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One Foot In Front Of The Other (Open)

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One Foot In Front Of The Other (Open) Empty One Foot In Front Of The Other (Open)

Post by Charity on September 29th 2014, 8:37 pm

"Sis~ Wait up!" a girl sporting long pigtails yelled to the woman a few meters ahead of her. All this trekking was wrecking havoc on her esteem.

"Well hurry up, slow poke," the woman turned to face the girl with a glittering smile, her silvery locks following her head in a smooth motion like silk. The tip of her tounge poked out from between her lips in a teasing manner before she dashed off, swinging around the building at the corner of the street.

"Siiis~!" the girl let her head drop to her chest for a moment before picking both it and her spirits up, balling her fists in determination.

This was cardio-training! It wasn't something to dwadle on. Sis was woring hard to help her train and get better so that she no longer ran out of breath when playing her flute...or just in general... Running around the corner her sister just had. A short, shrill scream left her lips as she did so, though, her silver-haired sister getting the jump on her from behind.

"You just died, Care-Bear. A heartless just stole your heart," the silver-haired woman tossed her hands up in a displeased manner, speaking in a matter-of-fact tone. She turned to walk away, off down the road. "That makes the fifth time today."

"But Ellie~! That isn't what we're suppose to be doing, ya know? You said it was gonna be just cardio training, not..some.. survival training," Charity huffed, resetting her long pigtails behind her shoulders. Her hands quickly made their way to her hips shortly after.

This exposed the clothes that lay underneath. As it was an improptu session, she was still in her casual wear. A white graphic tee sat under a gray, sleeveless vest, unzipped and was dropped a good few inches below her waist. The dark jeans on her legs had belts on the right leg, with a small gold chain looped against the outside of her left thigh. Black fingerless gloves were on her hands and a pair of comfy boots on her feet.

"I never stated what kind of training we were doing. I only said there'd be a lot of cardio exersizing. Silly goose," Felicity giggled into a hand after turning to face her sister.

The long silver hair accentuated her pretty facial features and silver-blue eyes. She wore a bustier type top that laced up in the front and stopped just above her belly button. The long sleeves dropped far off her shoulders, starting at some point between her shoulder and elbow. There was a random hood around her neck, latched together with an ornate jewel. She never wore it for some odd reason, though. Her pants, which seemed almost to small with how low-rise they were, were cut to different lengths. One leg came about mid-thigh while the other rest at the knee. There was a small pouch attached to a binding on the leg there the pant leg was shorter. One her feet were military styled boots.

Charity inwardly sighed. Both of her older sisters were really pretty. And for as much as she tried, she never seemed to catch up to them, in both appearences or skill. While Felicity wasn't as naturally talented as Serenity, their missing sibling, they were still beyond the musician. But that wouldn't stop her from trying to catch up, not by a long shot.

"Fair enough," Trinity grin, stepping before her older sister. "So what now, Sis?"

"The same thing we do every day, Chairty," Felicity grinned mischievously. "Try and take over the world! Ah- I mean... Ahem!"

The girls started laughing. Felicity gave her younger sister a sly wink before turning to continue walking down the street, her fingers laced behind her. Charity was quick to join her at her side, looking up at the distant grin her sister wore.



"What cha thinking about?"

"Mm? Oh, about when we were little. Remember that day we made flower crowns?"

"Ah! Yeah! Surrie was so frazzled and embarrassed that all she did was bury her nose further in whatever book it was that she was reading," Charity giggled, fondly reminiscing in the happy days she spent with both her sister together.

"But she wasn't unhappy, or she would have left," Felicity tipped her head to the side, her silvery hair following the motion.


Ever since Serenity had dissappeared, Charity noticed how lonely her sister was. She'd deny it and try to hide it, but to the musician, it was painfully obvious. They did just about everything together, despite how different they were. They supported and encouraged each other, just like they did her, but now that one was gone it felt incomplete, like something was missing. It was somewhat depressing, honestly.

"Hey sis?"


"Do you think we'll ever find her?"

"I'm sure we will, eventually. She was always good at hide-and-seek, so it might take a little while longer than we hope," Felicity gave a depreciating smile as she stared down the emptying street.

It was obvious that their sister wasn't here on this world. But she had no choice but to stay and train Charity. They had far too many close encounters with heartless and other such creatures to call comfortable. And each time, Charity got stiff with fear and was unable to protect herself. She had gotten much better since, but it was always better to be safe than sorry. Perhaps it was time to move on to the next place soon. Or maybe they could stay a little while longer. There's no rush, after all. Right?

"I sure hope not..."

In this universe, there is still much to be understood. There is still much to be found, explored, challenged and overcome. There are still secrets and stories and events that hide themselves in the shadows of history. But there is without a doubt some things better left unknown, left unsaid, and left forgotten.

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