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Name: Melany
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Angel
Appearance: Smaller-than-average girl with long black hair and bright blue eyes; she has large, pale blue angel wings which she keeps very carefully hidden when she is not using them.
Personality: Melany is a little shy, but beneath that shyness there is a friendly, positive attitude.
Weapons and Equipment:
Keyblade: Silver handle and blade connected by a pair of crystal wings
Sword: just an iron sword
Armor: None
Item: Her crystal star necklace; the center is a normal crystal with an emerald-green center and each of the five points of the star are tipped with purple and pink
Abilities and Skills:
Psychic: Includes levitation and the ability to read minds, though this is not extremely advanced and so she cannot find any new information on anything with it. She has to use these powers periodically to keep them from getting out of control and creating a psychic shockwave. If she creates a shockwave on purpose she loses consciousness because, to her, it is the equivalent to being hit really hard in the head.
Shape Shift: Melany shifts into a wolf or a nine-tailed fox but she must wait a few hours before she can change back.
Life Restore: Melany heals herself and allies, though if her concentration is blown this ability fails. She can only do it if she herself is not in too bad of a condition and provided her allies are close enough. It is done by focusing on healing them all.
Flight: She flies with her wings; this is the ability she uses the most.
Strength: 2
Constitution: 2
M. Affinity: 2
M. Resistance: 2
Dexterity: 2
Speed: 2
Stamina: 2
Fox form-A white fox with nine tails and blue-green eyes; has wings
Wolf form-Pale brown wolf with emerald-green eyes; has wings
Quote: "I know more than you think."
History: When Melany was four, a tree fell on her and almost killed her. She got her Keyblade through being chosen when she was little, and she only learned how to summon it recently, so she isn't fully able to do it right yet.
Other: She was born during a solar eclipse and some people call her Eclipse, which annoys her because she prefers to be called by her name.

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