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Post by Ander on September 7th 2014, 9:27 am

Data Info: Journal Newcreate.php?text=Ander%20Dezden&name=Kingdom_Hearts_Font

Entry #1
I find myself alone a lot, maybe even when I'm in the presence of others. My heart quakes atop itself when I try to remember what it was like being around my friends. Like the streams in Deep Jungle-- all I'm ever doing is drifting. I wonder if everyone shares a similarity like mine, does everyone hurt when they know they're alone? I bet somewhere inside, everyone regrets tearing themselves away from their homes to become what they are today. The thrills of adventure can only do so much, but that feeling of dread, of loneliness. It overwhelms me... Lately I've been getting these strange dreams, thoughts, feelings too, I wonder if I'm going crazy... Hopefully, it's nothing like that. But sometimes I worry, I meet people all the time, but it just seems like they aren't real; I want to socialize; more than once. I want something to last... I'll write again soon.

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Post by Ander on January 17th 2016, 8:39 am

S o c i a l - L i n k s

Data Info: Journal 2497-89

Brief Description:
A boy with red hair, much like my hair color today. We met in Agrabah and I gave him a ring to help him with his magical proficiency, turns out he wanted to be a cleric. Well-- a cleric without the religious devotions. Ianus was an up-and-coming healer back in the day. We travelled together in my ship "Farewell to Thee", I'm not into dudes or anything, but he made my life a little better; he was good company. Though, Ianus went missing and I never saw him again. I hope nothing bad happened and he found a good lady friend. He'd be doing better than old Ander here, haha.

Abilities Displayed:
I never saw Ianus in action, but word on the streets was that he was a good support mage for healing. And he knew how to bend light or something along those lines... Too bad I never saw it though, maybe I'll see him again and he can show me.

Social Link: Missing Compadré

Data Info: Journal 56-2

Brief Description:
I met Zdynasty in Twilight Town, he had a funny humor and liked sleeping in trees. He was a lovable little thing, and after beating him with a struggle bat, I can bet he's not so fond of me anymore. Oh well-- I hope to see the alien again. He was just over what looked like three feet, and he had green skin. His black eyes reminded me of a bug, the only clothing he fasioned was a black shirt with a big Z on it. I think he had some sunglasses hanging from his shirt's front too, huh, but maybe I imagined them.

Abilities displayed:
Zdynasty proved he could manipulate basic magic and used a long range fighting style, he kept as much a distance from me as he could. This told me that he was very weak in durability. It didn't take long to outwit him, but then again... he was only a child. His magical powers demonstrated blizzard, fire, and some kind of rock shooting abilities. Though, I never caught wind of what he named it.

Social Link: Struggle Buddy

Harumi Blossom...
Data Info: Journal 2117-75

Brief Description:
Wowza, that girl was hot. But I didn't really put the moves on her, decided that she might've got the wrong vibes or such. After we fought in a struggle match I felt bad for slamming my bat into her, I think she zoned out or something. But oh well, maybe I'll see her again one day. She wore beautiful clothing, was she Korean? She looked Korean.

Abilities Displayed:
Harumi was a flower mage if my calculations were correct, her style was a bit of both worlds I think. She used her vines to entangle me and then wanted to beat me with her staff. She was a good competitor, but I got the impression that she was definitely not big on battling for sport. What a cute girl...

Social Link: Struggle Buddy

Sir Nicholas Jameson...
Data Info: Journal 679-28

Brief Description:
A knight of reknown and exalted storybook legend. He ran into me at the Coliseum and literally "hammered" morales and ideals into me. I'll never forget the day I met Nicholas. He was huge, standing over six and half feet tall, and wielding weapons longer than me and tons heavier! Nicholas wasn't a man, he was a war machine.

Abilities Displayed:
A melee maniac at it's final stage, no other warrior was quite like that guy. He was a heavy weapon swinger, and a coliseum buster. Using my ribcage as an example, it took only a swing to bust the walling that I was flung into... Nicholas switched between monstrous irems in blinding flashes of light, and even his easy mode was hard for me to keep up with. I'm not surprised I lost that battle, and I wouldn't be surprised if he could still beat me around like that-- even after all that I've seen. Maybe we'll fight again someday and I can ask for a rematch. I'm not fond of that hammer, but it was fun.

Social Link: Platinum Match

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