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Raphaella Lovelace
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Name: Raphaella Lovelace
Age: 23
Gender: Female  
Race/Species: Elven

Appearance: Her appearance varies depending upon her particular class she is harnessing. Raphaella’s appearances are as follows.

Out of Battle/ None:
Raphella can either be garbed in casual clothing, but is most commonly seen in her white with gold embroidered dress and black tights. The dress is sleeveless and relatively form fitting with intricate patterns along the collar and tapers down the sides on the chest. at the waist is a patterned golden ribbon fastened with black ribbons along the hips. The dress is cut short in the front with the same gold patterns as the top, but is long in the back that just barely stands off the ground. Her upper biceps are adorned with metal golden bands that hold up her black sleeves which are decorated with emeralds on the back of her hands. Raphaella is wearing black boots with intricate greaves tied on with the same black ribbons as on the waist. Her ivory hair falls to her lower back in wavy layers with her bright eyes that frequently change color based on her previous class form.

Garbed in a more traditional appearance, Raphaella can be seen in a high waisted red kimono skirt with a white and pink sakura flowered sash. Her shirt is of the same pattern with a red hem that is bound to her chest with a black wrap across her waist just below her bust. She is clothed in a blue and white overcoat with silver buttons and a sharp collar adorning a pendant on her right shoulder. Over the knee socks are covering her legs with plain black shoes on her feet. Raphaella wears a kitsune mask and sakura flowers on her head and red upside-down dots of paint on her face. Her hair is similar to her normal form and her eyes are a pale violet in color.

Mask is different. Raphaella wears a Kitsune mask.

Her lance class is a heavier armor set built for a tankier stance that she uses often. Raphaella often wears her helmet with the shielding folded upward to give her better vision of her opponents. The armor seems almost futuristic, the material is incredibly strong with barrier magic. Her hair is in a ponytail and freely flows behind her from the helmet. Her spaulders are onyx in appearance but has the fortitude of titanium that she can both use defensively and offensively. Similar oversized bracers cover her forearms and extend past her elbows. Raphaella’s long fingers are gloved in a deep crimson material similar to the catsuit that can be seen on her chest. Her breastplate around the crimson catsuit is charcoal with a small pinwheel pattern on it, and then double layered with a flexible but sturdy material covering her entire torso and running up her back between her shoulderblades. The armor fit like a swimsuit that curved over her hips to expose the catsuit and offer her the best mobility. Her thighs were armored with the same material on her shoulders that flayed slightly outward from her legs at her hips. The charcoal material on her chest continued over her knees to provide better flexibility and the onyx material continued onto her greaves and finally her feet which were slightly pointed. In this form, her eyes are an aquamarine in color, like the shallow ocean in Destiny Islands.

Warrior/ Sword & Shield:
Warrior/Sword & Shield - As Raphaella’s most comfortable form, she also wears minimal armor to keep her movement speed high. Her greaves are large dragon scales, providing her with an improved resistance to fire/magma as well as lightweight. They reach up over her knees with the depiction of dragon horns and teeth on the knee coverings. She wears a similar material fauld with ornate designs on her hips and belt, and beneath it is an ivory cloak that reaches just past her knees. It is made of an enchanted elven material that keeps her lightweight, but can deflect steel like chainmail would. A magical design lightly glows along the edges and can also provide light in dark areas. Her stomach is bare up to her breastplate that protects her diaphragm and ribs.The steel on this portion of her body is shinier and stronger than that of the rest of her somewhat flexible armor. A spaulder adorning the intricate draconic patterns is set on her dominant arm (left). Both forearms and elbows are braced in scaled metal all the way to her middle finger in a point with a small blade along the edge that flexed with her movements. Her forehead and pointy ears are protected by a hawkbill helmet that came down between her eyes and point up and backwards. Small wings on either sides were both decoration and enchantment that gave her Aero magic to this class. In this form, Raphaella’s eyes are a pale pink with gold flecks.

In hunter form, Raphaella is garbed in mostly green and leather to emulate the forest. Her silver hair is tied up in a messy way that spilled over her back. She wears a green cloak that is pinned together with lavender flowers. The cloak is roughly cut and is vaguely similar to feathery ends. Her top is normal, a green short sleeve shirt that fit snugly to her body with a leather strap crossing her torso and connecting with her black leather belt. Her skirt was a brown pelt material and had pockets and reached mid thigh. The belt had multiple hooks that contained her various weapons used in this form. Her legs were covered in a pale grey fishnet down to just above her knees. The brown leather boots are strapped tightly to her thighs and stop just short of the knees. Raphaella wears fingerless leather gloves and an armguard on her right arm. Weapons can include a mace, a bola, short sword/dagger, and a summoning pendant. (See summons for details) In this form, her eyes are a golden brown.

Antimage- Negates effectiveness of magic with a form of gravity?

Archer- High dexterity, mod high speed

Paladin- Tank, slow

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Elemental Mastery:




Fighting Style:

History: Sister disappeared when heartless destroyed her homeworld. She is in a desperate search for her little sister.

Sister (unnamed yet):

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