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Ikara Yukinko
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Ikara Yukinko:
Name: Ikara Yukinko
Age: 22  
Gender: Female
Home World/World: Pridelands  
Race/Species: Half-Wolf  

Appearance: Ikara is a rather small girl at 5’6” and is rather skinny, almost fragile looking. She has long ebony hair that is layered throughout, with bangs that are swooped over in disarray. Unique to the female are the rather noticeable ears that jut out of her head, fluffed with fur. The tips of these mobile ears are white. Her eyes are a brilliant shade of sapphire that seems to nearly glow. Her cheeks are dusted with a few small freckles, and her skin is extremely pale, almost translucent. The difference of her hybrid blood mutates her canine fangs, making them much longer, and constantly jutting out over her bottom lip. Under her left ear, by her jaw line is a small marking of the Japanese symbol for wolf. She is clothed in different outfits each day, but her favorite to wear is a white dress shirt and black shorts. Her feet are often covered in small black shoes with ribbons tied to her ankles to keep them on. Ikara has a long fluffy tail that reached to the back of about mid-shin which is extremely important to the way she functions. Her tail, unlike what humans have, gives her extremely good balance and coordination in her movements. The fluidity of the way she fights, runs, or even walks makes it noticeable in how much a tail can do for the human structure.   When in a fight, or she feels threatened, her fingertips slowly shift from fingers with long nails to more talon like fingertips that are extremely strong and can break flesh easily. She can retract this upon will if she chooses. Many small daggers are hidden on her body depending on her clothing. When wearing long pants, she may have up to five weapons on her, and in shorts they are only hidden along her hips and thighs. These are not very noticeable unless one looked at her for a very long time and she made a specific movement in which would give them away. Ikara is rather careful about it.  If she is going out particularly for battle, she will dress in more armor, typically lightweight. It consists of metal shielding on her arms and the back of her hands that is tied tightly and interrupted at the elbow and wrist to prevent restriction of movement. When she is at home in the Pridelands, these metal armor pieces will shift to over her shoulder blades and down to her paws to protect herself if need be. They are almost weightless, and are not constricting.  

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Elemental Mastery:

Personality: Ikara is a sweet girl at her age, although at first she is quiet. Trust is difficult for her, and she is very wary about new people, as she waits to see their personality. She uses her feral instincts as a half wolf to sense what the person is feeling in a way, where she can tell if they are hostile or not. Once she grows to know the person and feels secure, she will open up and become very kind to them, but kind of sarcastic. She is willing to help whenever it is needed, and is relatively peaceful-minded. As a very neutral character, Ikara rarely gets involved in many fights unless it is to help and protect another close to her heart. She is willing to give herself up in order to protect someone she cares for, and will give all she’s got in a fight for others.  Most often one can find her in the rain or snow, because she loves it, even if she may get cold. She likes to see things that she considers beautiful, and likes the quiet due to her sensitive ears. Her emotions are strongly tied to her magical abilities with the ice, causing extreme mental conditions to affect the area.  There are rare times in which her feral side comes out she may be much more violent and aggressive. She keeps the same base personality, but is much more hostile and sarcastic, almost teasing. This only occurs under very extreme circumstances, as the wolf half of her will surface, also causing physical changes, such as hair and eye color. Her hair will then pale to a white, and her eyes will adopt a red coloring, making them violet or red depending on the severity of the alteration.

Weapons: Her Claws, Hidden Daggers, Bow    

Fighting Style: When Ikara is in a close up battle, her fighting is almost like dancing, she uses her agility and nimbleness to taunt the enemy, while keeping up her defense and evasion. She uses her hidden daggers and claws as both an offense and defense, and tends to have very complex moves, always involving her to move around. Her speed is extremely important to her, making her nearly unmatched in that division. Her attacks may not be extremely strong, but she relies on many hits to take down her enemies if she is forced to fight. Overall Ikara is a fighter who tries to avoid letting someone get to close to her, she is not someone who can hold her own against someone stronger. Ikara is a team fighter, and uses most of her abilities to assist others and heal them. She has her ice, however it is more often used for defense than it is offensive.  Trained in: Aikido, which is a martial arts which is entirely defensive in nature, and when done correctly, is meant to immobilize them from fighting without actually causing permanent physical harm to the opponent. Relies heavily on Ikara's speed and agility and it is used to disarm and disable opponents. Aikido can be considered the gentle fist of martial arts. The halfling spent years practicing this technique to keep her in battles, even though she is lacking in strength.  

Affinities: Unmatched speed, agility and magic for supportive/defensive abilities. Average accuracy, stamina, and Magic attack.  

Weaknesses: Ikara has a low physical defense due to her reliance on the fact that no one can catch her. She has low strength and avoids fighting directly with opponents at all possible, since she can only rely on her defensive training to protect her. Her magic defense rated on the high end of low for all elements except ice, which is rated mod low.  

History: As a child, Ikara never knew much of what it was like to have a real family. She lived at an orphanage, where her family was the kids and the caretakers who also lived there. She never minded however, and always enjoyed having the large amounts of company. When she was seven, she wondered out into the forest just outside of Twilight Town, and found this white wolf, injured and drying. She began to take care of it, brought if food, water, and anything else it asked for. Ikara quickly realized it was no ordinary wolf, for it had the ability to speak directly into her thoughts, making it capable of speaking to her, wherever she was.   One night the wolf specifically asked for her help, for she felt ill. Ikara quickly snuck out the way she always had, through the window to meet the wolf, whom was dying. Ikara had nothing she could do to help, and asked. The wolf told her of binding her soul in Ikara, where she could help and protect her against danger that was rising in Twilight Town. Ikara agreed, and pressed her forehead against the wolf's, causing a reaction.  The next thing Ikara knew was that she was still in the woods, where she had passed out. Not knowing what time it was, or even what day it was, she slowly walked  back to the Orphanage in the pouring rain. She felt odd, unbalanced, and everything sounded and smelled different to her. She had never noticed the smells of the rain or of the mud and of the city in such a potent amount of time, it left her dizzy. There was one other smell that lingered in the air, irony in scent that made her nose crinkle.  When she arrived at her home, she saw what had happened. Darkness creeped out of the edges of the rubble and through the puddles of blood everywhere. And oil fire took place at what was once the kitchen. A whimper escaped her lips as she went closer to investigate. One body that stood out, a bloodied white shirt and similar colored hair was significant to her memory, and she ran over, finding her friend dead. Sayoko has tried to fend off the monsters with the dagger in her right palm, her fingers wrapped loosely around the hilt. Not knowing what else to do, Ikara took the dagger and ran as far as her limbs could take her, where she met up with the ocean far away from town.   In the forest, she spent years after the incident training, and going to town  for food and to watch the city. She was there to protect them, even though they did not know her too well, other than she stood out among the crowd, and did not accept her. The influence of the wolf caused her physical appearance to alter, now adopting ears and a tail of the wolf. She was often rejected. She switched her times of going to the city to night, where fewer were still awake. Her training continued until she was able to leave this world when she met Biscuits, and Saix, who both didn't mind the difference in her, and helped care for her and train her.  Soon after she found the Pridelands, in which she took care of, and called it her home.

Weapons and Armor

Generic Armguards:
Name:  Generic Armguards

Type Of Armor:  1.5 inch thick leather and twine. Very basic armor. Protects arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Primary/Secondary:  Either

Elemental Alignment:  None

Ability/Function:  Generic garb to protect bare skin, and does not inhibit any motion.

Protection:  Minor protection. Provides slight resistance to heat, and is non conductive. Will provide minor protection against blunt attacks as well as scrapes. Does little else, and can tear from sharp attacks.

Appearance:  Similar to photo below, however covers up to her shoulders, and the leather on her legs reaches up to her thighs. The material is separated at the joints so that it doesn't inhibit movement.

Daggers (Generic):
Name:  Daggers (Generic)

Type Of Weapon:  Daggers [12 total]

Primary/Secondary:  Either

Elemental Alignment:  None

Ability/Function:  Short ranged, quick weapons that can also be thrown if necessary.

Close/Long Range: Close range

Appearance: All forged steel daggers. Thinner than normal to be more efficiently concealed. 8 inches long, 300 grams in weight (each).

Arctic Bow:
Name: Arctic Bow

Type Of Weapon: Bow

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Elemental Alignment: Ice

Ability/Function: The Arctic Bow is a fairly average longbow, with nothing particularly special about it. The arrows, however, are entirely formed of ice with Ikara's Lunar Command ability. These arrows can be formed and broken down on command. They are sharp enough to pierce skin, and will shatter into sharp pieces if it strikes armor, and the like. [Anything that the arrows cannot pierce will cause them to shatter into shards. Not very damaging, but it can be used more as a distraction, or a surprising technique to throw enemies off guard.] The bow is equivalent to a 50lb draw, and uses the appropriate energy for such.

Close/Long Range: Long Range

History: Ikara isn't well known for mid to long range attacks. She looked to balance out her problems by taking up archery in her times away. She came across this beautiful bow on another world, and purchased it without a quiver or arrows. Instead of having to frequently restock on arrows, the hybrid came up with a way to use her magic abilities to create an infinite amount of arrows by creating them entirely of ice. She has learned specific techniques to make them sharp enough, as well as sturdy enough to slice skin.


Name: Reconstruct

Element(s): Ice And Cure

Class: Supplementary

Effect: Reconstructs a severed limb and/or appendages.

Using powerful ice and cure magics, Ikara is able to reconstruct appendages/limbs. It reconstructs the limb at the severed portion first by using her precise finesse with ice to create a new prosthetic version of the limb/appendage before applying her cure magic. By using her healing abilities, it then rebuilds the skin/bones/muscles/tendons/veins/arteries from the severed portion outward. This magic cannot be interrupted before it is completed or the process will shatter and fail. The larger the reconstruct, the longer it takes. Because this is such detailed work it can take quite a toll on Ikara, requiring her complete focus during the process. Once done the limb is like new and fully functional.

Hand/Foot-approximately two posts total (One from Ikara one from the amputee)
Arm to elbow (inc hand)/Foot to knee- Approximately 3 posts total
Arm from shoulder/Leg from hip– approximately 4 posts total

Lay Waste:
Name: Lay Waste

Class: Supplementary/ Offensive

Element(s): Ice, Earth, Water

Effect: Ruptures the earth in a large area into a jagged mess of stones and ice pillars.

Description: At will, Ikara is able to create an earthquake by leaking water into the sediment below her feet as well as taking control of preexisting liquid. By freezing the water underneath, she can force the ice to expand the earth enough to cause a small earthquake and multiple fissures to destroy the landscape. With additional energy, she can force the water to pool in certain areas and trigger ice spikes to further damage and protrude from the earth which is sharp enough to impale unsuspecting victims.

Rejuvenating Snowfall:
Name: Rejuvenating Snowfall

Requirements: Be Ikara

Class:  Supplementary

Element(s): Ice, Cure

Effect: Calls a gentle snowfall to occur on the field. (Football field size)

Cuts fatigue from up to 5 allies (to Ikara's knowledge) physical exertion in half for 6 posts (every ally gets a 6 post counter). For abilities that induce fatigue, that measurement is cut in half for the first half of the duration. The second half the fatigue is reduced by 25 percent as the snowfall lightens into just flurries. This would reduce exertion from anything such as running, attacking, etc as well.

For every 1 less ally, the duration is increased by 1 post.

Suspended Frost:
Name: Suspended Frost

Class: Offensive

Element(s): Ice, Wind

Effect: Pulls liquid from the air into orbs that float suspended at random heights in a large area. About the size of a volleyball, they are made up of sharp spikes. Can explode on command as well as impact.

Description: Focusing for a full post, Ikara can develop as many mines as she would like, and litter them over a field, both on the ground and suspended up to 3 stories into the air. Any opponent who touches them can trigger their effects, which they will explode at a powerful enough force to pierce leather and severely damage metal.

Arctic Intangibility:
Name: Arctic Intangibility

Requirements: Ice Bending Capabilities, Be Ikara.

Class: Supplementary

Element(s): Ice/Earth

Effect: Allows Ikara to use her Ice as gates within a world. She can also use it to evade attacks, but the ice must be already placed where she intends to travel. Each gate uses 5 gallons worth of her passive pool. (Total of 11 pools)

Ikara's entire body turns glassy as she touches these gate and she seems to melt into them. Ikara may hide in them momentarily (1 post) before she must exit through any gate created. Gates appear as a 4ft diameter circle on any surface that isn't heated to where ice wouldn't survive. She may create them underneath her feet and fall through them as a quick drop down, as long as she has another gate available elsewhere. If the gate she tries to shift to is destroyed, then she will return from the one she entered, as well as if they are both destroyed, then she will reform where she started, the damage used to destroy the last gate inflicting Ikara. Magic damage while reforming can strike for half damage, physical attacks will feel like nothing more than a breeze against her skin because it would be similar to trying to punch/slice water. If there is an obstruction at the original gate location, Ikara can move in shift form as far away as necessary to just avoid said obstruction. Once they are removed from the mist, it will solidify into ice, and then into Ikara herself.

Ikara cannot move through metal. Earthen materials such as dirt, stone, ice, and/or water are her only available pathways.

Gates can survive up to 300 feet from each other, otherwise their connections do not reach, and creating them to shatter when they cannot pierce their targets in hopes to still cause damage. Ikara has become very well trained in archery, and is very accurate in her shots.

Name: Shattersphere

Requirements: A summon contract with Asuramei

World: Pridelands

Class: Offense


Primary: Ice

Secondary: Wind

Effect: Ikara absorbs a large amount of water in the area to create a large orb in the air, an 18ft diameter. The orb then becomes solid ice and expands to 20ft diameter. (This process will take up one post.) On Ikara's command, she can cause this large sphere to then explode into many small and sharp fragments of ice. This explosion covers a large range of area, and is very very difficult to dodge without any scratches. With Ikara's learning ability in wind, she can make the fragments move slightly faster than a normal speed, making them capable of embedding theirselves, or piercing armor on occasion. With this ability, and her passive nature to bend ice, she can either leave a gap in the sphere, of if she needs to take extra precautions on space, she can just bend the shards to redirect them away from her and any allies nearby. (Asuramei is also capable of that. See summons.) Causes minor scratches and some more medium damage, depending on where some of the shards strike if not blocked correctly. It is mostly meant for slowing down characters/ taking down weaker heartless/nobodies.

History: With Ikara's summon, Asuramei, she carefully watched the abilities of the dragon for inspiration. After watching Shivering Wind, an attack by Asuramei, Ikara created her own version of the attack, and altered it a bit, due to the lack of wings. After multiple tries, Ikara created this version to attack a large ranged area, compared to the rather direct attack of Shivering Wind.

Transfer Healing:
Name: Transfer Healing

Requirements: Be Ikara

Class: Supplementary

Primary: Cure

Effect: The rates of the spell is below, dependent upon the remaining pool of magic Ikara possesses.

Enables Ikara to bring someone back from death, only if they have died in the topic she was already in, and no-one is there to attack her or the person at the same time. (They're body can't be like torn to shreds with limbs everywhere. Gotta be somewhat in tact.) This only brings them back to a barely life stage, and are extremely weak. ( This revival takes 5 post from me, and 5 posts from the "dead" person. Total needs to be 10 to make this work) Ikara can only bring back each person once. (So if Lenny dies, I revive him, then next topic he dies again, byeee lennyyy T.T) Ikara gives up 75% of her current health as well to do so. (She can still like walk and stuff, but is extremely weak.) [[Basically a phoenix down for the ally]]

If alive: The Spell is a all curing spell that can bring someone back to full health. This is caused by Ikara giving up all her magic, and 75% of her current health.

Brings someone from near death to an 80% healing. This would include:

Burns: Minor/Medium/Light Major (Will heal up to 2nd degree completely. 3rd degree will be healed to a hard 1st, or old 2nd degree.)
Bruises: Minor/Medium/Major
Scrape/Slash type Cuts: Minor/Medium/Major
Puncture/ Thrust type Cuts: Minor/Medium
Internal Damage: Minor/Medium (Heals medium scrapes/minor punctures on organs, stops the bleeding)
Fractures: Minor/Medium (Will fix broken bones, ribs, etc. WILL NOT FIX broken spine, femur, pelvis, skull, neck, etc.)

[[80% healing total]]

60% of the damage is returned to Ikara.

Bring someone from near death up to a 60% healing. This means that they can still fight, etc, but where their deepest wounds are located are still not healed.

Burns: Minor/Medium (Heals up to a light 2nd degree, lowers the rest down a full degree)
Bruises: Minor/Medium
Scrape/Slash type Cuts: Minor/Medium/Major
Puncture/ Thrust type Cuts: Minor/Medium
Internal Damage: Minor (Heals minor damage on organs such as scrapes and stops the bleeding)
Fractures: Minor/Medium (Will fix smaller bones, such as forearm, appendages, and the like.)

[[60% healing total]]

45% of the damage is returned to Ikara.

Bring someone around 40% and above to a fully healed point, adjusted accordingly.

Burns: Minor (Heals about half a degree)
Bruises: Minor/Medium
Scrape/Slash type Cuts: Minor/Medium
Puncture/ Thrust type Cuts: Minor
Internal Damage: Very Minor (Slows to stops the bleeding)
Fractures: Minor (Hairline and Chipped bone)
[[40% healing total]]

30% Percent of the damage returned to Ikara.

[[Obviously these percentages cannot be completely evaluated, but are merely a guess. In rps, these will further be able to be defined, because it is all defined case by case.]]

All the damage is not physical in nature, however the stress and reality of the feeling of damage severely affects Ikara and she cannot ignore it.

Aqua Auxilio:
Name: Aqua Auxilio

Class: Supplementary

Element(s): Water, Cure

Effect: Pull toxins/poisons from an infected body.

Description: Ikara can use her mastery over water to force the liquid into a body into the bloodstream and organs to capture and remove the toxins/poisons and its effects. After collecting all the poison/toxin into the water molecules, she can then pull it all out through the pores of the victim, clearing them from any further damage.

Breath Of Ice:
Name: Breath of Ice

Class: Offensiveish

Element(s): Ice, Wind

Effect: Thickens and chills the air around up to 3 opponents. This ability follows them at any distance up to 350 ish feet. Causes minor slowing and reduced vision.

Description: Ikara condenses and hypercools the area around an opponent to reduce their speed and lower vision of anything outside of the cool mist.

Ice Lotus:
Name: Ice Lotus

Class: Offensive

Element(s): Ice, Knowledge of Cure

Effect: Ice particles attach to damaged cells in wounds on opponents to severely slow and reduce natural/magical healing.

Description: If Ikara or anyone else damages her opponents who are affected by Breath of Ice, their wounds will instantly be infected with Ice lotus. The cells will then become infected and freeze over. The skin around the wound will develop glowing light blue lines that are similar to lotus petals, the injury being the center of the flower. All healing will be reduced in half and require double the time.

Prey on the Weak:
Name: Prey on the Weak

Class: Offensive

Element(s): None

Requirements: Ikara needs to be in her fully awakened Iceborn side.

Effect: The more wounded her opponent is, the stronger Ikara is both magically and physically.

Description: Ikara's iceborn side is a wolf, and therefore is strengthened by the scent of blood. The more potent the scent of blood and fear that the opponent exudes, the more she gains in strength and magical potency. At max, it can double her abilities/strength.

Frost Bite:
Name: Frostbite

Requirements: Extreme Mastery over Ice. And be Ikara.

Class: Supplementary


Primary Element: Ice

Secondary Element: N/A

Effect: When the user comes in physical contact with the opponents' weapon, Frostbite can be executed upon said weapon. It causes the temperature of the metal to become extremely cold, and renders it nearly untouchable. If the opponent chooses to bear the pain and continue wielding the weapon, the same affects that dry ice has on skin will ensue, and damage them permanently. If the opponent chooses to hold it for the full duration, frostbite will occur on their hand(s). So basically, the weapon will be unable to be used for a span of around 3 posts before it warms up enough to not cause any permanent damage. The weapon will still sting, and be difficult to use efficiently for the next 2 or so posts, but afterwards it will go back to normal. This is useless against opponents with not entirely metal weapons such as a sword with a hilt, but for weapons such as keyblades, this will work well against them.

Damage to the skin is not permanent if they can heal, however if it is held for the full duration, there is a very large risk that those appendages will fall of due to it completely dying. A regrowth spell is then necessary, however such a spell is very difficult and requires a lot of practice as well as energy.

History: With such mastery over cold temperatures, Ikara knew well that metals were easy to drop the temperature on, and make them sting to the touch from the cold. By adding more power to her natural abilities, she learned to drop the temperatures so low, it could cause damage to the nerves in tissue, and ultimately cause frostbite.


Name: Asuramei

Requirements: Outdoors, and be Ikara

Quantity: 1

Class: Offensive, Supplementary

Duration:  12

Element(s): Ice, Wind

Description:  Asuramei is a large wingless dragon with a high affinity for ice and wind. She has a more animalistic appearance with blood red claws, and a lithe, muscular body. Asura's underbelly is different from her smooth topside which is as tough as rhino skin with thick-plated scaled for protection. She has a sharp, angular face and eyes with large curved fangs that she bares in a frightening expression. Her ears are incredibly long and extend back farther than her shoulders of her forepaws. Just above her ears is a long mane that extends along her back and to the tip of her tail. At her forehead is an incredibly sharp horn, also colored in blood red. Two ribbon like extensions each 15' long protrude just above her shoulders, and can be used defensively due to their steel like density, as well give her the ability to fly (like a traditional chinese dragon) at an average speed. Her shoulders stand at 6'3", and from nose to the tip of her tail she sits at 22'.

Capabilities: Relying mostly on her strength alone, Asuramei is a vicious fighter with thick skin. Her body is well adapted to fighting, and she can use most of her body as a weapon, whether that be her tail, claws, horn, or teeth. Her skin is smooth but tough, like that of smooth ice, while her scales on her underside are sharp and like steel. Her greatest strength is her brute force, and her tail is deadly with the crushing force it can deliver if it connects. She has fairly average speed, and on the ground she moves much like a panther. Her passive, Subzero Rain, assists her in her fighting with an ability called Shivering Wind. The rain does not freeze to her body, but she is able to use the rain as an addition to her fighting. When she swings her claws or tail, even if they miss, the freezing rain collected on her body will freeze as she flicks her body. This causes the droplets to turn into sharp slivers (2-3 inches long) of ice moving at high speeds due to a boost with wind magic in a cone like direction that can puncture bare skin up to 15 feet away. It will not puncture armor or leather more than an inch thick at any range. Anything past that and they will merely feel like the freezing rain which would already be hitting your body unless you are under cover.

Ability: Lockdown If caught too close to Asuramei, she can immobilize someone with her ribbon like structures on her back to prevent them from attacking and moving by coiling them around the limb. Ice from the freezing rain will then accumulate at an accelerated as she used the stored liquid on her ribbons and freeze the limbs it catches, rendering them mostly useless for around 3 posts, and then any additional that they remain in the subzero rain. After the 3 or so posts it will not be dangerous to try and shatter the ice in fear of damaging the appendage.

This being said, the attacker may choose to keep attacking, however that limb will be heavier and will get heavier all duration. It will numb that limb afterwards, and will take the natural amount of time to warm back up to normal temperatures as any other human body.

Lockdown Time and Effect:
3 or so posts + any additional time spent in the Subzero rain = total time the appendage is frozen, and dangerous for the ice to be broken without causing damage to that appendage.

Ice can be shattered after that with minimal damage to the appendage other than light scratching. Limb will remain numb until a realistic amount of time warms up the body part back to normal. Numbness and stiffness will apply for the remainder of the topic.

Passive: Subzero Rain
A passive ability which calls forth a storm of freezing rain in an acre. This water is sitting at less than 0 degrees celsius. Anything it touches it will instantly freeze to in a thin layer. Still surfaces will be covered in a thicker layer as the lack of movement will not prevent it from collecting for the duration of the summon. It is advised that anyone (with the exception of Ikara and Asuramei) to keep moving in order to not become frozen over. The rain/ice will collect incredibly fast on anything steel and weigh it down exponentially. (This would include armor and all metallic weaponry.) Staying in the storm will also cause the body temperature to lower quickly due to both dampening the clothes as well as freezing in a layer on their skin and clothing.  This rain halves the effectiveness all spells of a heated nature, such as fire, and reduces the effectiveness of heated on metal object (such as lighting a sword on fire) into a quarter. It would be put out too quickly for it to be useful. 1/4 of an inch of ice will accumulate every post until Asuramei is defeated, or Ikara retracts the passive on command.

Name: Mana

Requirements: Any location other than Atlantica

Quantity: 1 Creature

Class: Supplementary

Duration: Rest of topic, unless a capability is used. [See below for more detail]

Element: Cure, Plants/Flower

Description:Mana is a small fairy of only about 6” in height. She is covered in a clothing of vines and little white flowers, which are also intertwined with her hair. Mana’s hair is long and reaches to her ankle and flows over her feathery wings. Her wings allow her to fly, and with her small size and powerful wings, she is capable of a good amount of speed and agility, making her difficult to strike. She has a pale green tone to her skin with small black tattoos all over her body, and the green wings on her back help to give off a faint green glow.

Capabilities: Mana is capable of very minor healing abilities during one topic, and can help prevent fatigue to Ikara and teammates. She can help to numb pain and heal small cuts on the body. Mana is most often perched on Ikara’s shoulder.

Drop of Daylily – Mana is very talented with creating strong potions of sorts. Drop of daylily is an extract of a flower combined with some magic and other small ingredients to create a chemical in which awakens people from unconsciousness or sleep. (This is only available 3 times per topic, and when used all three times, she leaves.)

Viper’s Extract – Mana also has a potion of a really strong poison that she can either spill onto Ikara’s weapons, or can be given to the enemy directly. However, Ikara does not allow Mana approach an enemy that is conscious, so only when the opponent is unconscious is when she will pour the poison either in the mouth, or in a wound to go directly into the blood stream. (Only twice per topic) This poison can be removed by Ikara or Mana, or will have to be dealt with for next 3 or so topics [or quite a long time]) It causes a 15% increase in fatigue consumption as well as nausea/vertigo when in motion or exertion)

Healing – Mana is capable of a strong magic combined with some small chemicals to cure a person 60% of their wounds and damage. This takes 2 posts from the one being healed and from Ikara, (or just 2 if it is on Ikara). Immediately after, Mana disappears, and cannot be called back for the rest of the topic.

History: In denser parts of the Pridelands forest areas, Ikara came upon this small fairy merely by accident, and was almost poisoned. Mana eventually realized that Ikara was not hostile, and began talking to Ikara. She and Ikara both were attuned with curing potions and magic, and quickly became friends. Together they spent a lot of time creating new potions and spells to help others. It wasn’t too long before they worked together enough that Mana allowed her to have the ability to summon the fairy whenever necessary.


Emblem of the Pride:
Name: Emblem of the Pride

Magic Cost: None

Class: Supplementary

Element: None

Effects: The enchanted bracelet is made of common items from the Pridelands, and formed to create a passive ability of the bearer. Ikara is able to freely change into any creature of choosing. The ability of the creature will not be specially affected, it is just similar to the natural ability of the creature, plus Ikara’s natural abilities to an extent. (which means that if I choose to be a turtle, I will not be as fast as a lion, and so on, so forth. I will only be a little faster than a normal turtle due to Ikara’s abilities.)  The smaller the animal/closer to her human form the less energy. Her wolf form takes next to no energy. The larger the creature, the more energy. At most, the transformation will take up about 8% of her energy. For creatures with special abilities/magic, she is unable to mimic those abilities. At most she can copy the physical attributes and appearance of said creature.

History: Upon being the leader of the Pridelands for as long as she was in an alternate universe, Ikara was bestowed with a gift behalf the citizens to help her on her adventures. The object was handed to her in the form of a gift, and can be used whenever for no cost of magic. Ikara wears it on her left wrist at all times, and will follow the forms shape so it does not fall off.

Lunar Comand:
Name: Lunar Command

Class: All Classes

Element: Ice

Effects: The enchantment allows Ikara to freely bend ice or moving water that is under 32 degrees to any shape or form she desires. This ability is passive and she can bend it freely into anything she can think of.  Due to her half wolf ability, ice is magically stored and can be summoned at any point in time.

In Battle: This can be used to create things such as small shields for a single person, and/or weapons for fighting. They are fragile, and a good swing with a metal or hard weapon can shatter it. Can be used to for arrows, and then melted to be brought back to where Ikara is located.

Out of Battle Instance: It can be used to create grips on a flat wall, or an extra edge to climb onto for any adventuring, etc.

History: Ikara received this ability naturally from the wolf that now holds a spot in her body. The ability has allowed her to protect herself and defend others from harm, as well as other useful abilities for any task.

Supportive in Nature:
Name: Supportive in Nature

Class: Supplementary

Element(s): None

Effects: Ikara and allies can give or accept energy from each other. Must be transferred with consent.  The individual(s) must be in physical contact with Ikara.


White Wolf - Complete Transformation:

Name: White Wolf - Complete Transformation

Requirements: None

Class: Offensive

Primary: Ice

Secondary: Water

Duration: Duration lasts up to 8 posts, not including the full post it takes to transform.

Drawbacks: Ikara has difficulty recognizing friends from foes, as it is the wolf taking over her body. If the person has had a strong affect on her, then the wolf will recognize the person, but if she has never met them, or if they have threatened her once before, the person is at risk of being attacked as well. It also leaves Ikara fairly drained when the transformation ends, making her fairly weak after, at about 60 percent her normal strength. She is unable to use any magic spells at this time, and summons can not be activated.

Advantages: Her strength and speed increase 40% . The wolf form is capable of bending large amounts of water and ice at her will for attacks and defense. Her speed is almost unmatchable, for the wolf form cannot be outrun purely off speed easily. [So if someone has a spell/skill that gives them extreme speed, then it might come close.] Ikara's strength increases from her small human form, to this form so that she has more of ability to match strength, one of her weaknesses as a human. She is capable of breaking bones if she can get her whole mouth on the enemy. Her claws can of tear flesh as well. Ikara is capable of speech, but only directly into the person's mind.

Description: Ikara's bonestructure almost completely reforms as she grows hair and turns into a wolf. Her eyes change from the original blue to a violet, and then to red as the shapeshifting takes place. Her black hair and fur pales to white and her face changes shape, elongating into a muzzle. Her claws pull together into smaller paws that grow pads on the bottom for protection, and silencing her steps. Instead of one tail, Ikara's fluffy tail splits into 2 for the symbolism of her magic range. She stands at 5 feet to her shoulders in this form, making her an extremely large and tough opponent. All of her already keen senses heighten, making her capable of seeing in very little light, and being extremely gifted in tracking down scents and hearing.

History: When Ikara was young, she came across a wolf in the woods that was dying of severe injuries and sickness. Ikara attempted to take care of the wolf, bringing food and dressings whenever she needed it. The wolf had this unique ability to talk directly into the minds of people for them to hear her. Ikara nursed her for a long time, but the wolf still was dying. In an attempt to live, she asked Ikara to share her body, if in return she helps protect Ikara. Reluctantly, the girl agreed and the wolf fused her soul and body with Ikara's, making them inseparable. From that day on, Ikara's body could change between the two forms to walk among the humans, and walk among the animals.

Battle Stats

Stats [[Level 5]]:
Level 5
Strength || 2 [[+1 Bare Skin]] [[-1 Armored]]
Constitution || 3
M. Affinity || 8 [[+2 Ice and Cure]]
M. Resistance || 4 [[-2 Lightning and Fire]]
Dexterity || 10
Speed || 10
Stamina || 5 [[This is variable due to one of her spells. 5 is Ikara's natural pool of energy]


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