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Post by Death on October 7th 2014, 6:05 pm

It feels like it's been an eternity and a half, though it's only been about a year. It was still long enough to make stable nerves worn and not so stable. A whole year her and her family had been separated. It was driving her absolutely mad. At first, Death was patient, optimistic. But as time wore on, she became easily irritated and quick to snap. It didn't take much to send her off the chain as of late.

With slow steps, a young woman walked into the tavern. She eyed each person within with heavy skepticism. Each was just as capable of being guilty in her eyes. Each one was capable of dying just as easily as the next. But it didn't have to be that way if they just told her what she wanted to know. No one had to get hurt.

The air surrounding her was dense, heavy. It could make one think that the very air was suffocating them. A pair of man sitting at a large wooden table peeked up at her from over their goblets. Three men sitting at the same table turned to look at what their two companions nodded towards. Each of them watched as the pink haired woman walked up to the tavern's bar with a sly grin.

"Excuse me, mister," she said with a gentle smile that deceived the boiling rage inside. "I was wondering if-"

"We don't serve children here," the burly tavernmaster spat at her as he cleaned a mug. "Get out of my establishment."

Snap. Not even one minute in, the soft smile she had been wearing broke, shattered by his words. In its stead, she wore a disturbed grin. "I was only wondering if you seen-"

"No clue. Get out."

"But you don't-"

"Out!" the man sat the mug on the counter top with some force. Those who hadn't already been watching turned their drunken heads to see what all the noise was about. Some of them had been expecting to see some brawling to be breaking out, but when that wasn't the case they turned back to their glasses with a grumble. The woman, regaining that soft smile while still maintaining the heavy atmosphere around her, slowly slid her hands atop the counter, leaning closer to the tavernmaster.

"It seems you don't quite understand, 'Sir'," she spoke to him in a hushed tone. With each second that ticked by, what had been gentle became more aggressive. "I'm not leaving until I get some answers. And if you don't have those answers, then, well... you're of no use to me."

"Ha!" the man before his threw his head back with a cocky laugh. "You talk big, little girl, but I highly doubt that small body of yours can back it up."

"Oh, I assure you-"

"Problem, Boss?" one of the men that had been eyeing the woman as she walked in leaned against the counter, standing rather close to the seething woman. He was bald and wore an average barbarian's outfit, fit with skins and leathers and the such.

"Want us to do our job?" said the other man as he placed his forearm against the counter, staring at her with a awry grin. He had a full head of raven black hair and didn't have much on to hide his skin. Most women wouldn't have minded, though. The man was pretty built.

"Heh. I'll fire the lot of you if ya don't," the tavern master turned his back to them, returning to his cleaning. "Worse bunch of bouncers, you are."

"Right away, Boss."
"Roger, Boss."

Each of her wrists were taken into their large hands, the combined strength they possessed allowing them to lift her off the ground. One of the men managed to sling her over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" the pink haired woman screamed, kicking and punching as she was toted off around the counter and towards the back of the tavern and outside.

Neither of them spoke, only chuckled. When they made it outside, they tossed her on the ground with no regard to far the drop might have been. The streets of Radiant Garden had just endured a heavy rainfall, so the stone pathway was littered with puddles. When she was dropped, the man had aimed for the closest one and made his mark. The black dress and the cut-off jeans she was wearing soaked up the chilly water. Appalled, her head turned to look up at them, her lips parted in disbelief. Getting to her feet, she whipped her hands to get the excess water off them.

"Sorry miss, didn't see that puddle there," the bald man said with a smug grin.

"Why don't we help you out of those?" the muscly man stepped closer, attempting to slip a hand under the hem of the dress. "Wouldn't want a pretty face like yours to catch cold."

Quick to react, the pink-haired woman slapped his hand away. The pupils of her eyes had shrunk, making the light color of her irises seem to glow with rage. "Fuck off, bastards..." she mumbled through gritting teeth.

"You little bitch," the bald man pulled his companion away by the shoulder, stepping closer to her with a raised hand. "I'll teach you to-"

His words were cut short with the point of a knife at his throat. He may have been taller than her, but that didn't debilitate her from reaching.

"Since your 'boss' won't tell me, perhaps I'll get an answer from you two," there was a shadow cast over her eyes by her bangs as she held the knife with a firm grip. "Failure to answer will result in mortal injury."

"Heh," the muscled man placed his hand on his hips, confidence radiating from his posture. "You really want us to believe that a small babe like you can take two fully grown men head on and win? I call bluff. What do you think?"

The bald man stepped back with a smug grin, his quick moment of fear erased. "I would have to agree."

"This is your last chance to cooperate," she hissed.

"As it is yours, little miss."

They pulled their weapons, one armed with a broadsword, the other with a double-sided axe. And she smiled. Toothy, wide and wild.

"It's about time I sent you to Paradise."

Without warning, the woman threw the knife she held, followed by another and another. A total of six knives were sent at the men, aiming for several vitals. They managed to dodge a majority of them, however some stuck. The bald man was too busy with the knife flying at his heart to notice the one aimed at his eye. With a sickening sound, the sharp edges of the small blade impaled him. He sunk to his knees as he howled in pain, ripping out the weapon only to hold his face. In his hand, a red liquid pooled and overflowed, dripping to the ground. The other man was more lucky, able to dodge and come out with not much more than a gash to his shoulder. At the sight of his partner, he sent a pissed glare to the grinning woman.

A loud roar escaped him as he charged her with his sword. The pink haired woman easily dodged the poor attempt at an attack, side-stepping off to the man's side. Pulling another knife from her pouch, she placed a clean cut on his mid-section. The look on her face was that of obvious delight, as though she was enjoying every second of it. The man doubled over, placing his hand against the wound at his side. He gritted his teeth as he turned to swing one more time. The arc of his arm halted halfway, though, when the sight of a magnum was pointed right at his nose.


The loud blast of the gun unloading a round echoed throughout the small ally. Heavy muscles dropped to the ground, the clatter of a sword following shortly after. Small red splatters covered the woman, though she didn't mind. It always washed out. Turning dramatically on one foot, she spun to look to look at the other soul about to be saved, her magnum sitting aloof against her shoulder. The red dripping from his penetrated socket was a most beautiful color.

"What that hell.. are you?" the man whispered, shaking from the shock of blood loss. For all their muscle and experience, it was sad to see just how quickly they fell at her hand.

"I am Death!" the woman said in an unusually happy voice as she placed barrel of the gun at the man's forehead. "But you shouldn't fear me, for I will set you free."

Another loud gunshot echoed through the ally. Why no one bothered to come investigate the disturbance was beyond her, but Death wasn't going to complain. It only meant less people she had to deal with before having herself another visit with the tavernmaster. Which exactly what she did.

Walking through the tavern's backdoor, she made her way back to the establishment's front counter. Several of the customers, even at the slightest glance, made a smart move to leave munny on the table and get the hell out of there. Others weren't as intelligent, driven by curiosity to see just what was going to happen. The burly man behind the counter didn't turn to look at who was there, only huffed as he continued to clean his mugs.

"Took you lot long enough. Have some fun, did ya?"

"I'm sorry, Sir. I think you have me confused with someone else," Death's chipper voice caught the man by surprise. With eyes that spoke his inner fear, the man's head slowly turned to meet her gaze.

Standing at the counter just behind him, covered from head to toe in blood spatters, smiling like nothing had happened, was Death. The hands she had placed on the wooden surface was now smeared in red.

"Now if you don't mind, I'm looking for someone," she reached for the inside of the satchel around her shoulder. The tavernmaster shrinked away, slowly reaching for something under the counter while she dug. Without even looking up, Death plopped the barrel of her gun upon the counter with it aimed at him. Just as slowly, he stood back up and raised his hands. "Ah! Here it is!"

From the satchel, Death pulled out a photo within a lock-tight frame. And good thing, too. The water she was so rudely pushed into earlier would have destroyed her precious photo. In it, there was herself and a man. He donned a black, leather jacket and black jeans, a short Mohawk and blue eyes, and had an arm around her shoulder.

"I'm looking for this man. Have you seen him?" Death pointed at the figure beside her in the photo.

The tarvernmaster made sure to look carefully before shaking his head as the magnum was still pointed at him. She was lucky that none of the patrons left in the tavern were exceptionally loyal to him or else she'd surely have a weapon pointed at her.

After receiving the disheartening news, Death frowned, huffing as she shrugged her shoulders. "All that trouble for nothing, it seems. Oh well. But I know how you can make it up to me!"


"Say hello to your friends in Paradise for me!"

With those glee filled words, Death pulled the trigger that rested against her finger. Glass shards flew everywhere as a whole was blown in the man's chest. Placing the gun in its holster, the woman turned away and started skipping out of the tavern with a child like air. She was in a far better mood than when she had entered. But it seemed as though this place didn't give her any answers, either. Perhaps the next place would be better. All she had to do was keep looking and never give up. Eventually she'd find him. Eventually she'd find Onyx.

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