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The Silent Wild
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. Ophelia Echo .

Human - ??? - Female

• Personality •
Ophelia has quite a neurotic personality, one moment she seems happy and calm to the next where she goes into a chaotic rage, this trait is something that keeps her from having consistent friends or allies. She has a very charismatic and friendly nature about her upon first meeting her but dig deep enough and its easy to see she is a ruthless, cunning and cynical being. Ophelia is very dedicated to chaos, power and knowledge. As she is quite accustomed to traveling throughout the sea of skies she is quite careful and quiet about causing disharmony to a world or person, often sneaking around in the shadows to mess with things. However once caught out or confronted her mind turns to recklessness, doing whatever she must to ensure she succeeds or at least stay alive. There is a part to Ophelia however that is both a weakness and strength of some sort, she has a raging desire for lust where ever she finds an adequate being for her. She has a passion that burns like no other and could result in her being tricked or betrayed, because of this she keeps her relationships very short lived. The witch is definitely one you wouldn't want to betray as she holds very strong grudges and can be relentless towards someone who she hates.

• Appearance •
Ophelia stands at exactly six feet tall which is a little taller than most women. She has a slim body that retains very feminine and delightful curves. Her complexion is painted a beautiful dark tan which conflicts with her long ivory hair. Her facial features are quite sharp and symmetrical. Her iris' are azure that seem to emit a pale blue glow whenever she uses magic. A cloak that covers the rest of her clothes and a pointed hat with special uses to it all matching in a dark, deep, purple makes up her typical witch attire. Underneath her cloak are clothes that are quite a bit more revealing as she likes to wear things she can move around in easily, usually this consists of small dresses or crop tops and mini skirts that would resemble a native or tribal fashion. For shoes the witch either goes bare footed or wears a pair of brown leather boots with thigh high socks underneath. Starting at her left arm and moving up to her left shoulder are red geometrical tribal tattoos.

• Attributes •

Level 5
Strength || 2
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 10
M. Resistance || 8
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 2
Stamina || 9

• Niche •

(-3) Poison, (+3) Melee

(-2) Physical,(+2) Magic

(-1) Physical Movement, (+1) Magic Usage

• Inventory •

Part of Ophelia's iconic witch attire is her hat named Idola, which means vision. What differs Idola from any other pointed witch hat is that just above the brim lays a large eye with a matching blue iris to Ophelia's eyes. A large reason for the hat to have it's name is that the witched had trapped the soul of an oracle named Idola who was able to see visions into the future, by trapping the soul and binding it to this hat, Ophelia hoped to see visions into the future herself. However, all that was achieved was the eye being able to move around the hat, channeling its vision to Ophelia whether she is wearing it or not, giving her vision all around her or where ever she leaves it. This is something the witch is barely seen without, thus making a distinctive mark for her identity.

Another significant piece of equipment to the witch is her cloak. Unlike Idola the cloak is simply enchanted with magic, granting it abilities that stick to the cloak itself. It's enchantment grants it to have a strong resistance to magic attacks of all elements and the cloak can hold or hide away equipment into a dark void created by Ophelia to contain her many items.

The witch's primary weapon is a 6'6'' foot long staff. When Ophelia was first given this staff it's original colour was white with two blue crystal orbs on the end of it, however over time the colour of the wooden staff itself has emersed into an abysmal black, revealing no texture or grain of the properties wood would have. Despite having more alignment with the darkness, the orbs have turned completely clear in their magically unused state, however as magic is used with or around them they change to the colour most aligned with that element. The staff doesn't have much of an effect on Ophelia's magic other than she can choose to channel her spells through the staff rather than her body. It is also used as a melee weapon in case anyone gets close. Despite being made of wood, the staff has been enchanted with the same strength of the strongest metal available.

Feather Pen
As it's name gives off, this item is indeed feather pen. The feather is black with ink available from it whenever Ophelia chooses it to. Another thing to the pen it can be made into a sharp metal dagger, retaining the same shape as the feather but changing it's properties to a weapon in an instant. It is rare for one to see the witch use this as a weapon as it is primarily used for ink magic or writing down spells. As a last resort for when people get to close it is a good option.

Jinx Book
Behind every great witch is a book of spells, curses, rituals and more. Needless to say Jinx Book is Ophelia's. Bound together by very strong magic making it only able to be destroyed by strong magics. The book has a hard cover of black leather with a strap holding it shut to all that aren't meant to see inside it. To open it one must whisper the words, "Open and let me see, what could be a curse to either you, or me." Inside the book primarily are rituals and spells which Ophelia doesn't really need to see to cast these things. However, in here she has written down curses, as she is known as Ophelia Echo, her curses are mostly put upon someone by being said in rhymes, this book merely keeps her up with what she has generated over all these years.

• Abilities •

Ophelia is able to create portals through the Realm of Darkness enabling her to travel between places or worlds quickly with ease.

Echo's Curse
Through magic Ophelia is able to put a curse on any person (players can discuss this ooc if it is allowed on them or not) or thing. However, to put a curse or in some cases enchantment on them Ophelia must speak in rhyme or in a poetic form of rhyming or else it simply wont work.

Ophelia is able to shapeshift into any animal or creature that is not a human or human-like in terms of appearances. (For example a nobody like Roxas). Though she can shapeshift into a nobody or heartless she can only take on their physical attributes of movement and size, meaning she doesn't gain new abilities when in these forms.

With the use of darkness magic Ophelia is able to morph into shadows either in the ground, on buildings or anything. However whilst in a shadow she cannot harm anyone or thing. In return however she can move within shadows with a speed level equal to her magic level, making her hard to detect or hit.

Zephyr's Dance
By being so intact with her magical affinity with wind magic Ophelia is able to constantly hover half a foot above the ground with almost no effort. The whole ability can grant her flight as well by channeling her through air magic but it requires a lot more effort, Ophelia generally stays in one spot while in combat and prefers to use magic to hold herself up.

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The Silent Wild
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• Spells •


Ophelia is fluent with her control over the element of darkness. She is able to create dark focused magics like energy blasts and even dark voids. The extent of her ability is limitless, allowing her to create new spells of darkness on the spot.


Less fluent in light magics than dark, the witch is still able to bend, control and create this element magically. It usually comes in forms of light energy blasts, general lighting up areas and even blinding others. The same with her control over darkness goes for all the elements she controls including this one, allowing her to come up with creative spells on the spot.


Though rarely used, Ophelia is still able to create and control magics from this element. The force made from this element are usually purer energy blasts than others, making it a lot more powerful.

An orb made from nothingness magic forms around Ophelia, deflecting any one physical attack and most weak to medium ranged magic spells.


Ophelia has general control over the element of fire. She is able to create fire, manipulate it's size, movement and temperature. The fire is barely weakened by natural water but it is strongly weakened by magic based water.

Fire Dance
Twelve soccer ball sized orbs will appear around Ophelia, she is able to hold them there to send them at a target one at a time or all together. However she is not limited to one or all at once being sent away, while within two meter's of the witch she is able to control how they move and where they move. Once an orb touches or hits something it releases a small but strong explosion leaving medium to critical damage.


Ophelia has general control over the element of water and water containing liquids. She is able to manipulate it's movement and state of matter. She is unable to create water from nothing like the way she can create fire.

Tidal Wave
The user will shoot her hand upwards, in this movement a large wall of water will form from the ground upwards in correlation to the hand movement. Once the user moves her hand forward or down the wall will rush forward like a tidal wave, bringing wreckage within the wave and it's aftermath. The wave travels for up to one kilometer and disappears after fifteen seconds of it being sent forward.


A wall of earth/rock will rise from the ground near the user and be sent in a straight line in any direction at thirty mph. The wall varies in size based around a height and width of two meters with a thirty centimeter thickness. It can travel for up to a hundred meters before sinking back into the ground.


The user will channel lightning magics through their hand or weapon for two seconds for the volt to charge, an indication of this is small blue sparks electrifying around the user's hand or weapon. After the volt is charge the user will aim with their finger or weapon to aim and a volt of lightning will be shot straight forward for where it was aimed for. It takes only a second to travel one hundred meters, however the damage it deals only ranges from minimum to medium damage depending on how far the target is from the caster, leaving very small shocks for a few seconds after if hit.


Ophelia is able to create, control and manipulate the element of wind. She can change the speed and force of it by using movement of her hands and body. Part of this is she is able to 'see' wind in a sensing sort of way, telling her the direction and the speed it is moving at.


Grip Root
A root will grow rapidly from the ground two meters from the target to try and grab a hold on any part of their body, it is not particularly loud but anyone with a sense of their surroundings would see the ground near them begin to part or crack before the root will break through. The roots travel at twenty five mph and hold onto a target for up to five seconds with a tight grip. The downfall is that they are easily cut or burnt which makes their grip lose completely.


It is literally what the spell says it is. The user can cure their wounds rapidly when this is cast. However, the user can't rapidly move or cast other spells while using this, along with bigger wounds taking more time to heal. Small wounds take only a second to heal, medium wounds take two seconds where as bigger wounds can take from five to ten seconds to heal. This rarely works on fatal wounds but if it does, it will take at least a minute.


The user will make clones of themselves that are merely illusions, there is no set limit to the amount that can be made. The clones can be left to act and wander on their own or the user can control their movements as they please.


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