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Name: Alexander Edamows

Age: ??? (Inter-universal time dilation has changed his age).

Appearance: A physically fit male, Alexander's body is refined and tough. There is not excess muscle or fat, but enough tone to his svelte appearance to denote his intensive training. Alexander's skin is very pale, and his eyes a neon blue. His hair is down to his ear lobes but often spiked up. Alexander is about stands at roughly six-foot one inch, lending itself to his fairly intimidating appearance. His face is sleek and serious, his chin lightly sharp and his nose pointed. His brow is pronounced but not distracting, adding to his newly acquired callous nature.

Sex: Male

Species: Dissident

Personality: A serious, cold and calculating individual, Alexander is extremely disillusioned with the way the world is. Once a warm and kind king to refugees and visitors who only visited wrath upon his foes and in defense of what he loved, he has sense devolved into a cruel despot consumed with his own power and superiority. Alexander has become absolutely ruthless, though his no-nonsense method of doing things doesn't compromise his general values.

While no longer a straight pacifist, he still views violence as an unseemly thing fit only for dregs. He is a natural diplomat and manipulator, preferring to let others do the fighting while he does the talking. If talks fail, watch out. Alexander is deadly enough on his own, but in dire straights he calls upon his Elites and sends them into battle, as well as summoning his Guardian into the fray.

Currently, Alexander seeks his missing power. While sleeping in the old universe, his power was sapped into his alternate counterpart. While this new Alexander is incapable of using the power to it's full potential Alexander will still recognize him as a threat.

Intelligent and Cynical, Alexander is difficult to trick or phase. He shows little emotion if any at all, suppressing his feelings and reveling in the thrill of combat when it does arise. As a Dissident, Alexander is a warrior by nature and prone to bouts of extreme violence when frustrated or angered, either inflicting wounds upon himself or causing damage to his surroundings.

Alexander's fighting style is largely lethargic, displaying more defensive tendencies in direct relation to how he approaches combat as a whole. He lets his natural abilities do the work most of the time, preventing foes from getting close enough to do damage, or damaging them if they attempt to foolishly breach his defensive perimeter with brutal counter-strikes and high-damage short range attacks. He is a master at most styles of sword play, enabling him to counter and defend with ease.

When the chips are down, Alexander uses his full power. Taking his defensive and counter abilities into a perversion of themselves he creates constructs and barriers to trap foes within his reach, sending a flurry of blades and magic at them. He strips away weapons and armor while shredding flesh, utilizing his unique style of weapon-play to overwhelm his enemies and leave them utterly helpless before his relentless assault. At range, he only has the ability to defend.

His favorite thing to do is provoke foes while engaging them in combat. The angrier or more emotionally distressed they become, the stronger Alexander gets and the more his stamina lasts, if not is outright restored. Only calm hearts can truly stand a chance against this foe and he is aware of this fact.

Ultimately, all of this adds up to Alexander being a Death Seeker. Having lost everything he cares about and ascending to essentially (in his mind) God Hood, Alexander is a walking contradiction. Alexander was meant to kill gods, not become one. He hardly fights at full strength until called, often just testing foes to see if they are worthy of being the one to drive a blade into his heart, and give him his last truly amazing battle. Being unable to take his own life, he seeks a worthy candidate for the task.

Beneath the apathy and contempt is sorrow and mercy, traits he often excuses for something unrelated such as seeing a person as interesting or useful when in reality they are neither of these things. Despite his best efforts, some where inside of his broken hearts he wants to believe that the Somebodies and other Sentient Beings are worth protecting. If he could ever discover something that truly motivated him, he might gradually shift back to his former persona of the powerful but gentle King of Dreams.

Dissident King Abilities:

  • Dissident Survivability: Alexander is able to survive horrible injuries and attacks against his person. Even if almost nothing remains of his body, Alexander can willfully reconstruct his form in a manner of hours
  • Judgement Sin Engine: Alexander devours the darker notions of others, using these to restore his stamina and grant him greater power
  • Judgement Sin Eater: Alexander can devour darkness spells, lessening their effects on his body while amplifying his power by converting it into BlackLight (Corrupt light) for use alongside his light-based spells.
  • Poison body: From flesh to spit to blood and bone, Alexander's body is toxic enough to kill most that ingest any part of him outright (read: no biting, no SEX?!?!). The same blood makes Alexander immune to most poisons as well.
  • Judgement Regeneration: Alexander's healing factor is capable of fast regeneration. He can repair deep flesh wounds in seconds, or bones and worse in moments. However, to repair significant internal damage properly he needs to remain still
  • Hard Chest: Alexander's chest is extremely hard to penetrate, crush, or otherwise destroy
  • Hard Arm: Alexander's metallic arm is capable of going up against swords and coming out victorious
  • Precious Metal Allergy: Alexander is allergic to precious metals, each one operating upon his body as though it were a different kind of poison.
  • Soulless: Alexander can sense nearby souls
  • Dee: A Dragoon Nobody that bonded with Alexander during the conflict with Red inside the Castle of Nightmares. Alexander summons Dee from his back, the massive creature appearing only as a torso while acting as Alexander's symbiotic guardian. Dee wields two spears when called, possessing double Alexander's strength. While his body is difficult to damage, his arms in particular are very durable and difficult to cut or pierce.

Foreteller of Light Abilities:

  • Lucifer: Alexander radiates light, and can dispel weaker Heartless with his aura alone. Even Boss-Tier Heartless are weakened when this aura is exerted to maximum
  • Morning Star: Alexander is capable of ripping the darkness from a person's heart
  • Light Bringer: Alexander is capable of boosting the effects of light spells cast in his presence greatly
  • Stardust: Alexander can amplify the natural strength of Light-Aligned Keybearers
  • Authority of Light: Alexander can forcefully hijack another Keybearer's Keyblade
  • Five Hearts of Light: Alexander's body contains five hearts, now molded to a single persona and will. Alexander's will power is immense, allowing him to override psychic control and even lash back against psychic attacks (Alexander, Jericho, Tarsi, Red, and the Newborn are the hearts). Alexander is enabled to wield five Keyblades at once.
  • Will of the Fallen: Alexander holds within his body tens of thousands of souls from the Keyblade Graveyard of the old universe. He can summon them to do battle in his stead, wreaking havoc with a Dead Army at his command. After all, what measure is a King without his people? The summons are reasonably strong, essentially level two in offensive statistics, but all defensive statistics are completely non-existent. They are dispelled in one, decisive blow. Glancing blows do not count. Despite being summoned from Alexander and generally following his orders, they do possess their own will and intelligence and are not controlled directly. Alexander can vaguely sense when they are fallen, but not specifics on location or direction, only relative distance to himself.

Alexander's Elemental Affinities:

  • Light: Alexander is extremely skilled with using light magic, capable of creating solid-light constructs in a moment's notice. He primarily focuses on close range defensive spells and solid constructs
  • Ice: Alexander is skilled with ice magic. He has an aura that creates a natural chill around him, and leaves frost upon objects that he touches. His metal arm is encased with frost as a result of this. He primarily focuses on close range counter-spells and immobilization tactics
  • Wind: Alexander is skilled with Wind Magic. He has an aura that creates a light breeze around him, causing the clothing he wears to move slightly. He primarily focuses on short-range knock-back spells and non-lethal stalling tactics.
  • Lightning: Alexander is skilled with Lightning Magic. He has an aura of static electricity around him that causes cling. He primarily focuses on contact spells that destroy metal and compromise the nervous system, using either his bare hands or conductive materials to achieve this end.
  • Psionics: Alexander is capable of controlling weapons and objects without his hands, even catching thrown or fired objects from mid air. He can control multiple objects at once, but the range is limited.
  • While Alexander is capable of using other elements, his niches state that he is poor with them in favor of being skilled with the five listed.

Keyblades and Keyblade Variants:

  • Lightseeker/Kingdom Key D: Alexander wields the Kingdom Key D of the old KHRPG Universe. This weapon represents Duality. This weapon deals extra damage against enemies with the element of Darkness.
  • Omega Weapon: Alexander wields the Omega Weapon of the old KHRPG Universe. This weapon represents Resolve. As long as Alexander desires to fight, he gains the ability to resist more damage.
  • See No Evil (Incomplete): Alexander wields an incomplete See No Evil Keyblade. This weapon represents Valor. It's effect is not applicable due to it's incomplete nature.
  • Dragon's Birth: Alexander wields the blood-stained Dragon's Birth Keyblade. This weapon represents Sacrifice. As Alexander takes more damage, the weapon deals more damage.
  • Bloody Rose: Alexander wields the tear-stained Bloody Rose Keyblade. This weapon represents Commitment. The longer a battle lasts, the more damage it deals.
  • Mauler: An unusual Keyblade with two ends. It is not extraordinarily special beyond this oddity.
  • Overload: A massive Keyblade with a blade ten feet long and a flat of the blade measuring a foot. It is heavy, and deals massive damage when it connects, capable of overpowering foes by virtue of sheer momentum. It is not special other than this.
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls: A Keyblade designed as a combat scythe, with extraordinary reach and deadly critical aim
  • The Crowing: A GunKeyblade that emulates a gunsword in effect. Pull the trigger and it vibrates, increasing damage during the time it does so.
  • Cervantes Duo: A pair of Keyblades that function together. One is a "pistol-sword" style weapon, just over the size of a dagger. The other is a short-sword styled Keyblade. Other than this, they are not special.

Normal Weapons

  • Gunswords: Alexander carries a pair of long, metal gunswords strapped to his back.
  • Dead Clarent: The soul eating sword on Alexander's arm eventually starved to death in his slumber. The evil presence inside is vanquished, but the ultra hard metal remains. After the supernatural presence within vanished, Alexander's natural healing factor forced the foriegn chain out. He still keeps Clarent hidden in his sleeve, and utilizing it and it's chain to attack in a unique fashion that adds an extra two feet to his sword's range at best when swinging from his chain. However, using the chain means that it can only deal momentum damage, and lacks the power to slice clean through a foe.
  • Handsome Jack: A powerful, soul-seeking gun that can only be fired once every two seconds. The high-powered energy projectile is capable of shattering bones of those it hits, and can also ricochet up to two times. He keeps this weapon in a holster on his hip.
  • Dissident Bow: Alexander wields a bow specially crafted for use by his deceased lover, given to him to carry out her will. The user merely needs to pull back the drawstring, and an energy arrow manifests.


  • Organization Cloak: As former leader of Organization XIII of the old KHRG Universe, Alexander still bears his cloak. This cloak can also be turned into Keyblade Armor if Alexander applies his will and touches his left shoulder at the same time, granting him enhanced damage resistance. Even more, Alexander can also call the cloak into a small armlet on his wrist, switching from normal clothing to one of the two forms of the cloak on the fly

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 6
Constitution || 6
(-4 versus precious metals) (+4 versus all poisons)
M. Affinity || 6
(+4 Primary Elements) (-4 Other Elements)
M. Resistance || 6
(+4 Darkness, +4 Rose/Flower) (-4 Nothingness, Metal)
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 6
Stamina || 6

Overload (+4 Strength| -2 Dexterity, -1 Speed, -1 Stamina)
Dragon's Birth (+4 Strength| -2 Constitution, -2 M. Resistance)
Omega Weapon (+3 Constitution, +3 M. Resistance| -2 Strength, -1 Dexterity, -1 Stamina, -2 M. Affinity)
Mauler (+4 Dexterity| -2 Speed, -2 Stamina)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (+ 2 Dexterity, +2 Speed| -2 Strength, -1 M. Affinity, -1 M. Resistance)
The Crowing (+4 Speed| -2 Dexterity, -2 Strength)
Cervantus Duo (+1 Speed, +1 Dexterity, +1 Stamina|-2 Constitution, -1 M. Resistance)
Bloody Rose (+4 Stamina, +2 Con, +1 M. Resistance| -2 Strength, -1 Speed, -2 Dexterity, -2 M. Affinity)

Handsome Jack (+1 Magic Affinity, +2 Dexterity| -2 Constitution, -1 M. Resistance)
Dissident Bow (+2 Dexterity, +1 M. Resistance| -2 Strength, -1 M. Affinity)
Dead Clarent (+3 Speed| -1 Constitution, -1 M. Affinity, -1 M. Resistance)
Twin Gunblades (+3 Dexterity, +1 Strength| -2 Stamina, -1 M, Affinity, -1 Constitution)
Organization XIII Keyblade Armor (+1 to all physical stats except Stamina, -1 to all non-physical stats).

The Elites
Alexander, due to Will of the Fallen, has at his call Five Ancient Keyblade Foretellers. They each represent a specific Animal, and have unique abilities (Note: All Characters are based on those from Kingdom Hearts X, fleshed out with statistics and brief personality descriptions for my use).

Anguis Mae, the Cunning Serpent
With stats determined by wielding For Whom It Tolls, Mae is a young woman who wears a blue cloak that has light-blue tassels and gold embroidering. She dons a light-blue mask in the visage of a snake. She is skilled with Water magic and is very intelligent and cunning. She is a member of Alexander's council of five, his ghostly advisers who seek to guide his Actions. At Level Five, her statistics are |STR4|CON6|MAF5|MRE5|DEX8|SPE8|STA6|

Leopardos Benjamin, the Elegant Predator
With stats determined by wielding The Crowing, Benjamin is a young boy who is skilled with fire magic and wears a white leopard mask over his face, speckled with black spots. On top of the hood of his tan robe, cat ears protrude outward. His shirt and sash are also tan, but the embroidering and bottom part of his robe are dark grey, with light-blue tassels. He is very kind and possesses a good heart. At Level Five, his statistics are |STR4|CON6|MAF6|MRE6|DEX4|SPE10|STA6|

Unicornis Dustin, the Glorious Rarity
With stats determined by wielding the Mauler, Dustin is a young man who is skilled with time magic wears a white and gold unicorn mask over his hood, also donning a very light blue sash and robe. His tassels and embroidering are gold in coloration. His mask also has a long, blue man that travels over his head and down his neck, tied in a pony tail at the end. He is very flamboyant and insightful. At Level Five, his statistics are |STR6|CON6|MAF6|MRE6|DEX10|SPE4|STA4|

Ursus Ray, the Prolific Berserker
With stats determined by wielding Overload, Ray is a young man with a broad form and is much larger than the rest of his counterparts who is skilled in using earth magic. He wears a dark-grey bear mask with ears that protrude from the hood of his tan and light-brown cloak. He wears tan cloak with golden tassels and light embroidering. He is serious and calculating. At level Five, his statistics are |STR10|CON6|MAF6|MRE6|DEX4|SPE5|STA5|

Vulpus Virginia, the Passionate Assassin
With stats determined by wielding Cervantes Duo, Virginia is a young girl skilled in using sound magic. She is seen with a white and blue Fox mask resting upon her brow, with two pointed fox ears protruding up from the hood of her pink and white robe. Her tassels are golden while her shirt and sash are light grey, while her embroidering is yellow. She is impulsive and just. At level Five, her statistics are |STR6|CON4|MAF6|MRE5|DEX7|SPE7|STA7|

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