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~Oriel Krista~

Female || 17 || Human
Destiny Islands

At times Oriel is known to be quite introverted and shy when it comes to meeting people but with travel experience she has sort of grown out of that. Though she wont speak much upon meeting a person she will try to get to know as much as she can about them as she tries to choose her friends wisely. Despite this she is still kind and helping if someone is in need. Once Oriel has been befriended she is a lot more talkative and outgoing, another thing is that she becomes very loyal doing nearly anything for her friends and family. The general demeanor that she tries to give off is a calm one, behind this however she is very emotional and passionate about what she does and things she cares about, at times this can get the better of her. She definitely enjoys her alone time a lot so she'll often be found chilling alone at the beach, near nature or at least away from towns and cities.

Oriel has a slim figure standing at 5'6''. She has a fair complexion and her iris's are a deep crimson color. Her facial features are quite soft with her smooth skin and light pink lips. Oriel's hair is naturally a light teal colour and reaches past her breasts, it is usually worn down.


Oriel was born in a world that no longer exists. Her parents were very loving and caring for the girl. However at the age of eight her world was consumed by darkness, it's heart and a lot of other people lost forever. When her world was taken the girl had somehow traveled to Destiny Islands as a refuge, she always assumed she was taken there by her parents as they were the last thing she saw before waking up on the sands, alone. Though she was left alone Oriel has always thought of herself lucky to still be alive. The girl walked to the township of Destiny Islands where people were shocked to see an eight year old all alone in the streets, she was directed to a foster home.

It was there she was looked after and brought up for the rest of her life on Destiny Islands. The people there looking after her were the most kind and giving people she had ever met. They would give money, time and effort into helping kids grow up who have lost their parents. Some people just like Oriel, too had lost their homes. Most of the kids there were nice too, they all helped around the home and played together. Oriel was more of the introverted type, either drawing or reading by herself. She did sometimes however join in with the others with playing and a bit of socializing.

As Oriel grew older she desired more and more to be like her foster parents, to help people in desperate need. She'd dream at night about her old world and other ones too and traveling to them. Every night her curiosity about the worlds grew more and more. She hoped to travel eventually, once she felt she was ready to leave her current home. The girl had a lot attachment to the foster home and Destiny Islands, it would be hard for her to leave but she knew soon enough she'd have to leave so there would be room for more kids that had been broken.

At the age of seventeen it was time the girl left, the foster home that is. She set herself up with a small shack close to the beach but also close to town so she could do odd jobs to keep herself up with money. Oriel often went to the library to find old books that would tell her about travel through space to get to other worlds. She would gaze at the stars every night, soon she would be able to travel.


Strength || 2
Constitution || 2
M. Affinity || 10
M. Resistance || 6
Dexterity || 8
Speed || 8
Stamina || 6


Oriel is able to use white, healing magic. Most of the time Oriel will have to focus in order to use cure spells but her white magic grows stronger and better the more experience she gets. When she uses healing abilities her hands will emit a light green glow.

Hand of Aeolus
This is an enchantment that allows Oriel to create, control and manipulate air/wind. Part of this also allows her to 'see' wind in a sensing sort of way, telling her the direction of wind and how many knots there are. She mostly uses hand movements to control the wind but she can also do so using her mind with her affinity for magic helping. She can easily manipulate the air around her body to assist her in movement in battle.

Neptune's Gift
This allows her to manipulate any natural water or water containing liquids as she pleases. With this also comes the ability to change the state of matter that the water is in, ie. she can freeze the water and control it as that, evaporate it to steam etc.

She is able to make as many clones of herself as she likes, they cannot hurt or be hurt but they only disappear once Oriel dismisses them.

Wisp of Wind
Oriel is able to summon or desummon any of her equipment through the use of wind magic.


A full suit of armor with a wind enchantment on it. The enchantment makes it so when Oriel wears this armor it's weight is that of leather armor rather than of the metal material it is made of. The only part lightly exposed is between her torso and thighs where Oriel will wear black leather pants. Steel chain mail holds the plates together where joints are to give Oriel movement at points that are needed.

White Mage Robes
A set outfit of robes and leather boots. When worn it decreases the stamina use of all magic by 30% and restoration magic another 10%. As it aids with the use of magic it has the defect of only being robes, giving little physical defense as armor. The robes are however 20% resistant to all magic.

Choice of Heart
The halberd has a moderate weight and it's length is about 7'6'' feet. The blade starts at 5'6'' feet along the pole. It is made from a material much like steel in strength properties. Depending on what alignment Oriel's heart is to it will glow a different colour around it. Light, it glows a very pale blue. Darkness it will glow indigo and with nothingness the glow will be white.

Entwined Clarity
When using these blades they are constantly attached to her palm via a string made from pure light energy. The string can be extended out twenty meters. When Oriel would want to bring her blades back the string will retract to no length at all. Since the string is made of light energy, if it is cut through it can repair the bond once there is nothing between the broken string and it is slack. In saying this the string can't harm like a chain would but is still effective should it be used to tie or restrain something. The blades are made from a crystal material similar to diamond. Each of the four blades she has are about fifteen centimeters long. The tips are very sharp. Oriel will usually hold them in between her fingers. The string appears to be golden coloured though it is still hard to see often you can see the shine off it when it flickers in the light.


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