Axel Rover WIP

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Axel Rover WIP

Post by Axel Rover on December 21st 2014, 8:40 pm

Name: Axel Rover

Age: 19

Appearance: Axel has light skin and chestnut-colored hair. He is usally smiling, but also can be seen with other expressions based on how he currently feels about the situations around him. He has an average build, not too fat, not too skinny, and fairly muscular. He stands in at 6'1 and 180 lbs. None of his facial features are unique, and you wouldn't be shocked if you have seen people that look familiar to Axel either. He has green eyes as well. He wears a white T-Shirt, a grey collared shirt with a black tie over that, and a white overcoat with green stripes over that, black pants that a school boy would wear, a black belt, black pants, black socks and black sneakers.

Sex: Male

Species: Human


Abilities and Skills:

  • Ability Name: Ability Description
  • Ability Name: Ability Description
  • Ability Name: Ability Description
  • Ability Name: Ability Description

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Weapon Name: Weapon Description
    • Armour Name: Armour Description
    • Item Name: Item Description

    Supplementary Battle System

    Level: 2

    Strength || 9
    Constitution || 6
    M. Affinity || 1
    M. Resistance || 5
    Dexterity || 5
    Speed || 8
    Stamina || 8


    History: Axel was born in Twilight Town, the world where the sun is always up.

Axel Rover

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