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Name: Zrea Stilland

Age: 27

Appearance: Leaf green hair brushed back and tied loosely into a ponytail and brown constantly furrowes eyes give Zrea an unfriendly look and the fact that he stands at 6'4 and normally looks down upon others with a hard stare does not help any. His thin frame, which has come close to malnourishment at times, is adorned with dozens of rune like tattoos on his arms and chest (none of which actually do anything) and a five pointed start tattooed under his left eye. Zrea wears a sleeveless silver robe that covers his entire body, only revealing his black pointed shoes when he walks. Two long midnight purple adornments hang off the back of the robe, their frayed ends hinting at years of use. Rarely, when Zrea feels the need to conceal his identity, he will raise the hood of his primary garb and wear an expressionless gunmetal mask that cover all but his eyes.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: There is not much that motivates Zrea better than somebody asking for help. Doubly so if the one in need is an attractive woman. When not doing a task for someone, Zrea can be found sleeping, playing cards alone (solitaire is a personal favorite), or just wandering about absent-mindedly. While looking like a violent and unpleasant person he tends to be more or less just a lazy person and will vocally complain about having to put effort into something difficult. This does not make him an idiot though, and as people will find out, he is in fact very intelligent. Which may be the root of his boredom. Do not cross or insult someone he deems an ally, for his mood will sour quickly.

Abilities and Skills:
[*]Flash Cut (normally following a Thunderfall or other move that launches the catalyst): When the orb is already at a distance both the keyblade and the glass ball will flash as the wielder and his catalyst switch places at extremely fast speeds, slicing anything in between with a spark. (Even when not using as an attack, Zrea can pull or push on the orb to either move it or himself)
[*]Geyser: With the orb changing to blue a stream of water is released with enough force to cut stone, can be released from either Zrea or the orb.
[*]Scorching Fields: Another color change, this time to red, signals the oncoming inferno. A blast of fire burns all in the area around the orb, save its owner. Any flammable material will catch alight, even wet grass, hence the name.
[*]Thunderfall: Another flash of yellow, and a crash of thunder calls forth lightning to crackle around the catalyst (normally the scrying orb but can be the keyblade) at which Zrea will throw the electrified item with the force of a lightning strike.
[*]Gravity Sphere: Much like a normal gravity spell, this skill creates a spherical field that can not only crush with increased preasure, but also lift by reducing the gravity effectively trapping whatever is inside. The crystal ball glows purple with a swirling black center as this is being cast.
[*] Aero Blade: Surrounding the sharp blade in a raging storm, this allows Zrea to cut his opponent multiple times. Each cut is relatively shallow, but there are many.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Seer's Orb: Your standard solid crystal ball, once believed to impart great wisdom and knowledge to it's owner. It was found to be a fraud but Zrea keeps it as a memento. If this orb is struck hard or often enough while he is casting the spell will stop.
  • Grief Sever: This keyblade has a rather odd shape. The guard is a circular shape, purple with beads of green spread evenly. The blade part of the keyblade is just that. A blade, sharp unlike many of the blunt variants. Medium in length, the blade is your standard steel colored, again accented by the green glass beeds. at the tip of the blade, the key turns back at an acute angle, only to again angle out again to run parallel to the longer and stopping abruptly like a hook.
  • Cloak of the Traveling Wizard: Zrea's Silver robe. No enchantments or other special effects accompany the clothing. Besides protecting from prying eyes and maybe a chilly wind, the robe offers no additional protection.
  • Mask of the Hallowed Heart: The Expressionless and almost featureless mask that he has a habit of wearing when emotionally troubled

Supplementary Battle System[b][b]

Strength || 7
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 10
M. Resistance || 4
Dexterity || 4
Speed || 8
Stamina || 5

Catalyst Dependancy: With Orb intact +2 to M. Affinity and Strength/ -2 to M. Affinity and Strength of orb is broken. Orb can be repaired but takes to much time to do so while fighting.

Zrea was raised in a poor household, one that at times could barely affored to feed it's two children. While his father passed away from a chronic illness, Zrea's mother continued to raise him along with his younger sister Amelia. Times were difficult for the young boy, he never complained much, starting to work when he was eight doing odd jobs around town. When Zrea turned fourteen, his younger sister being ten, Amelia started showing signs of the same illness that had killed their father. Desperate for help, as all the doctors said there wasno cure, Zrea met an old fortune teller who would grant him a wish if he could afford to pay the fee. Wrought with desperation, Zrea clung to this hope as his sister's life faded, going entire days without returning home in the effort to earn even just a few more munny. On the day that he had finally collected the large amount he was asked not to leave the house by Amelia, but he responded that he would be back shortly with an answer and hopefully a cure. So Zrea met the old fortune teller again, who after taking the money, gave him her crystal ball and instructed him to look through it with the problem near and whatever he desired will be granted. He ran, faster than he had ever felt he moved before, as if his feet had been wearing Hermès's winged sandals. But he still arrived to late. His beloved little sister had passed while he was out on this fools run with nobody home to comfort her.

Zrea wished upon the crystal ball, but to no avail. He wished for the power to reverse fate, but was not granted it. He wished for his sister to smile again, but this too could not be granted. Lastly he asked how he may see her again, and again was shown nothing. There was nothing he could gain from the crystal ball, what could one gain after all from a piece of glass. Days passed, and those turned to weeks, and those still turned into months but Zrea did not notice. He spent four months barely sleeping, barely eating, barely moving at all, and not once uttering a syllable. He went to go see the fortune teller again after all this time, and of course as was his luck, she was gone.

Zrea gave up there and collapsed. He bade the heartless take him, if only to end his suffering. And was quite unwillingly saved by a traveling magician, although his embracement of the darkness granted him a keyblade. Against the boys wishes, Zrea was forced into an apprenticeship with the older man who was as it turned out, one of the wandering Keyblade Masters protecting the balance of the worlds. And this is how he spent nine years of his life, wandering from place to place. Sometimes healing the sick, sometimes exterminating the occasional heartless or nobody, sometimes studying musty old tomes in libraries so massive and old that they bore no name to be remembered. Over time Zrea's heart healed itself, though the scar was deep and jagged, and he began talking again, and occasionally smiling. His talent for magic was not to be underestimated. While the scrying ball was about as useful as a paperweight, probably less so as it was round and wouldn't sit still on a pile of papers, the apprentice wizard learned to move it around with gravity class magic and channel his spells through it instead of a staff or spellbook. Zrea eventually finished his apprenticeship on a dark note. Not two minutes after gaining his mark of mastery did he announce his true intentions. All the magic, all the power he gained, would be used to seek a way to revive his little sister from her grave. His mentor disagreed and attempted to defeat Zrea and lock his darkness away. The much older master lost to his newly mastered apprentice, and Zrea, out of kindness or cruelty (some would say both) spared the old man's life dealt a blow that paralyzed him from the waist down. Ever since Zrea has been wandering through the different worlds, sometimes getting involved in the affairs of others, sometimes watching silently.

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