Character sheet

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Character sheet

Post by Kirito0311 on September 14th 2014, 8:43 pm

Name: Kirito
Age: 16
Apperance: 5' 7'' black spiky hair, black eyes, wears all black
Sex: Male
Species: Nobody
Personality: usually keeps to myself but will do whats right in the end.
Abilities and Skills:

synch blade: can dual wield
levetate: able to fly without wings
Firaga: Fire magic
Chaos Transformation: a transformation where light black armor appears all over my body. Usually used as a last resort. Gains black wings and is so powerful that his weapons fused into his hands and his hands turn into claws. He must use hand to hand only. Can turn it on at will but doesn't do it usually.


Black Broadsword: a huge sword that was fused with the power of darkness.
Katana of Light: a katana fused with the power of light.
(Both can vanish and appear at will)
Midnight Coat: a black trench coat that has high defense
her ribbion: a red ribbion from his girlfriend that he saved keeps it as a good luck charm

M. Affinity:6
M. Resistance:6

History: started out as a normal teenager but got into a virtual realty game where he was stuck in. he couldnt log out so he tried to live a normal life in game. then someone attacked his love and as a result of saving her he had became a heartless but his will was so strong that he became a nobody with all of the memories.

All the world needs is me.....


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