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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name: Annaliese Florence

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Home World: Traverse Town

Race/Species: Human

Appearance: Annaliese has a thin and curvy figure, standing at 5'5 ft. She has red hair and emerald green eyes with gold flecks. She's a very beautiful girl but she highly doubts it. She has an athletic build from training by using a scythe, She has a soft British accent. She mostly wears dark clothing like black combat boots, corsets, hoodies, laced gloves, and other things that are technically 'Goth', She has three small spiked black hoop earrings on her left ear.

Alignment: Neutral

Elemental Mastery:
Heart: Darkness
Primary: Fire
Secondary: Earth
Tertiary: Water

Personality: Annaliese is generally a nice girl and can easily be friends with people. She is very short tempered and may never calm down after she is angry but may calm down when she sees a friendly face. She loves to joke around but she knows when there is time to get serious, but when in a spar or battling heartless she can be cocky and arrogant. Her negative flaws is her temper and her pride. Her temper can turn into blind rage where she would black out and do abnormal things without caution, after her 'black out' she would often forget what she did.

Weapons: Keyblades, Body

Fighting Style: Annaliese prefers close range attacks with her keyblade, She can also do a few martial arts also.

Affinities: Her highest is strength, while Speed, Stamina, Agility are moderately high, and Accuracy and Synthesis is average. She is good at martial arts, fighting with her keyblade, and excels in speed reading.

Strength || 10
Constitution || 7
M. Affinity || 2
M. Resistance || 4
Dexterity || 8
Speed || 5
Stamina || 7

Abilities and Skills:

  • Martial Artist: Annaliese is an expert at different types of martial arts
  • Pyrokenisis: Annaliese can control and create fire at will.
  • Telekinesis: Annaliese can move objects with her mind, She may get headaches while doing it though.

Weaknesses: Magical Defense and Magic Attack. She doesn't really take time to acknowledge what other people do but takes too much pride in herself, and her horrible temper can get others to dislike her. She is horrible at any form of magic, even her own! So her magic attacks won't affect her foes much.

History: There isn't much about Annaliese's life, She was born to a scythe master and a beautiful woman in London, England. Her somewhat 'perfect' life was gone when her parents divorced at the age of nine, Her father packed his bags and moved to Greece while her mother stayed in England. The young girl was being passed back and forth by her parents, They persuaded her to chose who to stay with. Her mother offered her a free curfew while her father offered to teach her how to use a scythe and teach her martial arts. Annaliese chose to stay with her dad which left her mother devastated and suicidal.

Moving to Greece was a big change to Annaliese, She didn't have much friends to begin with because of her funny accent and trying to master the scythe and martial arts was very difficult. One day at school, she decided to bring her scythe for show-and-tell. While everyone in her class brought family heirlooms like swords and daggers she was the only one who brought something unique, Some of her classmates laughed and a snobby girl in her class said something about her family. Annaliese not knowing how to react with all the laughing and an insult charged at the girl pinning her down to one of the desks, Before anyone can say anything she took the girl's family dagger and stabbed her in the eye! The girl screamed and cried while all of her classmates looked at the red haired girl in fear, Annaliese dropped the dagger, took her backpack and scythe and made a run for it, never returning.

Annaliese took her father's ship and drove it to England, Slowly landing she walked to her old home. Once she made it there she knocked on the door, After a few knocks she turned the knob, surprised it was opened she walked in. She called out for her mother, looking around she couldn't find her. She would walk into her mother's room and screamed in horror seeing her mother's neck hanging from the ceiling fan by a rope, She wept and couldn't stop. After a few hours, she would find her mother's purse where her I.D. and money were and took it, With a farewell to her dead mother she headed to Traverse Town. Three years later, she is still taking refuge in Traverse Town...

After the past three years living in poverty, surviving on failed attempts to pick pocket citizens and stealing from restaurants and supermarkets using her telekinesis she met a man named Cool Star who taught her the basics of a weapon called 'keyblades'. Anna was interested but she didn't know the lingering darkness that remained in her heart, The teenage girl thought she was capable of wielding weapons of light. After agreeing to train with Cool Star, Annaliese struggled with controlling her gift. Walking to a local supermarket she would crotch in a sitting position and focused on a milk carton, a confused citizen caught her and tried to grab on to her shirt until his hands were surrounded by flames in horror he tried to shove her away but seeing that the flames did not affect her he ran away screaming his head off. Annaliese just realized she had two gifts, mentally remembering to use them well.

Anna moved to Disney Town, it wasn't her type of world like London or Traverse Town was but it was decent. A few days after she moved in, she went to Agrabah to attend her keyblade training. She met a boy named Tyler Saikou who was also willing to learn the way of the keyblade, once they got to the actual  dive to heart, Though Anna was cocky during the dive she momentarily struggled to wield a weapon of light and eventually the Kingdom Key shattered into her hands. Embarrassed, Ashamed, and Devastated she looked at her teacher and ran away back to Disney Town in her flat and cried her heart out. She avoided Cool Star the whole time she was living there, trying to not attend the festivals, or go anywhere near him.

But Annaliese wouldn't let a disappointment get to here, she would self train herself and tried out a new hobbies: Making tattoos were her most favorite other than martial arts. She got a small job at a tattoo parlor in Traverse Town and life was going okay for her until after her late night shift she visited London to visit her old home. She found her mother still rotting on the ceiling fan, it was disgusting how the landlords that left her rotting there but they never bothered her mother who always payed the rent three months late.. Annaliese was angry with the residents in the apartment complex and the landlords, after giving her mother a proper burial she walked to a local gas station right next to the complex and brought a pack of cigarettes. Thinking about how she left her suicidal mother alone for her father and how the landlords treated her mother unfairly like threatening her to pay her rent when she never had the munny or threatened to kill her made her go into a blind rage. She ran to where the apartment complex was and lit a match, without giving a damn who lived there she concentrated on a can of gasoline knocking it over so it would spill over. As the gasoline trailed over to the apartments, Annaliese dropped the cigarette without hesitation. Then dropped another, then another, then another... She saw as the wealthy landlords burned alive, and so did the residents.. She walked over to her gummi ship and smoked without remembering what she did...

As she rode to Disney Town, she saw it destroyed in lava. She was terrified by the outcome wondering who did it, she had all of her clothes and utilities burned. It was horrible, her thoughts would drift to the former king who she has been ignoring but never knew whether he was alive or dead. The red-haired teenager moved back to Traverse Town, working in the tattoo parlor and buying herself a new set of clothes and a decent flat. She regularly used her mother's I.D. card to get into bars or to buy cigarettes, somedays she would forget she was telekinetic and pyrokinetic. But one day, she went to her favorite bar as always and a curious exotic dancer that worked there kept asking how old she was but Anna kept ignoring her. The fifth time the lady asked her, the teenage girl was very frustrated and sucker punched the exotic dancer. Security Guards tried calming her down but she couldn't calm down, she wanted to fight anyone that tried to touch her and challenged them telling them that she was 'good at kicking arse'. A man from behind her threw a glass bottle at her and it slowly flew in the air and hit her head.

Annaliese blacked out, she was in a dreamworld. She went through slicing creatures with her scythe Fate but Fate transformed into a fiery looking keyblade. Knowing Latin she called the keyblade Ignacia Elektra. Though she wield a keyblade of darkness she's still learning to embrace it but slowly yearning to wield something of light.....

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Name:  Ignacia Elektra

Type of Equipment:  Keyblade

Primary/Secondary:  Primary

Elemental Alignment:  Fire/Darkness

Abilities/Functions: Regular keyblade functions


[03:13:52] Annaliese : Bitch don't start pairing me up, I'll fuck you up
[03:14:09] Valerie Faye : You'll have to ask Aria for permission first

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