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Name: (Former) Malthias (Currently) Phage


Appearance: Phage stands a tall slender man. His hair an elegant pitch black that runs down to his back and his skin pale from years spent without the caress of light. His eyes are florescent purple when he channels his powers, otherwise they’re a much darker shade. He’s appearance is a black gothic designed kilt with a faded silver laggards with tattered cloth at the ends of the armor. His shirt is a black sleeveless shirt that looks faded and worn, on his left arm a half gauntlet that runs from his shoulders down to his wrist, like the laggards it too looks faded and worn with tattered cloth at under it. On his right hand the metallic glove of what can safely be assumed a matching armor set.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality:  Phage is a manipulative and callous man, but unlike most creatures with dark hearts, Phage seems to hold a form of honor or respect towards those who possess a heart of light. He finds the ‘Intriguing’ and tends to silently observe them. Though he desires their light and will engage them in battle to steal it from them, he seems to be pre-occupied with a goal to find a ‘Pure Light’ that won’t just temporarily hold back the darkness in him, but rather, destroy it all together. Phage understands the heartless very well and sympathizes with their desires though deems them far too naïve to truly understand the heart itself. Phage is the type to wait before attacking and connect strings before engaging in any conflict so that he has the total and absolute upper hand. Phage compares the Heart of Darkness to ‘The Void’ or ‘Darkest Hell’. To him it was a prison and even to be feared there was too much. He fears it as much as he feels it as close to real home.

As Phage absorbs the lights from other beings he becomes more like his original self temporarily. Malthias unlike Phage was one who valued and treasured the light. As he get's his memories back they're splintered leaving him unaware of what he is or how he got to the place he is now. He feels a sort of connection with the darkness and wields it naturally but at the same time he claims that he detests it. In this form instead of using World Ender, The weapon he summons is a blade like his old keyblade called, Merciful Radiance. Malthias is kind and caring but even he is aware that he harbors a darkness in him and fears what he could do to people. Malthias also feels sympathy for the No Bodies, often wondering if is affinity for the darkness could be a sign that he may be one himself.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Shadow Step: Phage is able to teleport through the powers of Darkness allowing him not only short ranged teleportation but to travel through darkness itself to other worlds.

  • Devouring Light: Phage is able to absorb the light from a creature. Much like how emblem heartless release their hearts upon being defeated, Phage absorbs their light when he defeats them. This allows him to revert back to Malthias temporarily. The stronger the light, the longer he is able to stay Malthias. Just being near someone with a Pure Heart, can sustain this form for some time, though being around Darkness hastens the reversion. If Phage were to devour the light of someone like one of the seven princesses of Heart he could possibly stay as Malthias for ages. Malthias also collects light when he defeats a heartless without realizing he's doing it. This skill can be used as an aggressive melee grappling attack though. In a matter of 3 posts, he can drain the light out of someone without having to defeat them. People drained of their light, enter a sort of slumber that they can't wake up from without the help of Dream Eater or Keyblade Wielder.

  • Black Lightning: Phage creates up to 9 black orbs made of lightning and darkness that float in the air that generate a strong blackened lightning from them.

  • Black Lightning Variants:

  • Black Nova: Phage creates two large balls of Black Lightning and throws them into one another creating a massive explosion of Darkness and Lightning Damage over a large area.

  • Black Thundaga: Phage calls down blackened lightning from the sky without using his orbs to cause a medium area of effect damage.

  • Black Shield: Using his orbs he has them float around him in close proximity to create a shield around him damaging melee attackers and giving him a +2 against thunder and darkness damage.

  • Surge of Darkness: Phage creates a pulse of black lightning that shoots from him like a dome pushing back anyone else caught in and dealing medium lightning and darkness affinity damage.

  • The Black Harbinger (FORM): Having become a denizen of the darkness, Phage is able to fuse with the darkness to give him new shape and form around his pre-existing flesh. The darkness forms around Phage giving him the appearance of a fallen angel or demon. He grows horns, wings, claws, and a barbed tail made of the darkness. In this form all of his magics and physical attacks take on the dark attribute and he is unable to use items.

  • Commander of Darkness: Phage can command the heartless though much like anyone who is given this power it is not out of respect but of fear. Phage’s darkness grew stronger and stronger in the heart of darkness that he gained the power to control the heartless (NPC only).

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • World Ender: A long black blade. The hilt is entirely black with two white thorny vines wrapping around it to the top of the hilt where the white of the vines stretch out like crackling thunder before meeting at the middle to form the all blackened blade that bends like the a thunder bolt with sharped blades on both sides.  This blade was forged in the Heart of Darkness by manifestation of Phages own Darkness.
    • Light of Eclipse: Unlike Phage's blade World Ender, this is the blade summoned from Malthias's heart when he's in control. An elegant long white blade. The hilt of the blade is black at the end. The cross guard forged from the black thorny spirals wrapping around it to the base of the blade itself crawling in a thorned pattern up the blade stopping just short of the middle.
    • Armour Name: N/A
    • Item Name: N/A

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b]

    Strength || 6
    Constitution || 4
    M. Affinity || 7
    M. Resistance || 5
    Dexterity || 6
    Speed || 6
    Stamina || 7

    2 M. AFF against Heartless and  Nobodies
    1/2 damage taken from Nothingness and Dark type magic
    x2 Damage taken from Time and Space magic
    -2 against STR and M.AFF when facing Keyblade Warriors/Masters.

    Malthias, once a proud Keyblade Master. Not much is known about his past other than scattered remnants of his tale. What is known about Malthias is that he was once considered to be one of the ‘most radiant of lights to ever pierce the darkness’ According to one of the lost documents, Malthias, who took such great pride in the strength of his light, thought it possible to destroy all the darkness by vanquishing it in the Heart of Darkness. Despite warning from the other masters Malthias unlocked the door to the Heart of Darkness and sealed it behind him, so the darkness could not escape. Malthias was never seen again. The story says that the True Darkness was too great for even him and he simply perished.

    In truth what happened is that Malthias locked the door from the inside and fought in the Heart of Darkness over and over for what seemed like a life time. Though he defeated a vast number of dark denizens, it seemed as if the darkness never once waivered. In time Malthias, grew to doubt himself and feared that he’d never win the battle of attrition.  In time Malthias began to falter and let his once great light dim. Even Malthias doesn’t know the exact time or how, but he lost the power of the keyblade and when he did the way out was closed to him forever.  

    Over time, Malthias who craved more power, the power to defeat the darkness, turned to the darkness itself. A defeated heart had no sway over keeping the dark temptation at bay and he foolishly accepted the darkness thinking to use its vast powers against itself while still retaining his human heart. Though for all the right reasons, Malthias turned to darkness and was corrupted by it. Seeking more and more power Malthias began to pray on the other creatures that hid in the darkness, actually devouring their essence. For years Malthias steadily became darker and darker until eventually Malthias could no longer remember who he was or why he was there. A new creature, a denizen of the dark that still held on to his heart. This new creature became a remnant of its old self. It very visage twisted by years depraved of light and a longevity that was granted by unknowingly devouring the hearts of others.

    The creature came to call itself, Phage. It came to be known by the more sentient creatures there as, the Black Harbinger, the Devourer. The creature retained some memories but scattered pieces like a dream. It knew of the other worlds that existed outside the Heart of Darkness, the existence of Heartless and Nobodies, and that the door to its escape would require a wielder of a special weapon known as the keyblade. What was more is that though this new being was but a shell of a former man, it was neither Heartless nor Nobody, it was a complete human with a heart and body. And it thirsted for one thing… the light. The purifying touch of light that could cure it of its twisted visage and return its black heart to one of light. In its own dark heart was just a faint shimmer of the light it once had. A light that before Malthias completely lost himself to the darkness, he protected with every fiber of his being so that one day it could grow and banish the darkness he so foolishly allowed in.

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