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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Alexander Carvardukaras
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Name: Krazr Lade

Age: 21

Appearance: Six feet of sexy and six inches of red, spiky hair, Krazr Lade has a name so intrusively cool you feel like clenching the moment it rolls off of your tongue or slips into your ear-places. A hot bod that ripples with muscles all over his svelte form, Krazr Lade is literally too cool for school. He also hates shirts. Shirts are the enemy, and they make his nipples chaff. His legs are long and slender, his jawline sharp and fierce. His skin is as tan as cured leather, and as soft as a baby's buttox. His hands are strong and yet his grip is gentle. He is clean and well manicured, keeping a shaven face as well as his bits, and the rest of his body waxed. NOT EVEN A SINGLE ACNE SCAR DOTS HIS BODACIOUS BOD, OH MY GOD SO PERF.

Sex: All the Time, Thanks for Inquiring

Species: Human

Personality: Krazr Lade! A cool guy beyond reason, to the point that it can be extremely annoying. He is grossly over confident in his abilities, and stubborn to the point of refusing to run away from even the most obvious traps and threats. Despite that, he has charisma about him, boundless confidence that inspires those who do not. Krazr Lade refuses to take many trespasses lightly, and challenges authority figures often simply for the sake of doing so. He loves to prove his own points, and in general tries to encourage those around him to live up to their awesome potential.

This isn't to say that he is purely an ignorant muscle head. Quite the contrary, Krazr is quite insecure and puts up a strong front for those around him, trying to inspire them to follow his false example. When he alone, he is introspective and often thinks, and despite the rash actions he takes almost always has a plan... even if it is only, "win", with few details worked out. He is excellent at planning on the fly in particular, often playing speedchess with the happenings of a battle field.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Battle Sense: Krazr is able to sense the area around him, and interact with it in unique and meaningful ways. His primary skill is the ability is the one that allows him to sense opponents and predict their moves with some level of accuracy, letting him handle multiple opponents at once. However, this ability is extremely crippled on the surface of a world, only letting him feel up to ten feet. HOWEVER when in the space between worlds, the range goes for miles.
  • Connection: Krazr is inherently connected to his Gummi Mecha, and shares a special link to it. Both he and the Mecha can sense when one another are in danger, and will respond appropriately.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Homing Watch: This watch functions as both a homing device and a Key, allowing Krazr to call his Gummi Mecha from anywhere. If somebody other than Krazr attempts to operate the unit, this watch is a requirement.
  • Small ARMs gun: a small, high-calibur hand gun that carries five bullets. Each bullet travels 3000 feet per second and is capable of shattering plated metal.
  • Broadsword Gunblade: A mighty gunblade that vibrates with enough strength to cut through metal at the metal at the pull of a trigger.

Supplementary Battle System

[Level 5]Strength || 4
[Level 5]Constitution || 4
[Level 5]M. Affinity || 4
[Level 5]M. Resistance || 4
[Level 5]Dexterity || 10
[Level 5]Speed || 8
[Level 5]Stamina || 8

History: "Do you want to go to other worlds with me?"

The child looked onward his father nervously, his bright eyes locked on the sky above. Every star a world, infinite possibilities and new destiny's every day... he bit his lip, and even though he nodded his head he still took a step back, fidgeting with his hands. His father's hand graced his head, the light of the moon creating a silhouette on his front, obscuring his feature from the little boy's view. The hand ruffled his hair for a moment and then lifted, his eyes following the fingers as they curled into a fist, and the figure turned around, cape flaring with the shadows now at his back.

A hand went up, and began to wave. "I understand. Catch ya, later, kid." The little looked on as the man walked towards something massive. It looked like a giant man, eyes glowing fiercely in the darkness...

No one believed Krazr growing up about what had happened that night. To many, his father had simply walked out on him, leaving him without family. They believed it was a delirious fantasy concocted by a sad child trying to grasp at his father's coat tails and desperately try to justify why he was alone. Krazr had a habit of making friends and being betrayed by them in dire moments, seeing their common sense to flee in the face of difficulty as betrayal. However, there was one friend that always stuck by his side, no matter what. Another, younger child who, despite being afraid always had Krazr's back.

It wasn't much later that the Heartless found their way to Krazr's home.

In the chaos Krazr and his friend fled to a cave in the depths of the world, attempting to flee the massacre. Krazr accidentally discovered a giant Gummi Mecha in the cave, falling into the damaged unit's cockpit as the heartless flooded in. He attempted to try to activate it, desperately crying for the controls to respond. The wave of shadows parted and Darkside rose from their mass, raising it's hand in the air while his friend cowered, and down it came.

Krazr when ballistic, and the robot responded.

Rocketing forth with unbelievable speed the behemoth tore itself from the rubble and seized the Darkside, it's great strength overpowering the heartless with ease. The Gummi Mecha grabbed Krazr's friend, barely alive, and burst forth from the cave trapping several heartless inside. Among the destruction, Krazr desperately tried to resuscitate hiss friend, held in the mighty machine's hand.

"Goodbye..." Krazr's friends last words still hang there years later, the only person to not abandon him dead. Krazr has taken his friend's memory no in vain but in glory, remembering the person who always had faith in him and using that to drive his actions forward. To this day, Krazr Lade has travelled across worlds with his mech, Regashi, attempting to inspire people like he once inspired his friend, and believe in them as his friend once believed in him.

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Alexander Carvardukaras
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Name: Regashi

Appearance: Standing head and shoulder above a Darkside Heartless, Regashi is a white Gummi-Mecha whose aappearance reflects that of the knights of the old english with rounded frame and flairs representative of the armor. It's arms and legs have long strips of glowing blue energy, representative of the User's fighting spirit which powers the machine. The head of the unit has a slit around the face for the visual center, which also glows blue and a horn protruding outwards from it's forehead. It's general helmet however looks more like a samrai's, two metallic arches reaching into the air above it's brow.

Primary Systems

  • Light Breaker: A canon of pure light fired from the helmet and horn, capable of bringing down most Gummi Ships and critically injuring others
  • Hosho-ken: A fist hyper-charged with light energy capable of punching right through Gummi Blocks. Can be used with either hand.
  • Legacy: Regashi can incorporate Gummi Ships and Mecha into itself to gain new abilities and improvements, even if the ship has a currently active operator. It doesn;t hijack them through science, but through fighting spirit, and in Krazr or the current pilot's stamina is greater than their foes they will be ejected into the void of space or the open air of their world while their craft becomes a part of Regashi. The useless bits will be spit out.
  • Bits: Regashi can separate it's main body into pieces and control them with Krazr's mind and input. This is the same way Krazr can issue orders to Regashi without actually being in the cockpit.
  • Forehead-mounted Laser Machine-Cannon: Mounted at the base of the helmets arches, the highly destructive lasers fired from this weapon can shred buildings.
  • Shoulder-Mounted Auxiliary Laser Rocket-Pods: Emerging from the shoulder panels, these pods release a highly-destructive barrage of twenty long-range, high-energy lasers that track their foes.
  • Vibroblades: Metal swords hidden within Regashi's arms that are both collapsible and as long as the arms themselves, held on the forearm of the unit. These are designed based on gun swords, except they vibrate continuously. They can cut through most metals and gummis, as well as stand up blade-to-blade with advanced laser swords.
  • Re-entry: Regashi is a well-constructed and durable unit, caoable of entering into an atmosphere and exiting on it's own. It is durable enough to go many fathoms under the sea as well.

Accessory Systems

  • Laser Swords: Hidden on the hip, these laser swords are the secondary offensive weapon of Regashi. They have roughly the same functionality of the Vibroblades, but instead of drawing from Regashi's reserves are instead powered by their own battery backs.
  • Laser Daggers: Same deal as the Laser swords, only smaller and hidden in the bottom of the wrists, capable of being ejected into the hands of the mecha at a moment's notice.
  • Beam Rifle: A collapsible rifle mounted on the mecha's side. It unfolds out into a large assault rifle held in both hands capable of major destruction with each shot.
  • Sub-machine Laser Gun: A collapsible sub-machine gun held on the mecha's back. It fires low-energy lasers, and is capable of moderate destruction.

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Disclaimer: Regashi is capable of flight. He is a Gummi-Ship, after all.

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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Drive Systems
A Legendary fighting robot, Regashi has several different hidden OS quirks that make it a much deadlier and more threatening opponent under specific circumstances. Each one has a specific effect on Regashi's performance, boosting it's abilities to new heights.

Modular System: The most basic version of Regashi's Drive System and the one Krazr is most familiar with. Modular System allows him and fellow Gummi-Ship pilots to Sync their fighting spirits and merge their craft into one, powerful monster with the stats of both, but increased even more. Regashi takes on the characteristics of the fused crafts (such as weapons and abilities), but during this time can not perform Hijack. After the battle ends, modular form releases an undetermined amount of time afterwards the two crafts separate. This form is an impermanent and more perfect variation of Hijack. To use the other systems with Modular System, all pilots must be in sync or complications may arise.

Burn System: An advanced version of Regashi's Drive System, Burn System allows Krazr to use his fighting spirit to increase all of Regashi's specifications a minor amount but raise it's melee potential an expressive league higher than previous as well as boosting the unit's durability. It's melee weapons seem much more powerful and it's armor much harder to penetrate but its ranged weapons are decreased in power (though not useless) as most energy is being rerouted to weapon usage. This form is only able to be triggered in a state of furious passion, the desire to defeat a challenging foe burning strong in one's chest. Regashi glows golden for the duration.

Zero-Zero System: An advanced version of Regashi's Drive System, Zero-Zero System Krazr to use his raging desire to increase Regashi's energy generation from it's thrusters and ranged weapons increasing speed, reaction time, and power behind it's energy attacks. The result is that general unit durability and physical capability decreases (though is not useless) but it's strongest weapons escalate to be on par with craft many times it's size. After using this system Regashi shuts down to recharge. Unlike the Burn System the power is expended quickly instead of merely being rerouted, forcing the unit into a state of vulnerability at the conclusion. Regashi glows red for the duration.

D_DS.exe: A hidden subroutine in Regashi's Drive System. Regashi, even in standby is constantly scanning for the presence of Heartless or other dark creatures (specifically, craft under their control). When it encounters them in combat Regashi automatically enters a lesser state that is a crippled combination of the Zero-Zero System and the Burn System. It's statistics all increase rather than any of them decrease, but not nearly to the degree of the main systems. No major visible change occurs, but the auxiliary blue lights turn aqua-green to signify this system is active. During this system, Regashi also gains a massive statistic boost versus all beings of Darkness.

Advanced Drive Systems
As Krazr gets more and more skilled at mastering his inner potential, he'll be able to use the different systems in conjunction with one another. While not discussed in depth currently the variations are

  • True Combining (Burning System and Modular System)
  • Rise Higher (Zero-Zero and Modular System)
  • Hold the Sun (Burning System and Zero-Zero System)
  • We've Got This (Modular System and D_DS.exe)
  • Paladin of Freedom (Burning System and D_DS.exe)
  • Majestic Paragon (Zero-Zero System and D_DS.exe)
  • Seize the Heavens; I Still Believe in Kirby (Modular System, Burning System, Zero-Zero System and D_DS.exe)

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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