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Name: Chēn Nisshoku

Age: 17

Appearance: Chēn is 5'10 with an athletic build and pale skin with white hair he wears a white button up shirt with a black vest and black pants with leather shoes and a tie. he also wears a 3/4 face mask made out of kevlar
Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Chēn loves romance stories. Despite the fact most people would see him (in the rare times he is still) reading an action, comedy or fantasy/sci-fi manga, there is a better chance for him to actually be reading a romance, just hidden by a fake cover. On the off chance that he cracks a book outside of school, it's likely to be romance as well. The truth about the fake covers isn't that Chēn is ashamed; as a matter of fact, Chēn doesn't get the problem people have with a guy reading such books. However, punks have a tendency to use such things as a starter for fights. But when Chēn isn't fighting he is often reading up on blacksmithing having it been a big part of his life since he was 10

Abilities and Skills:

  • Seishin chēn: this ability allows the user to mold their inner power and form it externally into chains that can be used to attack and defend with.
  • Tamashī akuma: this super charges the persons soul to enhance strength and speed for attacks
  • Daiyamondohāto : this hardens the surface skin when hitting someone which allows for increased damage
  • Sonikkusupurinto: speeds up the flow of blood which allows for a short burst run at the speed of sound

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Odayakana kyōki:
      weapon description:
      these swords allow the user to swing ledges and trees for easier travel, they have hooks that allow for capture of enemies and/or their weapons.

    • Shinzō kēji:
      armour description:
      this armor provides a slight defense against melee attacks while still allowing for easy flexibility of the limbs.

    • Mayonaka no kamereon:
      item description:
      this cloak reduces damage by ice magic by 20%

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b]

    Strength || 6
    Constitution || 6
    M. Affinity || 4
    M. Resistance || 4
    Dexterity || 7
    Speed || 8
    Stamina || 6


    Chēn Nisshoku
    was born on the moderately sized island of Enca in x819 when he was 3
    his parents were killed and he was Kidnapped, he
    was trained in the art of hook swords after being found to have a talent for it, during that time in which
    he was forced to endure multiple injections of various toxins in an attempt to strengthen his abilities
    although this was successful this caused him to have a fear of needles. when he was 5 he was forced
    to kill a civilian and drain their blood for various purposes, he was made to do this many times
    instilling into him the idea that life was just a waste.

    As the years went on Chēn became an introvert whom had an insatiable thirst for killing and blood and
    on his 9th birthday he received a black mask with 1 eye covered having had his eye ripped out years
    before for failing to kill a mother and her child. Finally when he turned 12 Chēn Ran during a mission and wandered around in the shadows of the world eventually Making his way back to Enca to find that
    there was nothing left for him so he travelled around for 12 months killing out of habit until he ended
    up on the doorstep of Eisenwald.

    When he turned 15 Chēn obliterated Eisenwald after hearing word that they were going to sell him out
    to Tartaros. in a bloody battle with Tornarssuk Chēn ingested his own acid accidentally causing a massive outward explosion of magical energy. after recovering from exhaustion Chēn burned the Eisenwald
    Mark off of his neck and decided against ever joining a guild again vowing never to get close to
    anyone anymore in fear of betrayal.

    6 months after the incident of Eisenwald Chēn was on the run from Tartaros when he eventually
    escaped there detection he travelled into the icy mountains where he found Akashi and Noroi
    bleeding from their mouths so he carried them to a nearby Hospital and continued on his way but after
    2 months Akashi and Noroi tracked him down and a lengthy fight ensued. after an 3 hours with no
    sign of victory Chēn gave up and explained everything to them. Eventually deciding that it was a bad
    idea to keep running around he eventually settled down on the border of Fiore and Seven

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