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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Ace Kageki
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Character Info


Level: 4

Strength || 4 (+3 azzinoth blades, -3 using normal blades)
Constitution || 6 (-1 keyblade)
Magic || 6 (+3 Darkness, -1 other magic)
Magical Resistance || 5 (-1 light)
Speed || 8 (+2 reflexes, -2 distances)
Dexterity || 7 (+1 agility, -1 accuracy)
Stamina || 8

Age: 90

Height: 6'4

Weight: 189

Class: Speedster Mage

Species: Elf/Fiend


... It was only thirty years ago, when a creature stirred trouble in his own dimension. He was called Azzinoth, a once legendary elf, he did many good things. But only when he was driven to madness by the dark did he do "great things." It all started when he took up demon hunting, a skill set only to the most elite of elves... However once he began learning to fight blindfolded,  he saw darkness and fiends clearer, he began going far indepth with his job. Brutally murdering demons and monsters, before finally intaking their darkness and using it to his own disposal. After that Azzinoth, began to learn the language of these creatures and befriended some. The young demonhunter had a new sense of purpose, why not combine these two great races?! if he could do it; his people could surely take it in aswell! Thus Azzinoth became the King of Demons, and his first target "elves" he wanted to shape them into what he was. He succeeded but not all the elves looked at him as brother anymore. It led to him turning against all he first believed in; the good elves began to refer to him as "The World Breaker" he destroyed vast amounts of worlds until finally a hero stood against him and sealed his soul in a different dimension. This hero did not defeat the monster without first sacrificing his life. After this he began to grow a huge distaste for anything that wasn't himself, he became a supremacist for both the elves, fiends, and what he called, "things like me."

Thirty years later he surfaced in a small town and challenged a young teenager, when this teenager refused his battle, he wiped the town into oblivion. He would've finished but his powers were weakened from his burst of raw darkness that allowed his escape into this dimension. He is currently resting on a world, but his powers are ready to be used once again. He is really to break humanity, and any other creature that challenge his blades...

Upon contact with meeting truly challengable threats; Azzinoth has decided he will recreate the glory of his kind. This is his new goal, his new challenge for the worlds.

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Ace Kageki
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Twin Blades of Azzinoth: Legendary reavers, that radiate with pulsing and electrifying green energy. Darkness in its rawest form; the blades was blessed and cursed by an elves and demons, it's powers are fine tuned with power. If killed Azznoths blades will synch with his opponent, and therefore betray him for the stronger challenger. Another Appearance Picture.

Azzinoth's Blindfold: When wearing this blindfold, most dark power is capped. However when in use the fiend can: read power levels, have nocturnal vision, heat sensory, and can sense things 50% better increasing reflexes drastically.

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Ace Kageki
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Dark Wall Generation:
A large wall of pure evil energy forms. It is a green transparent like structure with purple energy radiating around it. The structure is equilvalent to titanium, and the size is dependent on the energy put into the spell. Larger structures that would cover vast areas are extremely stranous on user's stamina. But enough to cover a few people is easy and doesn't require much effort. Azzinoth can choose to leave these structure out it make them fade into mist at will, depending on how and what they can be used for.

Exo-Skeleton Synchronization: User can absorb creatures or user's of darkness after he's slain them giving him the ability to design spells based off them. Creatures like heartless can be summoned after he's learned how to mix their dark powers with his own. This also allows him to shift his exo-skeletal structure into monstrous ways or use it to protect from blades or damage. (Must eat a dark being every ten posts in a topic to maintain this side-effect)

Or nah..: Azzinoth can absorb magic damage, in exchange his muscles tighten and his bones weaken over time. Allowing his constitution to drop over the course of a topic. When Azzinoth eats a magic spell, his own spells power are doubled momentarily and a violet-blue aura appears over his flesh.

Azzinoth's Magestic Reaver Attack: The glowing green reavers' can cut the opponent with ought him being there! Green slashes will appear in front of the opponents while Azzinoth slashes at nothing, but when he's finished they all shoot forward and do magic damage. The longer a combo, the longer the opponent has a chance to move.

Chaotic Malevolence: A large ball of dark energy forms and I blasted off at 40 mph toward a target, but the charge time is very quick. Lasting only three seconds, the ball is roughly the size of an "Armada" (the vehicle).

Demonic Flight Patterns: In Chaoruppted form the user can shoot in directions at quick speeds, but can't control how try move in curved angles. Meaning only straight directions can be used when the wings flap.

Rage of Fiends: The user summons a small lot of tall, ripped, muscular demons. (5 in total) They are magic less except for their ability to shrug poisons off and spit acid.

World Break: Azzinoth can lift buildings with raw energy alone, this is a very powerful form of telekinetic magic that is mixed with darkness.

King of Fiends: Demons upon contact with Azzinoth, without magical protection feel a sort of loyalty too him. They feel love and compassion; as he is the Moses of their kind. He shall lead them and they shall serve under his wing.

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