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Name: Danny/Feign

Age: 12

Danny is 4'7" and skinny. He has long black hairthat 's covered by an extremly large cloak.  Beneath tit he wears a pair of black Slacks with a black blous and black boots.

Sex: Male

Species: Human/Negative Heart Essence

Personality: When danny isn't possesed by the negative heart essence, which is hardly ever, he's a generallly sweet child.  He's kind to everyone and deems everyone good unless proven other wise.  He's always very defensive and always protects his friends if they need it.  However, when he's been possesed by NHE he becomes a silent being known as Feign.  He becomes extremly anit social and very violent.  All that he cares about is retreiving and "Protecting" HEart essence.

Abilities and Skills:
Danny has a strong affinity for light, but when possesed he gains the affinity over heart essence.
*Fighting with heart essence causes heartless to appear as they are drawn to the energy.*

Light Spells(Danny)
Sparrow: Healing/Defense
This spell creates a barrier that surrounds Danny and the surrounding area (aproxamitly 10 meters).  Inside this sphere any wounds are healed and all are protected from any attacks that are headed in it's direction.
Moderate healing, Moderate Deflection abilities
The Barrier itself is weak against sound
If not shattered prior it lasts 2 posts after activation post and requires 4 post cool down.

Flash Bang: Element/Physical
When danny claps his hands together a blinding flash of light is created that disorients anyone who looks at it blinding them for the next post.  During this time Danny runs towards the enemy and claws the enemy four times in a succesful combo then finishes the with a knockback kick to the stomach.

Purge: Elemental / Physical
A ray of light shines around danny and five clones form from it.  These clones then serve for the next three posts to do as danny sees to be the most effective way of achieving his objective.   Lasts three posts cools down for 5
clones damage equal that of danny himself.

Go Away: Elemental
Danny Summons a ray of light from the sky to strike his enemies.   After the light as touched the ground for one post any further contact from the pillar causes several explosions
lasts 2 posts and cools for 6.
Heavy damage

White cutter: Elemental
when danny swings his weapon he can create white rings of light that fly towards his target.
Low - Moderate damage
50 meters


sorrow cannon: Elemental
Danny fires a beam of pure heart essence towards his enemy.
heavy damage
2 post cool down

heartless: Elemental
Sends out several beams of negative heart essence consecutively that explode on contact with any surface.
14 Beams
2 post cool down

Spin cycle: Elemental
Feign creates a large twister that covers a 75 meter radius.
Heavy damage
lasts 2 posts

Great dive: Elemental
A large amount of NHE spills into the ground and reappears behind Feign as a large man colored black and purple with veins that glow pink and yellow going across his chest and fading into purple and blue and black as they extend to the rest of his limbs.
Heavy damage
lasts 3 post cools down for 6
Arm reach of monster is 50 meters

Chaos flower: Elemental
Feign creates spheres of black energy that morph into blooming flowers when near am opponent.   After they bloom they release their petals and it circles the target and exploded after a few seconds.
Heavy damage
Only keep up with speed lower than sorry at 3

True NHE: Buff
Increases speed and power by two and gravely increases damage of attacks performed while I  this state.
lasts 37 posts cool down Is 10
* The cool down is this low only because I feel as though since he's the leader of the group and the founder of this specific buffing spell he should've mastered it at this point and his body should be used to the strain which would allow him to use it again after a shorter period of time then others.*
The next set of spells are only activated when Feign uses true NHE

Body buster: Physical
danny surges forward and pummel his target continuously before giving one final hard punch that sends him/her flying.

Rocket Rod: Physical/elemental
Danny jumps extremly high into the air then creates a panel to push off as he sends himself hurtling towards earth with all his strength. He sends sends a massive amount of heart essence to his fist and when he hits the ground, and possibly his target,  it sets off a huge explosion similar to a nuclear war head.

Flair Tower: Elemental
As a last resort danny erupts with NHE calling forth both heartless and nobodies alike and of every level to his location.If too close the raw NHE can cause a person to get torn to shreds by the pressure.

Bungee breaker:
A series of black strings surge forward and if one latches onto you they pull you towards Feign at an immense speed.  When within range Feign will then proceed to punch and/or kick you and this action is repeated till the string vanishes in the next post or the victim frees themselves.

Too Slow: Physical / elemental
Feign uses his immense speed to land multiple attacks on his target.   Each blow that lands causes a moderate explosion caused by NHE.

Weapons and Equipment:

Sun ring:
His weapon is a giant wring that has four handles in it located at the 12,3,6, and 9.  The edge of the ring is extremely sharp.
A reference for the wring would be soul calibur and that crazy split personality chick.

Feign: When danny is possesed by Feign he grows sharp claws that could cut through the hardest of metals, wings that are impenetrable,  and a tail that has the same lethal ability as the claws, but it reaches 10 meters in front of danny.

Armor Name: Armor Description

Ring of lozel:
this is the ring that allows danny and his underlings to use heart essence during battle.

Supplementary Battle System Example

Strength || 6
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 6
M. Resistance || 4
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 6
Stamina || 6

Using NHE takes a lot of energy and drains danny quickly.

Before he was possesed by Feign danny was a young keyblade weilder.  One point while he was trying to protect another universe he was exposed to high amounts of NHE which is the energy given off by defeated heartless.  This lead to the opening of his heart which was then corrupted partially by feign.  While in the process of possessing him Feign adopted some of Danny ' s dreams, but he twisted them.  He figured out a way to specifically gather heart essence and use it to increase his own strength.

While Danny Was Searching For HEart Essence He Ran INT Some Trouble and in the end they discovered true NHE.  Feign the. Realized that if others were to find out about it he'd be in danger because of the strong luster for power that resided in the world.  To counter this he created an organization that stood to "protect" HEart essence be using themselves as containers.  To danny it seemed to be a noble cause,  but it was really a selfish one.  To add to the ruse that Feign placed on danny he said that the group were also guardians of the door to KH and wouldn't allow anyone unworthy to pass through and corrupt it.  In actuality Feign thought that if kingdom Hearts were to open he'd be able to absorb an immense amount of HE and possibly permanently take over danny ' s body or make one of his own.

It was at this point on time that grazel became a prime target for the faction because it was told that his heart a lone can open half the gate to kingdom hearts. Since that point it has been an 3rd less struggle between the two.

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