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Name; Key Auranti/Firaz

Age: ??? (appears 20)

Appearance: A normal looking young man. His average looks and average demeanor could instantly pass him off as a common plebeian. The kind of person you see passing by a street and is forgotten in next 20 seconds. He is however, sharply dressed at most times, with well kept black hair, and have dark eyes.

Sex: Male

Species: Human / Mysterious hybrid

Personality: Laid back, and a little slow minded, he is often mistaken as being overly calm and cool, even in life-threatening situation. Apart from his stoic appearance, there really is nothing else spectacular about this person. He might fade into the background if he stayed silent long enough, and that tends to happen on few funny occasions.

He is knowledgeable in basics of many fields, such as economics, science, medicine and gardening. He received informal training in combat and survival skills, enough that would make him survive in Dwarf Woodlands.  

Key was until one and a half year ago been living alone in Dwarf Woodlands since he could remember. Staying in a small cottage next to trading route, he grows thorn berries and shrubberies, cutting firewood, and selling them to passing merchants. He could not remember much of his past nor his parents. A wizard came to him one day, trading him books for his shrubberies. When learned that Key could not read, the wizard offered to help. Key had found a teacher, and mentor. A year since, the wizard decided to adopt Key as family, which Key agreed without fully understanding what it means, as to him he had never a father or mother. His new family was soon joined with a younger step sister, and step brother, both of whom were orphans.

His past-time is things related to books (reading, collecting, burning, etc.) and gardening. His current motivation in life is to go out and see the world.

Bookworm: He is knowledgeable in many aspects, but that doesn't necessarily translate well in practice.
Woodland Training: Key is equipped in scavenging and hunting. He is also experienced in facing dangerous situations, and have good skills in hiding, stalking, and climbing.
Ageless: An unknown trait he didn't knew he had until he met his stepfather. Key has mysteriously slow growth (and slow brain as well), giving his real age and appearance not in match when compared to normal human beings. Other than that, he is similar in every way to a common man.
Healing Rain: A magical ability, where Key is able to slowly heal every living thing within 3 meters adjacent to him. The healing works through increased regeneration. Key must remain stationary, and the severity of wound and number of people will increase the amount of stamina it uses up.

Stark Sword: A straight broadsword, gun-metal grey, with decent amount of sharpness. Moderately heavy, but very strong. Crafted by his step father.
Shrubber's Shield: Looks like someone had put it together in a hurry. Consists of elderwood planks held together with crisscrossing vines and considerable amount of green shrubbery. Surprisingly it blocks attacks pretty well. Have magical attributes.

Road Less Taken: A book that contains some facts about the various worlds, map pictures, and questionable guides to travelling. It also has free pages that Key uses to keep a short journal, and important to remember spells. Grants user basic familiarity of different worlds.
Traveller's Cloak: A cloak passed down from his step father. It has a magical heat resistance attribute that also keep the user warm in cold wind or rain. Its also large enough to unfold into a makeshift parachute.

Supplementary Battle System:
Strength || 6
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 6 (+4 Cure, Nature) (-4 Fire, Wind)
M. Resistance || 6
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 6
Stamina || 6

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