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The Silent Wild
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<< Alora Vize >>

Female || 16 || Nobody

Space Paranoids

Alora has a very bubbly and happy personality, there is not a lot that can get her down. On first impression she is very friendly, seeing the good in everyone she meets. At times she can get a little too friendly a little too fast, resulting in her pushing people's boundaries and being annoying. With this chirpy personality she can tend to be very naive to a lot of situations. She is rather ignorant to the way the worlds are and what a heart is. It seems a lot like the only feeling she remembers is happiness making it harder to tap into other emotions.

Alora stands at 5'5'' tall with a slender figure. She has a fair complexion and her facial features are quite soft, her iris' are vibrant green. The girl has long pink hair with a few braids of green in it held together by round green beads. Her attire tends to change a lot, most of the time she is seen in her white battle suit but other than that she usually wears quite casual clothes that are easy to move around in. She is never seen without a certain headband or beanie on her head, her headband is white with a red feather on the right side as her beanie is white and resembles a cat with it's mouth open.


Alora Vize like other nobodies existed firstly as a whole human with a strong heart which ended up being taken by the heartless. The way this starts is with Alora's whole being. On October the twenty seventh Emily Vize gave birth to the baby girl Alora, daughter also to Felix Vize. It is worth mentioning that Alora's parents weren't exactly normal, the two were very dedicated and hard working researchers. They were dedicated to the point where having a child was a project rather than to make a family. Though they still loved their child it was proven that their work was more important to them than her well being. So as busy parents did, they hired a nanny to look after Alora while they were at work. The girl was definitely a bit more normal than she was going to be, with her nanny she was taught all she needed to know and got the chance to go into the township of Radiant Garden for shopping. These were perhaps some of Alora's most fond memories.

It was at the age of seven that Alora's parents had planned for her training to start, that was where she'd become their project rather than a child. Her nanny was no longer necessary and there for fired, the little girl would never see her again, something she wasn't too pleased with as she was more of a parent than the two researchers combined. Alora, for what seemed like no reason to her at all, was put into isolation. The plans her parents had made were to give her intensive training both physically and mentally. Her physical training started mostly with running on treadmills to give her the best stamina possible, it was also understood that it wasn't the best for her body to make her do intense work outs at such a young age. Through out this time of isolation the only people Alora saw were her parents, being so excited to see them she complied with nearly everything they asked her to do. In return, the girl would be given toys to play with in her own time, to which there was little.

As Alora grew older her training had become more intense, she'd undergo intense sessions of practices to increase her agility and dexterity. The point of this was so the project would have immense speeds, being able to dodge and shoot so well to the point she'd tire opponents out until she could deal critical blows, either by shooting or with the small amount of magic she had learned. Another part of her training was gaining knowledge about the grid, where to go, what to look for and what to expect. Alora's personality and behavior had changed a lot over the years however. She had become drone like, having no satisfaction in receiving toys or candy as rewards for her efforts. At this point, she knew that if she stuck to compliance she'd finally get to leave this place, to go into what was known as Space Paranoids.

Her time had come, finally, after nine years of isolation and training Alora was to be sent to Space Paranoids to fight what threat there seemed to be waiting inside there. Equipped with all the gear she'd need she was ready. Her parents had completed their project and it was time to put it to work, taken to the main computer of Radiant Garden Alora was sent in, for the first time she was finally free, even thought it was just in a digital world. Upon entrance to the grid the girl underwent the race where she'd fight off heartless in order to escape through what seemed like a mouse hole. From here on, she didn't do a thing she was trained to do other than survive. She simply wandered around, playing with programs and the way this world worked, after all, it was what she had been taught to do. This reckless attitude is what brought Alora to an end however, one day while roaming around she was targeted by the heartless, she fought quite a few off however there were just too many to outrun, in the last moments of her life, the girl remembered all her brighter days as a child, where things seemed so fine all the time, after that there was nothing, her heart had been taken.

With this strong heart taken however it seemed as though Alora had been "rebooted". Where the girl usually slept she appeared again, she had her suit, her weapons and even memory of her magic skill. Standing there, with a big smile on her face was Alora, she looked happy but was blank. She tried to think of where she had come from but there was nothing, with a dazed tone she managed to speak.. "A-l-l-orrr-a" She looked down at her suit, the mark of her parents research facility on her arm "Vize?" With that her identity came back to her but that seemed to be it. From here the nobody wandered off out into the Grid, repeating her name over and over to herself. "I'm Alora, Alora Vize."


Level 1
Strength • 2
Constitution • 2
M. Affinity • 5
M. Resistance • 5
Dexterity • 9
Speed • 9
Stamina • 10


Vize's Exoskeleton
A battle suit made of a thin woven fabric that holds the same amount of resistance as steel chain mail.The suit covers her from head to toe and is pretty skin tight. It is white with a red trimming and black forearms/gloves, while in Space Paranoids this is the only thing Alora can wear. The suit is resistant to heat, keeping the user at a cool body temperature at all times. The suit becomes reactant to the wearers thoughts and actions making its features easier to use. Through the helmet her vision can change to heat vision, night vision and a target aid. The target aid aims at moving objects or people, interconnected with Alora's thoughts it either circles them red as an enemy or green as a friend. The final feature that the suit has is rockets in the shoes allowing Alora to fly for short periods of time, the longest she can use these at a time for is one minute with speeds of up to 40mph.

Party Trick
A revolver gun that holds six bullets in each round, once the round is finished it must be refilled manually, however bullets are held in rounds of six to save time reloading. The gun has a far range for a gun of it's size, because of this the recoil on it is quite big making firing shots quickly after another harder to aim with each shot. As a small party trick, when the safety is on, if the trigger is pulled it squirts out water.

Savage Pistol
A semi-automatic pistol that holds seven bullets per round. The pistol is equipped with a blade attached to it for close combat use. This gun is more designed for a medium range giving it less power but little recoil, because of this it allows for short bursts of fire. When the clip is empty Alora has the option to use magic to reload a round with bullets made up of fire or ice magic.


Ice Spike
An ice spike forms in front of Alora or from her hand and projects forward at about sixty miles per hour. The spike/s vary in sizes and shape but stick to roughly around a foot in length and six inches in width. Once the spike hits a target or something it will stay there for a second dealing a small amount of frost damage before disappearing. The spike is able to withstand the heat of natural fire enough for it to only melt a little, however fire magic is very effective in stopping or destroying it.

Ignition Orb
A red orb that is six inches in diameter forms out of the Alora's palm. From here the orb can be projected forward at about forty miles per hour travelling in a straight line. As soon as the orb touches something it gives a small explosion of fire magic capable of giving small to medium amounts of damage along with harsh burns.

Crystal Shield
Through earth magic a barrier of translucent white crystal forms close to Alora anywhere around her in whatever shape she chooses. The barrier is used to shield Alora from physical or magic attacks. When an offensive spell hits the barrier it reflects in a random direction due to the random and rigid shape of the crystal. The spell is able to withstand all types of magic that have a small to medium effectiveness.

Zephyr's Aid
A wind spell that is used to help with Alora's movement whether she is on the ground or mid-air. The spell creates a breeze strong enough to move Alora in the direction she chooses with more speed than usual. A pro to this spell is she can use it in mid-air to move about better.

Liquid Healing
With this Alora is able to heal wounds rapidly whether her own or someone else's. To do this however the wound must be soaked in natural, clean and fresh water. Alora must also be touching the water with her hands in order for the healing to work. The effectiveness of this is around medium meaning she cannot heal fatal wounds or bring someone back from the brink of death.

Heat Seeker
A spell conducted using the elements metal and fire. A foot long arrow made completely of metal forms and is projected forward at about thirty miles per hour and doesn't stop til it hits something. Two seconds after it pierces something it gives a small explosion dealing minor burns. The arrow follows the heat signature of the first target for it to be aimed at. However it is not completely accurate. It can be diverted by leading it into another heat signature that it will follow. Another way to stop it is simply lead it into a wall or something as it can't make sudden turns.

Thunder Blast
As Alora's strongest spell she must charge the spell for ten seconds before releasing it. Once she releases the blast it emits a large white beam the size of her that shoots forward at sixty miles per hour for about five seconds. While shooting the beam she is able to move around, changing where the beam shoots at. The beam's range is fifty meters. Around the beam blue thunder bolts move around it fueling it with lightning magic. The blast deals medium to severe damage and leaves small remnants of shock magic around anything it hits. This spell is usually used as a last resort as it takes up a lot of Alora's stamina, it also has a strict ten post cool down.


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