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Jet Enduro
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Name: Jet Enduro

Age: 23

Appearance: Jet is six feet tall with short somewhat spiky hair on the right half of his hair is a light silver almost white looking, The left half is a glossy black. He has Heterochromia iridium where one pupil is dark green while the other one is a crimson color. He has a long red scarf that is long enough to drag behind him a few inches on the ground. His clothing is the opposite of his hair the right side being the black whilst the left side being the white he has a black chain he uses as a belt that he wraps around his waist. His under shirt is a green thin shirt that sticks out the left side of his sleeve. On Jet's bare chest he has a tattoo of black chains that wrap around in an X shape across his chest and back. On his right palm he has a black mark that looks like three smudges in a oval pattern and on his right palm he has a round red jewel that is fused with his hand however it feels as if it is a part of his own skin. Jet has an athletic build with good muscle tone in his body.

Sex: Male

Species: Human/Fate/Death (avatar)

Personality: Jet is very blunt and cold towards basically everyone. There are only a few whom he is genuinely nice to. Sarcastic and constantly planning new ways to cause chaos and destruction his mind is always working on new plans for him to set in to motion. He enjoys shamelessly flirting around with females, drinking, fighting, killing, causing chaos, and above all else peaches. Most of the time Jet is very vocal insulting people as much as he can using his sarcasm like a blade to cut deep in to everyone he meets. Though he is cold there are still moments of him having some human-like emotions for a few select people. He is very honest and honorable. Sparing he abides by the rules, however a fight to the death he wont pull his punches and will use all tactics and skills at his disposal to take down his target. Jet hates weaklings who complain about being weak while doing nothing to get stronger and most the time will beat them half to death. He finds solace in chaos being it to only time his mind isn't going off trying to cause chaos. He has a large interest in fate changing it or following it whatever it was he liked the idea of it. He enjoys testing ideas and theories with fate and death just because of how intriguing is to him

Abilities and Skills:

  • Bound Sword: Materializes his Swords from the magical ether (thin air)
  • Master of oneself: Complete control over himself and negates any affect otherwise (stuns and other illusion things)
  • Illusory Sword: Creates hundreds of illusion swords that hone in on his target(s). This does no damage.
  • Dark Storm: Creates a hailstorm of darkness that pelts his enemies with great force. (enough to break /fracture bones)
  • Blinded by the Light: A light show that burns his foes with intense light. (Skinny beams of light that fly around in random directions)
  • Caress of Death: A strong hypnotic suggestion that causes the target(s) to experience a random death they fear most of all either it be their own or a loved one.
  • Twisted Fear: A powerful hypnotic suggestion that forces targets in a 10 foot radius around him to undergo their greatest fear(s) and a hundred years of being impaled by rusted knives in the blink of an eye. (does no damage physically reactions are purely for other people to do)

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Judgement: A red and white katana./ Black Blade of Fate: Lul read the name.
    • Pandora's Caress: An armor that has a will of its own to protect the user. It will form around his body if it senses danger or on Jet's command. It becomes a full suit with a helm and everything
    • The satchel of Infinite Peaches: PEACHES

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b]

    Strength ||6
    Constitution ||4
    M. Affinity ||2
    M. Resistance ||2
    Dexterity ||10
    Speed ||10
    Stamina ||8

    Illusory lover : Illusion magic less effective against him and more effective against other people
    Demonic fighter: Doesn't go down easy even if he is slowly bleeding out he fights till he can no longer enjoy it.
    PEACHES!: Loves Peaches.
    Balance: Keeps a balance of light and dark with in him at all times.

    When he was young he looked a bit different he used to have dark hair and none of the marks on his hands or tattoos. As a child he spent most of his time being raised by his adopted family. Well not so much raised as used more like a slave they would get paid to have. He spent most of his time only able to eat the smallest amount of food of course he resorted to stealing sloppy at first he slowly his hands were able to become faster. Even though he was treated like a slave by his guardians he never had must malice or hatred for them he never felt much of anything his mind always wandering off looking at the sun set and sun rise leaving he almost felt as if everything was a blur around him time moved slow the days trudged on and on without end to him. After a while stealing became second nature to him able to use his speedy hands to grab small scraps of food or random loose change just walking passed people. Even that became boring to him he just didn't feel anything really. One day while walking around the small area he grew up he came across a discarded rusted short sword. It looked like someone had dropped it or just tossed it out. So Jet picked it up and tried to restore it back to new though it wasn't a very good job he was able to get it working sub-par. It wouldn't break when he hit it against rocks or trees though of course he still stayed careful with how much strength he used. He used that sword as a distraction from his mundane boring life going out to a secluded area and swinging it around training himself just for the sake of doing something. After a while he noticed he was started to actually get excited while shadow fighting with himself pretending he was fighting some strong enemy that was undefeated. He kept his training and sword hidden from everyone else so no one would try to take it away from him and sell it off for a pinch of munny. While out on an errand Jet decided to quickly stop by his secluded area for a quick training session. There for the first time he saw someone. A tall man with red hair dark sunglasses and a black tuxedo. The mans fist were wrapped up with white bandages. He sat on a rock next to Jet's hiding place for his rusted blade. The man looked at Jet meeting his eyes behind the dark tinted spectacles the man leaped stood up as he walked passed Jet. Time and the space around him seemed to blur as he heard a voice "Soon enough kiddo." Jet obviously confused by this cryptic message decided to ditch his normal training session just to make sure no one else would show up and cause and end to his fun. Later on that night Jet wasn't able to sleep the man had piqued his curiosity wondering about his words. 'Soon enough...' Soon enough for what? Jet decided to sneak out and do a late night training session just to clear his mind. His head was a lot clearer while he was lost in the midst of his mock fight with his pretend adversary. When Jet got there he saw the man again. This time Jet could see blood red piercing eyes behind his sunglasses as the man looked at Jet. Walking towards the mysterious man Jet walked right passed him towards his hiding spot pulled out his rusted blade and started to use this time to forget everything. The man spoke once again "Now it looks like you can actually focus." Jet slightly surprised by his sudden statement continued training working up a sweat as the man continued to watch Jet. "So what do you want from me, and what do you mean soon enough?" The man looked at Jet as he just looked at him "Well in a few more seconds you will understand." Jet stopped breathing heavy as he turned around realizing he wasn't in his secluded area anymore. He was somewhere else a pitch black void with no direction permanent forward but everywhere was forward. Jet stood still as he looked around trying to find his balance. Then a white flash of light blinded him as he rubbed his eyes to focus he noticed a massive figure holding billions upon billions of different colored threads. Some black , some grey , some golden and some that almost looked as if they didn't exist yet held form. Jet looked up in awe at the figure it was female that's for sure. Her voice was dominating yet pleasant, soothing yet fierce. "You whom have come before me speak my name and understand who you are." Again more cryptic crap Jet was getting sick of everyone being cryptic as hell. "Gah What with everyone being cryptic? Is is some new trend or something? I mean jeez first you half tuxedo glasses over there acting all cool just because he has some sunglasses then you have this massive person at least I think you would count as a person or possibly a entity or something of the sort." Jet's head was spinning nothing was making sense all he wanted to do was train his days away until he was old enough to get away from his current life. "Agh hell whats the worse that can happen if I get it wrong. Ahhh that reject bouncer there is death and I don't know you are some embodiment of fate or something I don't know." The man in the tuxedo's jaw dropped as his sunglasses slid off his face. "R-R-REJECT BOUNCER? I happen to think I look awesome like this I mean this tuxedo just shows off how bad ass I am. What does a kid like you know." The man kept going on and on about his tuxedo and his accented coolness when the figure finally spoke "Zarame..please he got it right so its obvious he knows something and the sunglasses are a bit much." The man stopped and stammered for a moment "Faaaattteee come on thats just mean." Jet again confused as hell at his random accusations for whom these beings were. "Wait wait wait wait...So You are fate...and you are death? I literally just pulled that out of my ass I was half expecting to wake up in my crappy bed with some moronic snot nosed little kid shouting and spitting in my face for me to hurry up and cook him some god damn pancakes." They both laughed as Jet just stood there with a bewildered look on his face. "Stop laughin I'm seriously confused as hell." Fate became covered in a bright light as a woman walked out with blonde hair and normal clothing walked towards the two of them. "Where shall I start?" Jet took a deep breath attempting to stop his head from spinning around trying to grasp his current situation. "Alright I think I am slowly getting this. You are fate, and you are death. Alright got that. Now why am I here?" "You are here for you to figure out who you are and what you want to do next." "Great more cryptic BS. Alright who I am? from what I know I'm just some humble adopted slave for some crappy people whom found me randomly one day while I was still a new born in the street. As for what I want to do next is probably get out of this mundane boring place and have some fun for once. That about it?" She sighed deeply "Almost you still are missing one thing the rest of the who you are." Jet stood there readjusted his stance moving his weight from one side to the other as he leaned against the empty space. "Don't tell me I'm actually you kid or something." She nodded excitedly. "...OH HAHAHA FUNNY YES VERY FUNNY ...Are you playing a prank on me? Uhh last time I checked I am human...and you seem to be well not human." She folded her arms "You forget I am fate it would be easy for me to create something or even become human myself for a time being I am kinda able to do that you know." Jet plopped on to the ground. "Sooooo...Wait...I am the son of fate? Do I get super powers or something?" "Besides the already almost insane skill you have with a rusty sword and stealing? No you are still human so you do still need to gain your powers. Soon enough you might be able to gain some powers with fate and if Zarame is being kind use some of his powers. However it seems out time is up you will have to find everything else on your own using your own powers and forging your own fate since you are indeed the son of fate." Before Jet could say another word he was already back in his secluded area in the dead of night with no one around him. Dragging himself home he was too exhausted to think or care for anything he plopped down on his bed and passed out. He awoke to a screaming match between just about everyone in his place as he got up rubbing his head as soon as he walked in view of the adopted family they quickly became silent. "What's with all the yelling?" Again they stayed silent not opening up their mouth and trembling. He had not realized he still had his rusted sword popped on his hip he brushed his hand against his forehead as he sighed "My bad forgot I had this thing on me." He took it off of his belt and as soon as he laid it down out of the way two of them leaped on him knocking him over holding him down shouting to grab the sword and toss it away throwing him back in to his room and blocking it off to keep him from getting out Jet pounded on the door trying to knock it down. Jet was stuck in there for hours hungry  and a bit annoyed its not like he was going to use it on them he just forgot to take it off. Dumb mistake on his part for forgetting about it being on him. He leaned against his crappy bed as he waited out his imprisonment. Returning himself back to sleep as he waited out the day in quiet solitude he started dreaming about life outside of his current situation. Going on adventures and such fighting enemies creating something out of nothing basically. He awoke when he heard a loud crashing sound from behind his barricade shouting and running along with struggling could be heard as Jet charged towards the door banging against the door as as the sounds dimmed down. Jet was still stuck behind the barricade however something felt different it felt as if something was lingering behind waiting around for him. He grab a hold of a chair around him as he bashed it against the door trying to make any damage the door started to splinter a bit though the chair gave out first. Leaving behind splintered and broken chunks of it though there was a hole for him to look through and see. As he got close he noticed nothing at first just wreckage that was his house broken tables couches chairs looks like there was a huge fight in there. Noticing something shifting around in the corner of his eye he tried to move to see what it was but it was gone before he could see it. "Damn it this bastard door" Grabbing more things he could use to bash against the door as finally after what felt like ages he was able to break a large chunk of the door off enough for him to move some of the crap in front out of the way and get out. He looked around for any sign of anyone he was able to see the snot nosed little brat face down with a chair bashed on top of him still alive just knocked out. Jet walked over to the kid as he pushed off the rubble on his back. "Oi what happened here." The kid just moan and started crying shouting that they all were gone. Jet just assumed it they ran off leaving him by himself seems like something they would do. Jet stood up looked around the room and walked back towards where they had thrown his sword finding it in half probably broken during whatever happened. "Crap at least its still sharp I guess." Hearing the kid scream in terror as Jet turned around to see a small black creature with weird antenna on its head as it twitched around leaping at the kid as it engulfed him in a black pool appearing again as a heart appeared and vanished bringing out an armor clad version of the little creature with red claws. "The hell is this?" Jet got ready he wouldn't go without a fight. Charging towards the now two beast slashing at them trying to hit them however one sunk in to the ground and the other one leaped back and ran around towards the back of him with its arms up like noodles. Turning around seeing the smaller shadow like one appear back as Jet lunged at it again this time connecting as it exploded in to a puff of darkness. "Well he was" As soon as he turned his attention on to the next one it left jumping in to a small ball of darkness and vanishing. "hmph" Jet looked around before deciding to leave opening the door and just walking out he walked off towards the setting sun as he noticed he was being followed turning around it was tuxedo death still wearing his reject bouncer outfit. "So Jet what are you going to do next?" "Well first I think I might change my name for a bit just to give myself a new identity that and who knows I might get some interesting things going on from it. Then find a new not broken sword and from there whatever the hell I feel like at the time." The man looked at Jet. "Well what name are you going to go by? Oh please tell me it something funny like Biscuits or something that would make my existence." Jet laughed as he shrugged and went with it. "Sure Biscuits that's enough to make things interesting." As Jet traveled he meet many people joined a war became the leader of a world and after a long time started using his real name again he even got a complete and total image change from taking up the offer to become both fate and death when he is strong enough to handle the power. Though that will be a long time before that happens. So now he continues on in this familiar yet new age.


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