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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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"Once upon a star, in a world long lost to time; there lived a boy who dreamed. Like any boy who dreamed, he was a child who dreamed not for that new toy he saw at the shop's window, nor for that child who was always so mean to him to grow a spirit and be kind for a day, no The boy dreamed of knowledge, of the stars. His head was too far up in the clouds for him to come back to the reality of it all; and for a good cause as well. He knew there were other worlds out there, that every star held a planet- a world, full, of life and variety. But Huxley knew he would have to find a way to get to them first. He had spent time on figuring out a way, days looking at the stars while he dreamed of the worlds he would see. He dreamed and dreamed and dreamed, until one day he had found a visitor, while he was looking at a particular star shine bright.

It was then a figure came forward, curious to the boy's aim and why the boy had always stared at the stars. "I want to visit other worlds.", the child stated. The figure nodded. "That is a good wish." It said. The boy asked it if it was possible, if he COULD travel to the different worlds. "If you have the means to." the figure told him. The boy grinned. "Are you from another world?" he asked it, and it nodded once more. "Would you like to visit another world, child?" It asked him, and the boy only briskly nodded. "Yes! with all my heart!" he cried, and the man produced a giant key in a flash of light. "Take a hold of the blade, child- and I will train you...and you can go on adventures the like which you've never dreamed of..." The man said, holding out the key. Although the boy was slightly timid...he took a hold of the Keyblade and vanished with a flash of light."
-The Legend of the Boy

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Huxley Diamond


Huxley is an averagely sized man on the verge of twenty, and looks as youthful as he should be. A hopeful, boyish face outlined by a general expression and aura of wonder and innocence, he frames and holds himself to be rather charismatic while still appearing somewhat homely. A figure built on being equal at all angles, he is actually lightly muscled as well as being lean enough to make him appear as a runner. He tends to carry himself high enough to hold a strong opinion on life and a stable self esteem, his back straightened and his head tall, although relaxed enough not to appear too stiff.

His features are his blond hair, nearing an almost platinum hue to it, kept short and fashioned straight. He has unremarkable green eyes, and they are often framed with sharp looking glasses. In terms of dress, he likes to keep it simple and close to his body, nothing that can catch onto something very easily or grabbed. He tends to wear pretty simple garb, changing it depending on the clothes the world he is currently wearing has, although he has been known to just dress with something out of his normal wardrobe, like blue pants and a white shirt most of the time.


Huxley Diamond, in a few words; could be described using intelligent, wise and somewhat obsessive- but he'd deny those words. In his own mind, while he does believe in his own intelligence, he rather prefers to call that little trait...Charisma. He believes that everybody can be talked to, given the chance, and it isn't a secret that Huxley enjoys people, both good and ill. He likes the difference between the two personality types, feeling that a series of people who were always nice to be dreadfully boring, finding a foul mouthed little Bogart to be respite from such things. He is a sociable person, keeping a friendly demeanor during most people's stay with him, and often it is actually genuine. However, he tends to strike where it hurts verbally far more than he will with his Keyblade- he likes to make it known that he is a very blunt man, and likes to save time and effort by getting to the point of things; even if it does hurt those he directs those words at.

Still, he remains polite even at the worst of times, even in the middle of battle- always spouting apologies where one would think there shouldn't be. He tends to remain rather protective to the concept of life, friends and family, and one can often find him defending all of their names with the utmost stubbornness, and finds he can rarely refuse his people when they are in need, in all of the most direst- balance or destruction events, one of the rare reasons he would turn away from his ideals- sometimes so fiercely one might consider him cruel. He is a pragmatic person, and does like to deal with ifs, and, or buts about anything in general, often looking at things with a laser guided logic and thinking ahead in most times. He likes to know everything, and sometimes enjoys being a braggart- a trait that can be taken to far; as sometimes he is forceful with his beliefs and will believe what HE is doing is better than what somebody else thinks- unless he believes that somebody actually knows what it is doing.

Beliefs, Bonds and Ideals:

Huxley Diamond was raised to reflect the ideals of his Mentor, Artax. Artax was a neutrally aligned Keyblader who thought that, instead of favoring the light over the darkness, or the darkness over the light; that a Keyblader's duty lied in making sure the balance kept itself- striking out at the light when it shined too bright, and the darkness when it threatened to swallow everything whole with its greed. Artax had gathered a force of keybladers who thought similarly, keeping watch over the world's and yet content for the world's to forget about them as well, before they vanished entirely. Until recently, that is.

Huxley took up the responsibility of a Twilight Keyblader, reforming, refurbishing and recreating the old "Order of the Twilight", the organization of which his mentor had created to watch the worlds; especially after his master's most untimely death- helping the wielder of the "Key" behind the scenes, perishing after being overwhelmed in a fight against the darkness, along with the original members of the Order. Huxley had adopted Artax's line of thinking after his mentor had died, believing in the balance between light and darkness, and to uphold the doctrine of the Order as he went on to rebuild it.

Huxley Diamond is a young man who believes in balance in everything, but also that humanity is imperfect; and that sometimes, balance will have to be sacrificed in order for the greater good- if only for a few moments. A generally good natured man if a little forceful at times, he tends to think he knows best for everybody, because of his close ties to the belief that balance is key to survival, and that everything, light or darkness, could become too strong and ruin life if it were to go uncontrolled. Because of this, his nature of believing too much in true balance might turn against him every once in a while, turning him rather obsessive with keeping the balance, whether it be a Hero or a Villain he strikes down to get it.

His mission is actually fairly large in scope, broken up into pieces while he tries to complete each part. First, is to rebuild his Order, watching over the worlds and making sure the balance is kept between light and darkness- and to reconnect the worlds at large, hoping to bring everything together into one massive "world", where all cultures and worlds come together into one unanimous thing. While he does wish to control them, Huxley realizes that path would lead to corruption- and merely wishes to see a "World Council" of sorts built- one to represent each and every world there is, was and will be.

With this belief, is the hopes of unlocking Kingdom Hearts, the light of the legendary place hopefully enabling him to see his dream come to fruition. To do this, he needs the Order up and running, however- and he is currently busy with building it back up to its former glory.

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"Huxley Diamond, Keyblade Master"

Level 5 Keyblade Master
Strength || 3
Constitution || 8
M. Affinity || 3
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity || 8
Speed || 8
Stamina || 5

As a fighter, Huxley relies more on speed, dexterity and outlasting his opponent than outclassing them in a battle of strength. While he hopes he can talk himself out of a fight and find a new ally, he realizes there are some events where he will have to engage in battle. When he does fight, he believes he is trained enough to go up against all but the hardiest of opponents, and his common style of combat is to use his speed, dexterity and good fitness to his advantage; and his limited magic in attempts to distract his enemy from damaging him or getting an upper-hand in a fight for a few moments.

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