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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Personal Information

Name: Maleficent

Age: Unknown, Presumed to be Immortal.

Race: Fairy, Corrupted.

Known Alias: Mistress of all Evil, Maleficent.


Appearance: Maleficent is an imposing individual just from the height she flaunts over everyone else. Standing over eight feet tall on average, she has a regal appearance that demands respect- from everyone. Her primary dress is one of a dark robe of gothic design, a royal purple on the inside of the robe and void consuming black on the outside. Along with this, she is seen with a tall and dark gothic headdress that is commonly mistaken for horns- it’s actually a headdress that once removed reveals long black hair equal in shade to her robe.

Despite the fact that she robes herself in black, it does not mean she’s as evil or deformed looking as one might seem. She is actually extremely beautiful in appearance, much like a fairy ought to be, despite the fact that she is a corrupted one, unlike her species. In fact, it has actually increased her natural beauty, possibly due to both her own vanity as well as the minor charm spells she keeps on her at all times. Along with these things, she is always seen with two other items. Diablo, her most faithful and trusted raven ally, as well as a brass staff, with a midnight black orb clutched in a golden claw at the tip of the staff.


Personality: From the beginning, Maleficent has always been the mixture of an evil queen and a sadistic witch. With this in mind, a few things have changed over the years with her interaction with the forces of good, as it has required her to be far more patient than she could have ever been long ago. She’s also learned to deal with problems as they arise, rather than wait because she was so close to her goals, in fact it’s also what taught her never to hold back and underestimate her opponents, even if greatly inferior to one such as herself.

She is still greatly manipulative, and is capable of both charming them with magic as well as her own words and disguised kindness. She is an individual who doesn’t care much for life, provided it can get her what she wants and has sacrificed billions of people to this end; not even caring about her own kingdom as she left her world destroyed. She is someone who would do anything, and stoop to any levels to gain entry to kingdom hearts; be it by data, or by the hearts of the princesses. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her lighter points- she’s perfectly willing to help those provided she gets something substantial out of it; and is perfectly willing to assist in taking over a world or two should the situation request it.  

Motivation: Her motivation from day one was to gain access to kingdom hearts, and that really hasn’t changed- the way she attempts to gather the power has, however. While she knows of only two ways to get Kingdom Hearts, by using the data in the journal and the princesses of heart; she is currently trying to find another way into it- although the lack of darkness in the world disturbs her greatly, and she is focusing on gathering an army as we speak. Her access to kingdom hearts is only secondary while she focuses on restoring the heartless to its former glory.


Although much is lost to history, one thing remained a solid fact among the worlds. Maleficent was the Mistress of all Evil. Although she didn’t start as she did when she had found the heartless, she was nonetheless extremely powerful. Although her legend started long before Aurora, it was with that princess of light that she had actually showed her true strength- after being approached by Xehanort and being enlisted to help him with his goals at the time with his bartering chip being the information about Kingdom Hearts and the Seven Princesses of Light. This information would be the spur for her legend, and she began to lust after the thought of controlling all the worlds. Of course, she was given strict rules of engagement, but that didn’t matter to her- all that mattered was the goal of ultimate control- to unlock Kingdom Hearts.

With this knowledge and power, she underwent the plans that Xehanort had laid out for her, and due to her absorption in her goals, hadn’t noticed that she was only being used by him.

Maleficent’s first order of business was imprisoning aurora and taking her heart. While in the beginning she was troubled with finding a way to extract it, she was soon waylaid by a keyblader- or rather three; a blessing in disguise just as much as it was a curse. The first one, Terra, had questioned her of the whereabouts of Xehanort, to which she lied to the boy and began to use him to extract the princess’s heart. While it was difficult as the boy was stubborn, she soon became successful in her goal; but found that Terra had managed to break out of her darkness. Intrigued by the boy’s ability with darkness, she offers him a spot on her side; to which she became disappointed when he refused and soon departed to her castle.

In that castle she met the second- Ventus. Greatly angered by the fact that he had managed to steal aurora’s heart back; she began an attempt to lie to ventus about his friend helping her in taking auroras heart. Annoyed by his stubbornness as well, she soon fights and is bested shortly after by the young Keyblader. Still, she won- if only in making the boy doubt his friend and running off, leaving her with the third keyblader- Aqua. After offering her a place on her side and being refused, Maleficent grows angry and throws her into a dungeon with Prince Philip, who had attempted to rescue the princess from her.

After they broke out with the help of the three fairies, she engaged in combat with the two in dragon form; and after a long fight, was damaged enough to force her into her normal form by a thrown sword directly into her chest. Wounded, angered and weary, she left Enchanted Dominion with a final word about light and darkness, and how as long as there was light, there would be a greater amount of darkness and those who would use it. Later on in her journey, she comes across Pete, who had been imprisoned. Freeing him, they soon forged an alliance and continued on her goals.

A year later, she along with Pete returned to her world as it was being attacked by a new species of darkness…The Heartless. While originally they were going to fight them off- Maleficent saw great potential in them and used her entropic darkness to gain a hold over them; to which they became the greatest asset to her for a long time. Wanting to test this new power for herself, she began a campaign against her own world, destroying it completely and claiming a massive amount of lives for the darkness. During this time, she had once again abducted aurora and escaped the world by using the corridors of darkness; ending up at hollow bastion to where she found everything she needed to conduct a base of operations- as well as a keyhole that would lead to kingdom hearts.

Inside her stronghold, she had sent Pete off to recruit more followers and invite them to join her in exchange for power. Out of many, five had joined under her banner- Hades, Jafar, Ursula, Oogie Boogie and Captain Hook; giving each of them a page of Ansems reports so as to help them control the heartless and carry out her plans while Pete was sent off to gather more armies for the heartless. As they searched for the princesses for nearly a decade, hundreds of worlds would fall to their engine of destruction, turning millions more into heartless to use for her goals.

After that decade, she only had three more to kidnap before she was ready to unlock the path Kingdom Hearts- Alice, Jasmine and Kairi. It would be Xehanorts heartless that would eventually assist her, by sending Riku to her after killing his world. After sensing the potential in Riku as she did Terra years before, she began to slowly corrupt him and convinced him that helping her find kingdom hearts would be the answer to helping his friend Kairi’s heart. While continuing her plans, she hadn’t been the slightest concerned that her allies were falling one by one; seeing as she only had one more princess left to find.

After Riku brought back Kairis body to Hollow Bastion, Maleficent unlocked Riku’s full potential to help her by eliminate The Beast, who had survived the destruction of his world and had traveled to save belle from Maleficent. After beating the beast and briefly taking Sora’s keyblade as his own, she uses the power of the princesses she already had to reveal the keyhole of hollow bastion. When the Xehanort-Possessed Riku arrived, he had told her of the seventh princess of light, Kairi, who couldn’t be used by her until she was restored, she decided to fight Sora and his friend, who was swiftly beaten by him and forced to fall back.

However, using the keyblade of people’s hearts, he unlocked her full potential and the darkness in her heart, enabling her to transform into a more powerful dragon form. Still, this wasn’t enough to beat Sora, as she was beaten by the boy a second time; and as she faded away, Riku had revealed to her that she was nothing more than a pawn to play with, a pawn of the heartless, to which she then perishes.

Later restored to life again with the help of her raven Diablo (who had escaped from the new threat after they had released the raven after a journey of destroying the heartless); the memories of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather had accidently brought her back from the dead. While another attempt was made by the organization to gain control over her and her heartless, they find that they had gained an eager enemy within the queen as she and them vied for power, with Maleficent taking an immediate hatred to the creatures, even going as far as calling them “white husks”.

After reviving the others, she had attempted to hold a meeting between the villains with a plan for the future, but after she asked Pete where the others were, and had gotten infuriated when she heard they all had something better to do. Trying to find a better base of operations, Maleficent appeared to Sora and his friends when she tried to take it over, only to find herself once again defeated by Sora when he and his friends go back in time to stop Pete from destroying the cornerstone of light and was successful.

While she attempted to beat Sora once again, she resurrected Oogie Boogie only to have him have memory loss and drive her away, finding himself defeated by the Keyblader for a second time. Although it was a small attempt, she managed to trick the Gullwings into spying on the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. In an confrontation between Saix from the organization, she soon realize she needed the keyblader to help defeat the organization and take Kingdom Hearts for herself.

In the world that never was, Maleficent found she wanted to take Xemnas castle for herself; and using the help of the keyblader, she fended off an immense wave of heartless so he could beat saix, so she could take it for herself. After being sucked inside the digital world, she began to take over the worlds from there, only to be stopped by Data Sora as well as his Data Heartless; and after a series of events, had managed to get out of there due to a ‘rift in the data’ that Data Riku escorted her to.

Days later after being forced out of the digital worlds, Maleficent and Pete invade Disney castle while everyone is out overseeing Sora and Rikus Mark of Mastery Exam. Due to the amount of darkness through the worlds, Maleficent had actually gained power from it, being able to stand against the energies of the cornerstone of light. She kidnaps Minnie, and gives her raven a letter and her crown in order to lure him back.

Mickey immediately returns to the castle, along with Donald and Goofy; where Maleficent finally reveals the beginning of her attempts to conquer the worlds; from her meeting with Xehanort years ago and how she learned about Kingdom Hearts, as well as how to tame the darkness. But she lost. Again, and again, and again- so she told him she would do it differently. Instead of using the princesses, she would instead use the world’s data to rule the worlds. Using her hostage, she forced him to hand over the digital worlds, but gets angry when he still refuses.

As she attempted to attack him, she was blocked by Lea with his eternal flames- which then he used to hit Pete and allow Minnie safe passage back to Mickey and his two friends Donald and Goofy. Angered, Mickey ushers them to leave after he pulled the keyblade on the pair. Realizing they were outmatched, they disappeared inside a corridor of darkness.

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Maleficent's Stat Blocks
Dark Mage, Level 5
Strength || 1
Constitution || 9
M. Affinity || 10
M. Resistance || 10
Dexterity || 1
Speed || 1
Stamina || 10
Dragon, Level 5
Strength || 10
Constitution || 10
M. Affinity || 1
M. Resistance || 10
Dexterity || 1
Speed || 1
Stamina || 9


Mistress of Evil/Dark Mage: Maleficent embodies darkness and magic, and as such has a wide plethora of spells she can use. She has a massive stamina base for her Magic, and she has become wholly reliant on it- making it her primary source of movement, defense, and even menial things such as opening doors and cleaning. Besides this, she has a heavy magical defense, and is capable of taking just as much of a beating against magic as she does physically.

Besides her magical ability, she has the ability to summon, control and even make powerful heartless or other dark forces- and all heartless under her direct control are more powerful than their 'wild' counterparts.

Dragon Form: A Form she uses when shes past her limit, This massive dragon form is several stories tall, and wields massive teeth and claws capable of rending through steel, along with an equally massive and powerful tail. This dragon form is far more physically powerful than her 'mage' form, and is capable of  throwing small chunks of building or earth around quite easily. Along with this, she has one other ability besides just physical prowess- Dark Fire. This fire is capable of melting through stone, nothing to say of searing flesh. the fire is cold to the touch, and is an dark green in color.

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Diablo: A midnight black raven with deep red eyes, this creature is perhaps the most precious thing Maleficent keeps around her. It is extremely loyal, and acts as a scout, a servant and a bodyguard all at once. Despite what one might think, this bird is far more capable in battle and intelligence than one might have originally thought. It isn't capable of speech, and yet those attuned with nature or maleficent herself can understand him.

Diablo's Stats:

Diablo's Stats, Level 3
Strength || 3
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 1
M. Resistance || 9
Dexterity || 10
Speed || 10
Stamina || 5

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