difficult for the orc to breathe, but probably the largest obstacle was his orifices being invaded by ice. In moments, Sahn's enemy was immersed in a perfect dome of ice, 10 feet in diameter, the top only 3 feet above the orc's gigantic stature.

In pity, Sahn flicked his wrist and cracks appeared along the ice, making it weaker. The orc wouldn't be breaking out soon, but when the sun beat on it a bit more he would be fine. The cracks also relieved some pressure and spiraled out a circuit in front of the orc's face, giving him some breathing room. Man, Sahn was soft today.

The Dream Eater turned away from his easily disabled opponent - in a fair fight, the orc probably would have won. Too bad he didn't fight fair. Looking at the caravan, he could see a glint amongst the wreckage. Is that the apple of my eye? Two steps forward and guards came to surround him, but they seemed cowardly. What a breeze. Nasir might not even need to give him support.

Behind him, he heard a loud shatter. Sahn could feel the chilly wind that was accompanied by ice shards lightly assaulted his back. Big Green Friendly Guy had busted out. Glancing nonchalantly behind his back, he saw the orc with his trusty axe, almost a bit of steam rising off his green skin. On second thought.

"Hey! Where's my backup, pup?" Sahn yelled into the air.

This could be frustrating without his partner.

He better come through.

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My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open] Empty Re: My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open]

Post by Nasir on December 22nd 2014, 1:02 pm


One misstep and now he was in a net, dangling from a tree. This was rather embarrassing, but he was too focused on completing his objective to survey the surroundings in great detail. He was unsure who would even set this up, but he didn't have the luxury of thought; action took precedent. Stealing some fluid from the leaves around him, leaving them dead, he turned the water into ice, creating a knife out of them so he could cut the rope. Landing softly, he rolled into a sprint, using the momentum to his advantage opposed to letting it delay him.

Upon arriving at the scene, he saw the orc broken out of the ice that he could assume Sahn had trapped him in. That was rather unfortunate, as this meant he was leagues more powerful than the Arab, but this didn't remove the advantage of surprise. After briefly turning the ice knife into a cuff, like a meerkat, he created a hole that would dive in. Popping out behind the orc, he had two rocks, which were sculpted in similar fashion to what his frozen knife had been. Nasir knew he couldn't win with force, so he had to attack basic humanoid weak points in order to ensure an advantage outside of just numbers. Decisively, he stabbed both of these daggers into the earholes of the orc. The orc, however, was so durable that he couldn't make it to his brain, his eardrums had stopped the attack.

However, that wasn't the only factor. The creature had jerked its skull backwards, immediately, causing him to headbutt the masked adolescent. Quickly, the orc reached behind him and grabbed the teen by his biceps and triceps, bringing him over so he could be piled drive. Had it not been for the random attack, he would have been able to out maneuver the creature. As he passed over, he briefly made eye contact with the orc, even though the creature could only see the now cracked, blue mask. With innovative and quick thinking, all he did was create a hole where his head would be, making it large enough so once the orc dropped to his legs and couldn't go any further, he would still be safe from any impact. However, the orc wasn't that unintelligent. Nasir's body was still too tense, causing the orc to resort to squeezing the life out of him, slowly, as if he were enjoying the struggle. If he had wanted, he could have snapped him easily, but being sadistic was the creature's character flaw, one Nasir would capitalize on.

Using the wristband of ice, he launched two, tiny spikes at the creature's nostrils, causing a great amount of pain, considering the vulnerability. However, he was still extremely durable making this an extremely noncritical move, and despite the pain, it wouldn't have any lasting damage. It was almost like the papercut of sneak attacks. Fortunately, this caused him to briefly loosen his grip and become stunned, at which point Nasir would have created another meerkat like hole to escape to right under him, by the time the creature composed itself, it saw Nasir already escaping in the hole. Nonchalantly, it took the spikes out of its nostrils, now forgetting the nagging pain despite the little bit of blood coming from both its nostrils and earholes.

Catching his breath underground, he took of his mask for a quick breather. He used to be more cautious when he was human, but he had gotten a little too cocky and almost got himself killed. Had it not been for the nature of the orc, he would've died while Sahn was busy with the rest of the guards. Putting his mask back on, he quickly resumed he mission. Peaking out of a new hole, he scoped to see where the item was. This would take awhile, but he would still collect some of the other goods and keep them underground in case they were useful. They weren't the main objective, but doing this didn't slow him down. However, as he took notice of the field, he noticed some of the workers chasing after the cart, which the horses had continually dragged. The two creatures were ambitious about saving their lives, to say the least.

Big Benzino, The Orc
STR || 8
CON || 10
AFF || 1
RES || 10
DEX || 1  
SPE || 2
STA || 10

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My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open] Empty Re: My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open]

Post by Occam on December 24th 2014, 1:17 pm

Clop. Clop. Clop. Clop The sound of hooves striking the ground, grinding through mud silently but banging against the hard dirt; this could be heard by those nearby but it had not been anywhere near the current conflict with the Orc. A white-maned, black horse had been dashing throughout a forest, roars bursting behind it as a trio of bears decided to chase it down. On the back of the horse had been Occam, simply searching for the artifact of Solomon Astra commanded him to, until he came upon a bear's den. Eagerly trying to escape the bears, they had been dashing through the forest constantly for about an hour. The horse would surely get tired soon, and he would need to slay the bears eventually. While against destroying nature as nature has its own bite, he would have to have the white buzzing orb by his head assist him. "Occam. They are still chasing us. Shall we eliminate?" Occam panted as he felt the body of the horse flinging his own up and down furiously. "Not now, Astra. The horse still has some choose and I think I see a gap. I doubt they are light enough to jump that far." the group had continued through the forest before Occam came upon a trench with his horse, effortlessly having it leap over the gap and onto the other side. The bears had done the same, which alarmed Occam.

Annoying. "Borei to geraki tis na einai mazi mou..." Astra made no noise, only shaping that of a bow within Occam's hand and arming it with an arrow of magic. Turning to aim backwards, he didn't have a perfect aim because of this. Speaking silent words, the arrow's head formed a sphere of red energy. Over-drawing the bow, Occam released his fingers before hearing a snap, that of the string letting off the arrow with great might. Before the first bear had been a brilliant explosion of colors, white fire engulfing its body and searing off all of its black fur. Aiming with yet another arrow, though normal in shape this time, he let it off and struck the bare underbelly of the beast, piercing through and burning through the chest plate, striking and incinerating the heart. Turning back forward, he continued directing the horse to dodge several bumps and logs, swaying left and right to dodge several trees of dead bark. The mystical forest was a well-vegetated one, and he needed to navigate through it. Occam had thought on how the dangers of his journeys would be, it was clear that there were unknown elements to these worlds. Aiming behind him once more, he saw the left bear was closer to him, so he waited until a tree had been right next to it, firing off yet another explosive arrow and sending it tumbling into the other bear. Losing them, he knew his scent was in their grasp and all he could do was wait until he found an opening.

Once he found the opening, he would let his horse rest, dismounting it and keeping his bow equip. The wait for the bears to arrive had not been long, for a burn-ridden left bear came from the forest accompanied by a wounded right bear. Two arrows manifested on his bow and the red-haired man turned his bow horizontal, releasing both and letting the arrows slide through their skulls, watching them slide to his feet. "You see Astra? This is why I summoned you. I am neither strong nor weak, but I am fragile. Hardly makes sense, but whatever." Mounting his horse, he decided to trot throughout the forest, wondering if he would locate his artifact before tumbling down a ditch with his horse, thankfully the horse bouncing over his head and missing him otherwise he would have been crushed. As they tumbled down, they came upon a confrontation. The horse died by slamming its head into a rock, but Occam stumbled to his feet, drawing his bow without balance or proper aim. Eventually, he found his standing and slowed with proper breathing methods. "Well, I don't know who to shoot."

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My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open] Empty Re: My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open]

Post by Azmot on December 28th 2014, 5:17 am

Sahn's eyes darted to find the newcomer, aiming his weapon uselessly in no decisive direction. A quick return to his enemies revealed that they appeared confused at his sudden entrance. And the big orc... well, Nasir had surprised him with some thorns right in the side. The big dumb oaf even left his new ear piercings in.

"How stylish."

Three lackeys, smaller creatures such as elves or goblins, charged Sahn, prompting response with a 'four birds; one stone' attitude. They came from either side and directly in front.. fools. Outstretching both arms parallel to the ground, bent slightly for comfort, the Dream Eater spun, calling the water forth from behind the orc with his right hand and directing it with his left hand. The first one was caught in a torrent as large as itself, and it traveled with the serpentine, flying stream. The spin completed, catching the second and third of their respective feet as well, Sahn quickly maneuvering his hands so that they spun around a non-existent orb inches away from his chest. The stream stopped it's movement and coagulated, thickening itself and drowning the small beings.

The hooded aquamancer looked at the newcomer once again, in a false enthusiasm. "Boss, you're finally here!" He exclaimed, looking at the crowd of enemies. "Hmph - you guys are in for it now. The Boss is at least three times stronger than I am!" The lie would put a lot more attention on the scapegoat and off of Sahn.

And with that, the orc sent out garbled orders in some foreign tongue, pointing at the bow-wielding man. Most of the lackeys were frozen in fear, for what damage could this newcomer do that Sahn wasn't already doing? Four of them, however, charged, and the orc turned his attentions towards Occam. A smirk crawled on Sahn's face as he let loose a parting gift to his favorite big brute. The water slammed into his head as the liquid slithered along his body and circled his legs, solidifying into ice and expanding inch long spikes that dug into its tough hide. The boots of ice were a foot thick and wrapped around the orc's legs, from heel to knee, in an uneven pattern that looked like a rushing stream frozen in time.

And then, Sahn darted, right past some lackeys frozen in fear and towards the cart, calling more water from the nearby river by windmilling his arms. The current caught under his legs and picked him up, projecting him like a nimbus, torso-down covered in water and a trail of water leading back to the stream following him. He raced towards the cart, watching Nasir work away like a scavenger. Sahn got closer and closer to the cart, hoping that it held what he desired.

.. tick tock, tick tock.

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My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open] Empty Re: My Bottled Lightning [Sahn, Open]

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