The Blade Of Blood (Open)

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The Blade Of Blood (Open)

Post by Inus on September 19th 2014, 5:58 pm

Marcus walked out of his portal he took a look around and saw drunk pirates he look much out of place he looked around at the buildings a tavern and a few shops. He took a walk to the tavern.The residents were drinking,fighting,shopping,and singing.

"This must not be the nice part of town" Marcus said to him self. After a short walk he made it to the tavern. He opened the wood double doors. People looked at him with a ugly look he sat down down at the bar the bartender looked at him and then asked him what he wanted "I'll take a water" the bar tender quickly got him a glass of water.

"I'm telling you there is a legendary sword not far in the west in that old cave" he heard one of the people next to him say. "That cave is cursed so no one could ever get it" Another person replied. Marcus got out of his seat "I could use that sword" he thought to him self. He walked out side and looked for a cave. "Were could this be"


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