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So... I would like to ask for the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee.

Just for reference, that includes Leon, Aerith, Cid, Yuffie, and Merlin. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are also technically part of the HBRC but can be assumed to be doing something else. I want to borrow them for this topic I'm currently doing with Kia called "When Phantoms Live".

The premise of this topic is that Alexander has come to this universe searching for the missing half of his power, and had previously agreed with Jet Enduro to meet him at Radiant Garden. After a brief 'glitch' where Alexander first appeared in the Castle of Dreams, Alexander had taken an injured and unconscious Kia with him to Radiant Garden due to lingering sentimentality towards what he considered to be her "true" incarnation. After arriving in Radiant Garden, Alexander used the spirits that resided in his body to initiate a search of Radiant Garden to see if they could locate an individual who seemed particularly strong compared to the rest. They aren't hostile, just searching, but an army of ghosts close to a thousand strong rolling into town is an alarming thing for anybody.

And that's where the Restoration Committee comes in. If anybody in Hollow Bastion would be tempted to be proactive about this sudden and strange manifestation of specters, it would no doubt be these five individuals. Being a reasonably collected and intelligent bunch I doubt they'd immediately resort to attacking anything. As long as the ghosts themselves are passive the fighters among the committee won't need to bust out that nice and delicious can of whoop-ass. Though, they likely will be trying to find out what is going on.

So, the question raises: exactly what would they be doing?

Cid, for starters, would probably trying to adjust the Claymore defense system. Whether or not he actually created or simply repaired and upgraded the system is never clear, but the Claymores themselves are an integral part of Radiant Garden's defenses. Without the Claymore System there likely would have been many more casualties when the Heartless invaded. Cid is stated to have been behind the system itself to some degree, so it stands to reason that he alone is capable of making the adjustments.

Merlin would probably provide input to Cid initially about adjusting the Claymores. As shown in the series magic is largely uniform in composition across Kingdom Hearts, with major differences being elemental or alignment-based. Given Merlin's mystical background and experience with magic, he could potentially help Cid devise a method of countering them. Afterwards he could lend his talents to potentially making ethereal barriers to keep the ghosts away from certain areas, or even more to the point locating the most powerful presences in the city. If it came to blows, he could lend his magic to the conflict.

Aerith is the natural pacifist of the group, and the best diplomat to deal with any situations the require talking. While not actually a diplomat by trade, she is naturally calm and collected as well as empathetic and kindhearted. She is also a non-combatant, giving her a bit more of room when moving about the ghosts as they don't even remotely act wary of her. While not directly suited to combat she is an adept healer, and at one point is hinted to have held off waves of Shadows.

Leon is the muscle of the group, a cool head and cooler jacket. He wields a gunblade and fire magic, a vengeful and sorrowful force he utilizes against the Heartless to protect the home he has only just reclaimed. The ghosts have put him on edge and he is getting ency, but as long as they aren't hostile Leon keeps his blade sheathed and stays inside with Cid, stoically waiting to see if he should have to act.

Yuffie is the bubbly and dangerous ninja of the five. She seems cute and harmless at glance, using her stealth and ninjitsu to confound and evade opponents while using her shuriken to attack from range. A bit impulsive and reckless for her lackluster durability, she uses her agility to her advantage. She is the only one of the five actively scouting the ghosts out at the moment and trying to gain an idea of their number. It's possible she has already noticed Alexander and company on top of Ansem's former Castle.

As for now there is no danger, just anxiety as the involved parties attempt to discover and ultimately resolve what is occurring. Whether the situation is going to evolve or stay the same is yet to be determined but of intentions of both sides, the HBRC and Alexander's phantom army, neither want to bring this to blows as either the collateral would be massive or the event would be too time consuming which frankly means coming to blows is not beneficial to either party.

As a disclaimer the temp character rental never specified if profiles were needed.

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