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Humans are scary people.  I have all my friends with me at all times; these beloved ones who can't feel, just like me...

Name: Faith Solis

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Species: Wandering Soul

Appearance: Faith's skin is a bit paler than the skin of a normal person.  Her hair is short and blonde, with a red hairband on it, and also has dark magenta eyes.  She wears a blue dress with various white frills and a red ribbon tied around her waist.

Personality: Faith is cautious and wary about everyone.  She doesn't completely trust anyone excluding her precious dolls.  Because of this, she likes to investigate situations thoroughly before making decisions.  If she isn't able to, she goes for the decision that either gets her away from everyone or whatever decision she believes benefits her, all while being wary about the individuals involved.  She can be a kind person, but it's very hard to gain her trust to begin with.  Though while untrusting, she prefers to stay cold with little emotion.

When it comes to her dolls, she treats them as the sweetest things in the universe.  She is a crafted woodworker, though she prefers to make dolls of her choosing, and will tend to the little ones like children.  In return, the dolls respect her and carry out tasks for her.

Weapons & Equipment:

Black Grimoire: A black book containing instructions for various spells.  Strong magical energy flows from within it.  The pages within are blank for everyone excluding Faith, though those with some sort of special arcane vision can see it as well.

Shanghai/Hourai Dolls: Warrior dolls crafted by Faith herself.  Both have long, blonde hair and a red ribbon on their head, with Shanghais wearing a black dress and Hourais wearing a red dress.  These dolls are made of a special spirit wood that isn't flammable, meaning that the dolls can still be hit by fire, but they will not be set on fire from the attack.  This wood also means they do not break as easily as normal wood; they cannot be slashed in two with ease, and require a good amount of force to be smashed to pieces.  These dolls can also fly using little wings - the Shanghai fast while the Hourai slowly.  The Shanghai dolls use various forms of knives and swords, while the Hourai dolls use their own grimoires to cast Soul Blast (see Abilities).  The dolls can also communicate with each other in their own language: they can only say the syllables of their names.

Carving Knife: An ordinary knife used for carving wood could also be used as a weapon if needed


Note: Faith is a materialized spirit, meaning she feels other objects and other objects can still touch her.  However, she does not actually breathe, and she does not need to eat, sleep, or drink though she is able to.

Doll Link: Faith is able to create a life force in any doll, turning it into its own living being that follows her commands.  The dolls have their own free will still, but their preference is to follow Faith.  The dolls' stamina is linked to Faith's stamina: The more fatigued she gets, the more fatigued the dolls get.  If Faith is knocked out or killed, the dolls stop moving.  However, this doesn't work the other way around; Faith does not tire if the dolls take hits.

Doll Gigas: Faith can manipulate mana into one of her Shanghai dolls, transforming it into a Darkside-sized doll with two blades.  These dolls move slightly slower than an average fighter.  However, these dolls do have their own stamina and can be defeated without having to defeat Faith.  Only one Doll Gigas can be out at a time.

Soul Blast: Faith and the Hourai dolls can cast a non-elemental sphere the size of their grimoires as an attack.  These spheres are moderate-fast.  Faith's inflict Nothingness-attribute damage, while the Hourai dolls' spheres inflict non-elemental damage.

Doll Call: Faith can create a rainbow light around her that not only very slowly regenerates her stamina, but calls her dolls to the spot.  Doll Gigas' cannot restore their stamina here, and her physical wounds do not heal from the light.

Doll Switch: Faith can have the Shanghai dolls switch places with Hourai dolls via teleportation.  There must be a Shanghai Doll and a Hourai doll currently out to use this.  The teleportation is instant.

Astral Shift: Faith can teleport by shifting into a plane of existence where souls wander, then immediately appearing at the place Faith wanted to be.  This is instant; she cannot wander around the other plane of existence.  Does not work in the Underworld due to already being a place where souls wander.  All dolls come with her for long-distance travel.

Dollhouse: Faith's own personal space pocket that only dolls can live in.  The portals are small, invisible portals that only things the size of her dolls can go through.  She can use this ability to call the dolls, making them seem like they came out of nowhere.

History: Faith was a kind performer from La Cite Des Cloches.  She always entertained various crowds using her dolls for various plays or other such events.  She didn't try to make enemies, but sometimes it was unavoidable.  She lived a nice life all the way up to her sixteenth birthday - the day she had died.  Yes, Faith had been asked on her birthday to do a performance at a cottage outside of town, and she gladly accepted - more fun for herself and her dolls she worked so hard to carve.  And that was her mistake.

She happily came to the cottage with a small cart of her dolls and other performance tools in it.  She arrived at the cottage and knocked on the door.  The door opened, but no one was inside.  It was dark, too.  The puppeteer reluctantly went in, where the door shut behind her - it was a trap.  People who wanted to use her for her body.  Something about being succulent and sexy.  She didn't hear it, though.  She was raped and then immediately killed afterwards due to a distrust about keeping it a secret.

Faith awoke in the Underworld, where she lived in fear after much thought of one thing: people were terrifying.  She only trusted the other spirits around her, but eventually she tired of the Underworld: she missed her home.  And that's when she stumbled upon her Grimoire.  Faith could feel the magical energy within the book, and knew it was exactly what she needed to be among the living.  No...she needed it to defend herself from the living.  She grasped the Grimoire, which reacted to her and had its magic flow inside of her, choosing Faith as its owner.  It hurt for awhile, but Faith got over it quickly: she had become a magician.

The girl quickly sprung into action.  She managed to use her magic to escape the Underworld.  However, she had become half-alive in the process: she could still be killed, and if she was, then she couldn't use her own magic to bring herself back.  It was a risk she took, however.  Next Faith crafted more dolls and poured mana into them to give them life and special abilities so they could defend Faith.  But then...she wasn't quite sure.  She wasn't sure if she was happy or not if she was alive.  She just...didn't feel anything, really.  Faith thought she did, but she wasn't sure if they were real or not.

So the spirit did what she could and wandered, wary of the world around her.


Level: 2
Strength: 2
Constitution: 5 (+1 to non-magic-enhanced physical attacks)
Magic: 10
M. Defense: 7 (-1 to long/mid range magic spells)
Dexterity: 4
Speed: 6
Stamina: 8

Shanghai Dolls:
Level: 1
Strength: 8
Constitution: 6
Magic: 1
M. Defense: 4
Dexterity: 7
Speed: 9
Stamina: 7

Hourai Dolls:
Level: 2
Strength: 3
Constitution: 4
Magic: 9
M. Defense: 9
Dexterity: 5
Speed: 4
Stamina: 8

Doll Outfits and Alternatives:
Faith can make customized dolls that work slightly differently, yet still similar to, her Shanghai and Hourai dolls.  Listed here.

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