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Name: Fae (last name unknown)
Race: Human/Animal Hybrid
Height: 4’ 10”  

Fae has been blessed with an elegant curvy hour glass figure, flawless white skin, and a D-Cup bust. Her beauty is enough to make even models jealous. The funny thing is she didn’t even get this beauty through unnatural means. Puberty just decided to bless her, though it decided to keep her short. Fae has long, shiny, straight, black hair which extends all the way down to her hips. Other than the normal features Fae also has 9 shiny, poofy, white fox tails. She also has 2 sensitive fox ears at the top of her head which matches the color of her hair. Fae’s eyes are yellowish and dilate into cat like slits during the day time to protect her sensitive eyes from all the light. When running around or moving or doing anything where her tails might get in the way Fae pushes them together to look like one tail so they get in the way much less.

Fae is a naïve as a human can possibly get. That is her personality right there. Totally and complete Naivety. Having been sheltered her entire life alone with nobody to keep her company but plants, she had never seen a human face. Does not know the meaning of violence or fighting. Though she doesn’t know it yet, she has an internally built satisfaction for being pet. Fae also likes keeping herself as clean and groomed as possible. She does know what pain and blood is though as she pricked herself a few times on a thistle bush. However due to the very few and countable on one hand time she had experienced pain, Fae has a very very low tolerance to it.

Half way through the second plan of project R&E the scientists came up with an alternate plan. The plants on Rastlina were far more intelligent than on earth and asked the question can we become friends with them or tame them. The only issue was no human could interact with the plants without getting killed so they came up with an idea.

The scientists covertly stole a new born baby from Snehovy which was chosen by random and brought the baby home. They then used nanobots to change the babies DNA and molecular make up splicing one of the animals on Rastlina into her. Their plan was for the plants to recognize her as that species. This way during those times when that species is at a low number the plants wouldn’t attack her giving her an opportunity to peacefully interact with them. While the operation was a success as a whole there were complications. The scientists were not use to this foreign animal DNA and didn’t know much about it. The DNA took off on its own doing far more than intended and even mutating a little beyond what the normal animal is supposed to have. While the fox they had chosen only has one tail Fae ended up growing 9. On top of this she grew 2 sensitive fox ears, her eyes changed shape and color, her nose was made far more sensitive to smell, and she was given agility, reflexes, flexibility, and grace the likes of which was superior to even Olympic athletes. Her teeth even sharpened as well as her molars making chewing food difficult. Her stomach was also given the ability to digest meat.

Though the addition effects were unintended it gave the scientists an idea. Probably about half the time Fae would live on Rastlina the plants would be trying to kill her. The scientists wanted Fae to have as many chances as possible to interact with the plants which meant she would have to be able to survive. They injected Fae with the nano bot injection that turned off the ageing gene. They also modified her skeletal structure to be far more durable almost as hard as diamond. They also implanted retractable cat like claws into her finger tips less as a weapon and more to help her climb around and stick to most surfaces.

The scientists were going to chop of Fae’s tails as they saw it to be no benefit in fact it was a slight hindrance. However they changed their mind hopping it would make her seem less attractive. They didn’t want Fae matting with the people of Rastline as that would ruin the point of natural selection and evolution. Even they themselves had a hard time controlling themselves when observing her.

The scientists then raised Fae in a plant only environment. No humans no animals just plants to keep her company. On her 19th birthday they sent her in a pod to Rastline. However something went wrong and the pod collided with a bit of debris throwing it off course. The pod entered the atmosphere to steep and when it crash landed it broke apart. Fae had landed in the coldest part of the world and during the night so she was flash frozen. The people of Snehovy discovered her and brought her ice cube to their capital city. They wanted to unfreeze her for both the benefit of having another woman which was always very valuable and also the metal frozen with her. However the resources to do it out weighed the benefit so they kept her in the frozen form. There she stayed for generations up to the point where earth had forgotten about Rastline. That’s when someone finally decided to do something about her…….(which I shall RP out.)

[OOC: Well that was the old history. for the new can I just get away with uh putting nothing ^.^. Fae was born and raised by fox's. Then something happned and she joined the civilized world.]

Enhanced hearing
Enhanced smell
Enhanced vision as well as being able to see in the dark
Enhanced grace in everything, reflexes, flexibility, and agility.
Cat like claws
Can eat raw meet        

Enhanced hearing makes loud noises painful
Enhanced smell makes bad smells so bad its painful
Lack of molars make chewing difficult
Very low tolerance to pain
Fae is as naive as you can get.  

Strength || 3
Constitution || 7
M. Affinity || 1
M. Resistance || 1
Dexterity || 10
Speed || 10
Stamina || 10

there super lazy character port

The Man Stealer

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