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Name || Oriah ||

|| Alias || Death ||

|| Age || Nineteen ||

|| Sex || Female ||

|| Species ||Amaran ||

|| Heart || Darkness ||


|| Appearance ||
A girl with light tan skin, she stands at about 5'6" (1.7m). She dons light pink hair that reaches about mid-back, two pigtails in the back and then two in the front tied with small red bows at the ends. She has a matching pair of bright pink eyes. On an average day, she can be seen wearing a short black dress that comes down to mid-thigh and a pair of cut-off jeans. She doesn't like to wear shoes, so if she can get away without wearing them, she will.

|| Personality ||
A gentle, kind, and witty girl whose always there for her friends. A small, warm smile is usually upon her face and she loves adventure. She tends to blush when certain topics are mentioned. Underneath that guise, however, there is a cold, calculating, ruthless, merciless bitch. A pure psychotic sociopath rivaled by very few. She is the coming of death.

______    Equipment   ______


A katana made of adamant material. Until willed otherwise, the blade looks like nothing more than a hilt. When being weilded, the blade is about four feet in length. It's kept in a sheath on her back.


Knife pouch

There are about sixty knives housed with this small pouch in her thigh. However, it always looks as though there is just five within it all times. Each are about 12 inches long and are made of adamant material. Upon contact with something, or when willed, the knives are able to self-destruct.



A simple Magnum. Carries twelve heavy rounds and is strapped to her left thigh. The rounds are capable of creating large explosions when willed by Death. They are able to wedge and stick to what they impact.
2 post recharge

______    Spells    ______

No touching

Death will morph into darkness and is able to leave and travel a short distance. The more will power she puts into this, the farther she can travel. The farther she travels, the longer it takes. However, it still is extremely fast. Even short distances are not instantaneous and will usually take a second the longer the distance the more seconds it'll take. Unable to do damage in this form, the most that can be done is the equivilent of a tap.


Can you feel my heart?

Death is able to control, manipulate, and expand her darkness. She can create or change the darkness to any shape or form. She can solidify the darkness to where it can take any properties of any material in the universe and can use it to defend against magical attacks. Also can be used for spells whose base element is darkness. The speed of which she can control the darkness reflects the amount of current stamina and physical strength she has. She can manipulate darkness through mental prowess, though the extent of control is reflective of her magical ability. She can manipulate Darkness and any weapon that has her darkness within them through physical movement, and the extent of control is dependent on her strength combined with her magic affinity. She can also turn herself completely into darkness and take on the properties of darkness while doing so. If attacked physically where she is stabbed or shot, it will go right through her unless magic is imbued into the object. With this she is also able to strike elemental users when morphed with or as their element, for her body is imbued with magic.
Active upon entrance and the duration the duration of a topic.


Why are you so mean?

For all damage she deals, Death will have an increase in stamina. For all damage she takes, there will be an increase in the amount of damage she performs.
Effect negated once healed



Death's body will begin to glow a vibrant pink, a mist forming around 15 feet of her. Effects only her enemies and takes effect upon entering the mist, breathing it in, or having it touch their head. For the next four posts, their mind will be assaulted with a heavy amount of gruesome deaths and other such visuals as they hear voices constantly screaming in their ear.
Effective for 5 posts; 4 post recharge; If still present within the mist on the fifth post, it will reoccur.


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