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Name: Riala

Age: 45

Appearance: Riala is a slim man, standing at roughly 5'11. He has short gray hair and wears a small, tidy beard which links into his mustache. His entire body is covered in scars, including his face. Most of these are barely noticeable apart from one large vertical scar taking up most of his left cheek. His eyes are a pale blue, appearing gray in most lights. His standard attire is a pair of slim black trousers, black boots and a tattered white shirt. Over this he wears an open black peacock coat. In the coats inner pockets he tends to keep a packet of cigarettes, a lighter, a flask of alcohol (usually rum) and a picture of his deceased wife and child.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Riala is rather calm. In his youth he was hot-headed and would charge into  battle with little regard for his life or the lives of his allies. He is regretful of his past mistakes and seeks forgiveness from those he has wronged. Riala tends to look down on youths, especially those that remind him of himself. He has a number of vices, mainly cigarettes, although he is known to drink frequently. Riala does not care for social etiquette, he is foul mouthed and refuses to address nobility fittingly. Due to this and his frequent drinking he is thought of as a tramp and does not make good first impressions.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Grand Sacrifice (passive): In exchange for greater speed and physical attack power, Riala is incapable of using   even the simplest magic.
  • Pay Off (passive): In exchange for the sacrifice of magical ability Riala can average around 40 mph at a full pelt sprint. He cannot keep this speed up for long however, due to strain on his muscles. He can keep a solid 20mph easily however. He also benefits from increased strength due to this, making him roughly 1.5x stronger than the average man.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Divorce: A sword with a brown cloth wrapped hilt. There is no pommel and the cross guard is tiny. The blade is roughly 70 cm long.
  • Marriage: Divorce's companion. A small buckler which is attached to Riala's right arm. It is made of very light but durable metal.

   Supplementary Battle System

   Strength || 9
   Constitution || 7
   M. Affinity || 1
   M. Resistance || 3
   Dexterity || 7
   Speed || 9
   Stamina || 6

History: Riala grew up in Port Royal, the son of a bank clerk and an accountant. He lead a rather uneventful childhood and was married to his childhood sweetheart by the age of 18. By the age of 21 he had a son. Riala doted on the boy, spending every second he was not working with his son and his wife. Everything was perfect. And then The Pirates attacked. Riala's house was beside the shore and was one of the first to be destroyed. He watched as his perfect life was destroyed and his family killed. He swore revenge. Over the next ten years he taught himself how to fight with blades. He threw away his innate magical ability to further hone his skills. He would become the embodiment vengeance. He would destroy those that destroyed him. At the age of 33 he left his home to exact the revenge he had dreamed of. Only to find that the ship that had attacked his home ten years ago was destroyed in a fierce naval battle and its crew killed. Robbed of his purpose over the past decade, Riala fell into a pit of despair. He started drinking more than usual. He became a frequent visitor of the local jail. After five years of this he pulled himself together. Kind of. He still drinks a lot and still ends up in jail fair more than you standard drunkard but he now had a new purpose. He would kill those who killed those he wished to kill. He would have his revenge, in some fashion. 25 years after the events which ruined his life, he would find his vengeance.[/b][/b][/b][/b]

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