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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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I am Occam.

I am 22.
I am Male.

Call me a Rogue.
Call me a Warrior.
Call me a Mage.
I am all, for it is much simpler to rely on all.

I am a simple man. I am an honorable one, a loyal one, a harsh one, a critical one. I have seen many things and that has made me bitter. But I have seen enough to mask it with humor. You may see me as ignorant at times, but I only choose the simple path for it is the quickest, most efficient way. I do not desire to dilly-dally on the thoughts that circulate. Excuse my ignorance, it is only a mask to give me the best results. The genius breed die from being too complex, unable to convey. I am blunt, so I am superior. I am able to convey. I am able to tell you what is true and what is not. I need only one example for every demand. I don't need to list everything, I will only continue if you demand it. I enjoy the hunt. I enjoy communication but only because it is power. I may think complex, but I am simple. I choose to be simple. But that's a lie is it not?

I am Occam. I am the Razor.

|Level 1 - 3|
Strength | 4 | 8
Endurance | 4 | 8
Magical Affinity | 4 | 8
Magical Resistance | 4 | 8
Speed | 4 | 8
Dexterity | 4 | 8
Stamina | 4 | 8

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Conditions of the Heart

Instead of simply having balanced stats, Occam runs on bursts. To put it simply, he can only enter his max-stat state for a short period of time but in return he has heightened stats. This also prevents him from having any other niches, and he is a jack of all trades to maintain complete homeostasis. He has grown several biological aspects through his time living, such as regeneration in reaction to his endurance. Also, his heart aligns itself with the four prime elements: Fire, Rose/Plant and Earth, Lightning and Water. It also calls upon more advanced elements, Magma, Cure, and Space. He divides his affinity for the light and dark, being adept but not mastering one or the other. His Empowered State can run indefinitely, however upon exiting after 6 posts he receives a -1 penalty to his statistics, so he tries to use it sparingly. He can toggle it on and off, but in moments where it is off he succumbs to his venerable state.


Occam has an advanced ability to regenerate his wounds over time. As long as one does not dig at them, he quickly overcomes their burden and they eventually go away. Sometimes he refers to this as the curse of Astra and its mission to find lost artifacts. Astra requires Occam to be alive, and has such bestowed upon him its divine power..

Herculean Strength

Occam is capable of great feats that those of his level of strength normally are not capable of. Once he enters his strengthened state, he becomes a force to reckon with.

Mind's Eye

Occam may enable himself to reveal his mind's eye, which has no vision except for the vision of the natural energies of the world, as well as seeing invisible forces. It also allows the vision of parallel universes, but anything seen through the mind's eye requires the main eyes to be closed. Other than the different sight it has, at an affinity of 4 it can allow more precise and efficient spell casting. At an affinity of 8, spells may be changed on the fly to a moderate degree to adapt to his needs.

Shadow Walk

Entering something called the "Shadow Realm", Occam exits the real world and moves through the shadow world which mirrors the regular world. This "Shadow World" is not like the Realm of Darkness, as it is only a bridge in comparison, like passing through a portal into a waiting line. The down side is that Occam cannot determine where his opponent has moved to, as he only sees the version of the regular world before shadow walking. At a dexterity and speed of 4, Occam may manipulate darkness to conceal himself by using a chameleon effect. At dexterity and speed of 8, he may fuse with the shadows and blend perfectly. These two effects being extra on top of the ability to pass into the Astra-dubbed Shadow Realm.


When all of Occam's Astra-bestowed abilities come together in his Empowered State, he obtains a synergy that can trigger a peak form, increasing all statistics by 2 but triggering a duration on his Empowered form, which is brief and leads to exhaustion and a penalty of 2 to his statistics after the duration ends. This causes the Empowered state to last 10 posts.

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Perhaps a last-resort weapon, but the most important of Occam's arsenal. It is a mythical weapon held by the gods in other universes, but its power is severely limited here. It grows in strength the more it slays other beings, and takes many forms. Occam's Astra is unique to him, obtaining it from a ritual that involved the sacrifice of six souls, each of different origin. The hearts were divided evenly, two of dark, two of light, two bridging the light and dark. Occam summoned this weapon from the universes beyond, but unknowingly did this as the ritual was supposed to be native to the lands of Deep Jungle. The astra appeared to him as a glowing white orb. Once per post the Astra may change form.

Astra: Hawk of the Wild

This is a form which bestows upon Occam the power to wield a bow of great might, casting arrows of the elements he can control or just regular arrows. He may create variant spells on the fly with this bow, allowing him to achieve ultimate versatility. It has a built-in mechanic which requires a sacrifice before use, casting a massive bolt of power to rain death upon the land it strikes. At an affinity of 4, this contingency is impossible but at an affinity of 8, it will always require the death of another and their blood and soul to be bound to the arrow casting this spell. It is similar to the mythical Astra's power, but to a much, much, much smaller effect. At an affinity of 10, he may drain the life force of the nature around him, essentially killing all plant life to allow his mighty bolt of destruction.

Astra Bow:

Astra: Fang of the Dead

This blade is similar to a longsword, save for its ability to call upon the dead of those it has slain in the past. It is also a manipulator of memory, and for those that it has slain their memories become sealed within the blade. Spells attributed to this blade may be created on the fly, but they lack the range and area of effect the Hawk of the Wild contains. This blade has been nick-named the "Ritualistic Astra" and "Mind-Seering Sword" for the simple fact the wielder is enlightened by the blade, charmed even and it becomes extremely difficult to tame. The Ritualistic part is that it has been used in many sacrificial rituals. Occam, in order to control it, must mark himself with blood on his forehead and the back of his hands with the seal of Solomon. It has a special contingency only available in his empowered state, which allows him to summon for a weightless but grand sword called the "Thousand Shaku Sword", greatly increasing the reach of his blade but limiting his mobility. The Thousand Shaku Sword may also disperse into 1-shaku blades, all controlled by him as long as they remain within a hundred meters.


Astra: Chalice of Remembrance

This utilizes the souls captured by the Fang of the Dead, granting Occam the power to bestow influence upon the Memories that connect to those he has killed, as well as being able to summon unique memories based on those he has killed. It is also considered the Blood Chalice because it grants him normal necromancy aside from the ability to manipulate memories.  In order to control regular undead, Occam must make a blood sacrifice into the chalice, which will transmute it into a cyan energy.


Astra Arms: Relic of the Past

This is a summoned blade of Astra bestowed upon Occam, which is separate from the forms Astra takes. It is massive and only able to be held by him while he possesses his Herculean Strength. It exudes a deadly fire that scorches what it touches. Astra has blessed the blade to be able to use some of its power, allowing it to phase in and out when Occam needs it. It possesses an anti-heartless ability to banish them back to the Realm of Darkness. If a somebody is slain, the blade removes the heart and allows Astra to consume it.

Great Sword:

Astra Arms: Staff of Draconic Callings

Another secondary weapon of Astra, blessed with fire and the ability to manipulate serpentine and undead creatures. From the mouth, it can spew out flames and fireballs alike and even grants a directive fire manipulation. The mouth can absorb magical energies and when it has filled, it can dump its power into the chalice or another weapon of choice to empower it.


Astra Arms: Ax of Despair

This ax is the bane of life, and as such sucks the life force out of what it strikes. It also inflicts a slow status, making it deadly for punishing those that underestimate it. When thrown it will return to Occam if he so chooses by Astra transporting it back. Like other secondaries, it can phase in and out when Occam needs it.


Astra Arms: Occam's Razor

Occam had Astra bless his dagger, allowing him to create a copy if need be but also allowing him to detect non-somebodies and memories when they near. They also act as sensors when an artifact is near. They can phase in and out and have an electrical property. There is a magical chain that links the dagger to Occam, allowing him to use it like a rope dart.



Mane of Astra

This armor has a right paldron of a griffin's head, a belt front of a wolf's head, and the inscription of mythical beasts all across the chest. Along it are runic symbols stained by the blood of many mythical beasts, such as dragons or minotaurs, granting this armor a higher durability. It is considered an armor similar to Astra's power because it grants entrance into the mirror of the realm Occam walks in. It also grants him the ability to communicate with the dead.



A shield that may be summoned into Occam's hand, he has inscribed it with runes allowing the slight absorption of magic, dampening its affect on the shield as well as being built to spread energies placed upon it. It has a sheath for a sword, which Occam keeps a spare, regular shortsword in, hiding it for emergency uses. It is a kite shield of sorts, and its appearance is listed in the image for his armor. The shield itself can reflect projectiles if Occam so wishes it.[/i]

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