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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name: Grazel Menos

Age: 19

Long black hair straight like it's been wet.  Orange/Red high collar jacket that has a short sleeve on his left arm and long sleeve on his right.  Large black belt hanging off his waist laced into his jacket.  Large grey sweat pants that are tucked into his orange and black high top shoes.  Glowing yellow eyes only his left eye is showing the other is covered by his hair.
(Actual image will be uploaded on a later date)

Sex: Male

Species: Heartless

Personality: He's not a shy person once you get to know him, but you have to get to know him.  When he's around people he automatically creates a wall between him and that person.  He shows no emotion unless he uterly has to, or feels as though it's neccessary.  His voice is almost always calm unless you talk about something he cares about dearly.  Once he gets to know you it'll be noticed that he's actually very clumsy.  He's also extremely talkitive and if he thinks it's safe he'll express how he feels often if it's just him and the peron(s) alone.

Abilities and Skills:
Grazel has the general ability to bend the space around him to both attack and defend himself.  This ability is the manifestation of the "Wall" that he has a tendency to create between him and others.

Spell Type:Elemental Offensive
When Grazel swings his hand or weapon across his body he can create a multitued of wildly spinning space that hurtles itself towards his target shredding anything in it's path.  This attack is meant to hit and push back the enemy as well as cause several wounds all in one move.
4 funnels can be summoned at one time
Can be used once every 3 posts
Heavy damage

Sky Dancer Passive/aggressive:
Spell type: Physical
The space around Grazel pushes outwards, but latches onto him allowing him to move at faster speeds and jump higher than normal.
When used against an enemy Grazel surges forward and lowers himself under the enemy in the squatting position.  He then lunges upwards and spins with his weapon.  At the end he sends himself forward and puts his elbow into the enemies stomach.

Graze cutter:
Spell type: Elementel
When Grazel swings his weapon a large burst of wildly spinning space in the form of a crescent moon surges towards the target.
can be used for 5 consecutive swings
lasts up to 35 meters then vanishes
Moderate damage

Graze Buster:
Spell type: Physical/elemental/buff
A silver aura encases Grazel and his speed increases.  He also gains the ability to fly temporarily while using this ability.  His weapon swirls with immensly wild space and gains the damaging powers of his normal ability.
The silver aura that is encasing Grazel is manipulated space.
lasts for 5 posts then cool down for 4
moderate to high damage

The Wall:
Spell type: Elemental/Deffensive
Grazel creates a sphere around him to protect against any oncoming attacks.
blocks up to 5 Mid-level element spells, 2 high level element spells
it deflects up to three high level physical attacks
If untouched it lasts up to 4 posts

Weapons and Equipment:

braga is the name of the heartless guardian that hangs on his shadow.  Braga is much larger than the average shadow and also wears a wizard hat that separates him from the rest.  He has the ability to morph into a copy of whoever grazel is fighting and also mimic the moves he's watched him use up to that point.  He can also copy grazel and mimic all the moves he's seen grazel done over the years.

Haristad is a pair of silver and black fans half the size of grazel.  On the end of them are large daggers that retract when closed.  This weapon has the unique ability of sending waves of black daggers towards the target.   This ability is known as rain of wanting.  The black daggers are made of pure darkness and reach up to 75 meters.  They do minor damage which is why multiple daggers are created and sent flying at once.  Fifteen are shot in one wave and 5 waves are shot out in sequence.  The waves are activated when Grazel swings haristed across his body in any direction, but the daggers themselves only fly in the forward direction.

Debbie: this is another heartless that floats around Grazel and is his only form of armor besides his clothes made from dark energy.  Debbie is wrapped in purple cloth and floats around in a little wizard hat.  She has the ability to heal grazel as well as protect him.  She can only protect him from projectile magic by eating it and in turn storing it for her magic use later.
moderate to high level of healing
using her own power she can heal deep cuts and internal bleeding

Deborah is the name of a vial of heart essence grazel uses to summon an immense amount of heartless. These heartless range from all over the universe.

Supplementary Battle System Example

Strength || 6
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 6
M. Resistance || 6
Dexterity || 8
Speed || 7
Stamina || 5


Long Strider (+2) || Thin (-2)
Despite being a great runner accelerating quickly if he desires, his stamina drains more quickly from this activity more so than his other talents.

Range(+2) || Accuracy (-2)
Grazel has horrible accuracy, but the range of his attacks in terms of size somewhat make up for it.

History: A heart appeared in the darkness.....a small heart that shunned like a candle.  Just as one was about to reach the heart it was died a purple and blackish color and began to grow.  This heart grew to be grazel.   When he was a small heartless child all he remembered was the darkness and the sound of something tearing through it.  This tearing sound would later be noticed as his powers be for he knew how to control them.

When Grazel finally escaped the darkness he found himself wondering in the streets of a town he knew nothing about.  At the edge of the town was a large castle and around it was ruins and waste land.  In this waste land is where grazel fought heartless of all sizes and learned how to manipulate his powers and also to fight.  As he advanced onward he gained Deborah and learned how to fight with them.   Once he received Deborah his opponents changed into much stronger heartless and even nobodies at times.

While traveling and fighting he made a friend. At this time he had no idea what he was so the girl explaned what he was and what he was fighting. Though the girl gave the scariest explanation you could give on these nightmarish things she still stayed by grazel making him believe she thought of him as a friend. This was the first person who didn't run from him at first sight. They traveled for some time, but during one of their journeys they were attacked by a large mass of heartless. They survived ,but that night it was found out that one of the heartless poisned his companion.

Her last dying wish was to stay with Grazel so that he knew he wasn't alone. As her body morphed into a mass of darkness her heart floated upwards and pushed itself into Grazel. A warmth fell over him and grazel looked at his chest for a minute to try and figure out what just happened. When he looked back up two heartless were sitting in front of him, looking at him as if watching his moves. He jumped back and was about to attack when he was washed by this feeling of....warmth like when the heart fell into his chest. The heartless just stood there and the larger one tilted it's head playfully.

All he wants now is to know his existence in the world and also find a way to bring back his first friend.   He knows he's a heartless but he doesn't know why.  He's heard rumors that he can find out all he wants to know if he goes to kingdom hearts, but he's yet to be lucky enough to find it.

I will put pictures in once I've drawn them.

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