Nasir D'Angelo

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Nasir D'Angelo

Post by Nasir on November 24th 2014, 3:03 am

Nasir || Feb. 29th || 16 || Human

5' 8" || 172.72 cm || Athletic


STR || 5
CON || 4
AFF || 8
RES || 4
DEX || 8
SPE || 8
STA || 5


|| Heartless Wraith ||

This mask conceals the user, deceiving sensory based abilities. Any natural properties will be altered to take on this 'new being', i.e smell. Any super natural properties will also be read as a separate individual. With this mask on, he has the racial signature of a Heartless. Any magics performed by the user will also be read as if they cast with the darkness element, although no physical changes to the magic will occur.  


|| Elemental Manipulation ||

Nasir can manipulate Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth, and Metal. In certain cases, he can create these elements, along with other spell like magics, opposed to just manipulation of preexisting matter.

|| Enhanced Magnetic Field ||

Naturally, he has an enhanced magnetic field, which grants him greater perception within the immediate area.


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