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"Don't Give Up" Support and death

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"Don't Give Up" Support and death Empty "Don't Give Up" Support and death

Post by Arae Kanay on September 7th 2014, 7:40 pm

One thing I think should be expanded on is the support character that shows up in a pinch such as KH2 where if you lose to a boss or something like that King Mickey shows up beats the snot out of the boss for a second then revives you.

I feel like we should add that in to cover the "PERMA DEATH FEEEARRRR" because apparently working hard to kill someone isn't fair to the person who died.

Say sorry to Charles Manson you hippies.

Anywho there should be some sorta death that is actually meaningful where you and your friends have to actually work with to bring them back to life. Again as I stated before leaving the scar to what killed you on top of having to have you being the soul fighting / dealing your way back to your friends who have your body.

If your body is no longer there because its ash or something. Then have something to where you play as a heartless form of yourself (if your heart was taken) and fight your nobody or the other way around depending on how you want your heart element to change (your heartless form wins it becomes darkness and your nobody form wins it stays the same if you are already darkness hearted then it changes if your nobody form wins)

You lot can make a Death NPC or Name him Thanos or whatever incarnation of death you want to use. Have him chilling out in the underworld or have the battlegrounds in Kingdom Hearts itself.

But the support in a pinch characters show up ONCE a fight and bring you back about for a LIMITED AMOUNT OF STAMINA/HEALTH/WHATEVER WE USE to either run or finish the fight. If you lose after that well GG NO RE til you RP your resurrection (or ressurerection in some cases).

but again its a rough idea you lot can debate / clear up opinions and other things are nice to have as well. Its just an extra character that isn't fighting all the time just shows up to help so of course it should be a bit more skilled than you are now but isn't allowed to grow so it has set skills and such of course having a Healing skill is a must each level of it takes a certain number of post to fully heal up but that person can also be shitted on and it takes a post to heal so in the middle of being beaten down you can pop off a heal automatically and show up to shit on people

Ex. Fight post A
Fight post B
A loses
B gloats
A support shows up charging heal starts
B Reacts
A support is able to heal if not attack or interrupted
B Reacts (No interruption)
A Revives and support leaves
B Reacts
A fights
B fights

Fight post A
Fight post B
A loses
B gloats
A support shows up charging heal starts
B Reacts (interrupts charging heal
A support fights
B Reacts
A support charges heal more
B reacts

Something along those lines to where it is fair enough to where the support can heal the "main" character.
Arae Kanay
Arae Kanay

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"Don't Give Up" Support and death Empty Re: "Don't Give Up" Support and death

Post by Etzolix on September 7th 2014, 10:21 pm

Yima wrote:To me character death in particular is something that holds weight if the realm it exists in makes it hold weight.  If we as a community want it to hold weight then we would act and write in such a way as to communicate that.  If we rely on a rule stating that we need to respect it my feeling is that the rule itself would exemplify OOC as opposed to the IC environment focus we have now. I believe it should have importance being as so much of Kingdom Hearts is based on life, the afterlife, and what you do in between birth onto death in its many many forms); also including the shattered aspects nobodies, heartless, etc.  

If people decide to not take it seriously then it won't be, if people play with abilities that act in absolutes and or play as gods then that will produce more of itself as it becomes more accepted in the case it were not stopped, and if we want it to be taken seriously then we as a community have to take it seriously together.  My thoughts on that specific issue.

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"Don't Give Up" Support and death Empty Re: "Don't Give Up" Support and death

Post by XXX on September 8th 2014, 12:57 am

we did things like this before were people went way out of their way to bring people back from the dead. And then there were those other guys who just jumped right up after being impaled. Then you had other people who just oneshotted people without ANY grounds to do so.

i feel like people should not die unless there is either consent to such an event or it is ruled that an individual dies by a responsible, unbiased, and reliable source...

I do believe that if one works hard to kill someone else, that the individual should also put as much effort into returning.

I agree with this idea however.

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"Don't Give Up" Support and death Empty Re: "Don't Give Up" Support and death

Post by Sponsored content

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