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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Gender: Female


Appearence: Anabelle is 5'9 with straight, pure-hair reaching down to her waist. She is generally seen wearing a pure white dress with gold trim and many layers. She wears 'cuffies' (arm sleeves) that is decorated in a gold and ruby design. Annabelle has a golden-ruby necklace and a white-ribboned chocker around her neck, also with a golden trim. She wears white, fish-nets on her legs and pure white wedge-booties with a, guess what, white ribbon with gold trim around the ankle area. Annabelle has eyes that change colors, depending on mood.

Personality: Annabelle is quiet. Very quiet. In fact, she hardly speaks to most people, except to make the occasional sarcastic comment. She's even a bit sadistic at times, though only those who spent extended periods of time in her awe-inspiring presence (as she would refer to it) could tell.

History: Amnesia, what else?

Abilities & Weapons


Hour of Need: Annabelle can heal herself or her allies while in battle. Annabelle MUST be able to touch the fingertips of the one that needs healing. The spell is of moderate strength at first, but improves as Annabelle gains for experience in the field.

I'll Stop the World: Annabelle has the ability to freeze time. Covers a select area and can be dodged if a foe is fast enough. This spell can last only so long as she focuses on it.


Issmhi: (primary weapon) A well-balanced Katana,  which Annabelle has completely mastered. The hilt has a chain dangling from it with a blue rose on the end. It has a silver sheath with the Japanese engraving: "Life." "Prosper" and "Death"

Pistol: (secondary weapon) While Annabelle prefers to wield her Katana, she does carry this pistol in case of emergencies. Preferential or not though, she's an amazing shot.

STR: 5
M. Aff.:5 (+2 Fire)
M. Res.: 7 (-2 Water)
STA: 5


Pyromaniac: Annabelle likes fire. That's pretty much it. (M.Aff. +2 Fire) (M.Res. -2 Water)

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"Life, Prosper, and Death".

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Form Name: Anni

Duration: 15 Posts
Rest: 5 Posts

O.O :twisted:  :lol:  O.O  :twisted:  :lol:  O.O  :twisted:  :lol:  O.O  :twisted:  :lol:  O.O  :lol:  :P  afro  O.O  :twisted:  :lol:  :P O.O :twisted:  :lol:  O.O  :twisted:  :lol:  O.O  :twisted:  :lol:  O.O

Appearance: Anni is 2'7" tall. Looks like a basic Heartless except for the fact that is has wings . . with  holes from fire . . and that is what allows it to have fire abilities.

Personality: You never know what this Heartless is going to do next. One minute it could be hugging your leg profusely, the next it could be ripping your eyes out without a care. Beware!

Abilities & Weapons


Fireball: You know when you are about be engulfed in flames when you see Anni twiddle her thumbs.
Lava Rock Burst: To activate power, Anni uses her wings to twirl around to wind speeds up to 15 mph.. Heated Lava Rocks float around Anni's head; when released, all you hear is a *ding*.

"Life, Prosper, and Death".

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