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Name: Aj Luna

Age: 18

Appearance: Aj is a young man of eighteen years. With a height of five feet and seven inches, he on the average side of the height scale. While not big he is quite heavy with the weight of one hundred fifty pounds. His skin is tanned from hours of working in the sunlight. His dark hair is quit long for the working class, reaching the bottom of his neck, but it hides scars of burns from his childhood. His eyes are the color of the earth, a light brown that darken the closer it gets to the center. Scars of burns surround his left eye and reaches past his hairline. Making that area leather like and somewhat unpleasant to look at, yet he wears them proudly.

Aj favors the light shirts and pants of the summer weather. Even so, he is found with a burnt jacket, which was one of the thing he have of his parents, most of the time. His shirts are mostly patterned with pictures of nature, from falling petals of roses to being sketched with tribal markings. His pants, on the other hand, are mostly common working pants And he favors hunting boots for footware. While not a person who cherishes jewelry, he does keep a small blue necklace, which is in the shape of the crescent moon, on his person.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Aj is, for a lack of better word, a broken mask. He has no idea who he is and how he should act. If one should talk to him they would get weirded out due to him being blunt and emotionless. It only when doing something he likes that the briefest of emotion show in his face. Because of this he is seen as a cold person with no remorse. A helpful thing in a battle or conformation but not so in a social event.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Shadow Ball: A baisc attack the morph the shadow into a tightly pack ball.
  • Shadow Claw: Shadows morph into class that are located one both Aj legs and his left hand.
  • AOD: By stabbing a heartless with AOD, Aj can change it into an other form

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Awakener of Darkness: An Claymore that is a reflection of Aj heart. The blade is 6in wide and 48in long. It is fully black with purple highlights place randomly. The hilt of the sword is shape as a upside down heart, only if one point the blade downward is it right side up. At the tip of the blade are three "teeth" in the shape of bursting flames. This blade has a special ability to open the heart to darkness.

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b][b]

    Strength || 5
    Constitution || 7
    M. Affinity || 8
    M. Resistance || 5
    Dexterity || 6
    Speed || 5
    Stamina || 6

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