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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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|| Charity ||
Alias : Trinity Valhalla
Female | Sixteen | Human
Image References
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    > Physical Appearance
    Trinity is of an average body, weighing only 145lbs (65.8kg) and being only 5'5" (1.6m) tall. Long brown hair comes down to her waist and are held up in two pigtails, framing eyes that are ever changing due to an accident as a child. Though the color is always changing, they tend to stay a red. Her skin is a rather fair color, though she does intend to "work on her tan".
    > Outfit or Armor Description
    She wears just about anything. Though she tends to trend in the tomboy fashions, namely t-shirts and cargo pants, she also has a fleeting feminine side as well. What she wears depends greatly on the day's activities. Everyday, there can always be found a set of ribbons tied to her pigtails, a gift she received from her elder sisters.


    It's safe to say that she has a tendency to just jump on the band wagon and enjoy the ride. And it goes without saying that she is loyal to her sisters, through thick and thin. Though she does have a mind of her own, albeit easy distracted and just as easily excited.

    Trinity is very passionate about music and displays it even in the heat of battle. She enjoys spreading that love to any and all who will listen.

Combat and Ability Information
> Elements
Air | Water | Illusion
Sound | Healing | Mirage
> Weapons of Choice
Koa Harp | This hand harp, made of the illusive Koa wood, stands at 26" (66cm) tall. The warm colored wood provides a bright yet deep sound, as well as a strong and smooth voice. While she doesn't entirely like the sound of metal strings, they are more durable and don't need as much attention as nylon strings would.
> Fighting Style
She is a long-range fighter. Aiding her allies and hindering her foes as the needs arise, she sticks to the back lines as support. Should a close-combat scenario pop up, Trinity confuses the enemy with illusions and puts some distance between herself and them.
> Stat Alignment
STR | 3
CON | 6
M AFF | 7
M DEF | 7
SPD | 5
DEX | 7
STM | 7


    Ever since she was born, Trinity had been following in her sisters' footsteps, aspiring to be like them. It was this goal that always pushed her on and gave her something to reach for. Though It never seemed as though she was making progress, Trinity was never discouraged, only refortified.

    At the suggestion of her older sisters, Trinity pursued music as she was always singing or tapping a tune. This led her to discovering the harp. At the time, she was only six so a full scale harp was far too big for her. In the end, she possessed a small harp that was about half her size and began practicing daily on the instrument.

    After the disappearance of one of her sisters, Serenity, her talent shifted from leisurely to purposeful, attuning herself to venture out and assist Felicty in the search. They both understood that Serenity was troubled by her ability and believed firmly that that might have been the reason for her leaving. But it's no fun being alone.

Political Information

    > Alignment
    Neutral Good
    > Relationships
    Relationships List:

    Felicity, (a.k.a. Tsumiko Shikami ): One of Charity's older sisters. She's been the source of encouragement and optimism in her life, and a constant companion.
    Serenity (a.k.a. Karahito Shikami): One of Charity's older sisters. She has always been like a second mother to her, keeping her out f trouble and scolding her when she gets in it.

Roleplay Lists - - -

    Threads List:


In this universe, there is still much to be understood. There is still much to be found, explored, challenged and overcome. There are still secrets and stories and events that hide themselves in the shadows of history. But there is without a doubt some things better left unknown, left unsaid, and left forgotten.

Level I: 0/0EXP
Level II: 10,046/15,000EXP
Level III: 0/40,000EXP
Level IV: 0/75,000EXP
Level V: 0/120,000EXP

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