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Sir Nicholas
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Name: Michael Jameson.

Alias: Black Wolf.

Age: 60. (Birthday is September 30th)

Species: Human.

Appearance: (Image)

Michael is a tall, well built man with long graying hair, often tied back into a long ponytail and grey eyes that often turn gold when angered. He has a sharp face, (like his son), and he has multiple scars - a testament to his rough-and-tumble background. Most often he wears a thick suit of black chain-mesh armor and metallic plates, matching bodysuit and two bandoliers that holster multiple knives over his chest and thick metal-plated boots.

Personality: Like his son Nicholas, Michael is well respected and highly honorable. Although somewhat cynical and world weary, he still believes firmly in duty and upholding the bonds of family. Having been a warrior for most of his life, he prefers to settle disputes peacefully, though he will not hesitate to fight if his initial offer his refused, showing there is a limit to his patience. He takes his role as a member of the gentry seriously and has served the realm faithfully for many years.

Although kindly, Michael is not one to suffer fools and will reprimand those that speak out of turn, especially those that don't show respect for their elders. He refers to nearly everyone as "child" because of his advanced age and jokingly refers to himself as an old man. Though old, he is confident in himself - as shown when he lectured an attacker for underestimating him because of his age, citing his living so long as a testament to his abilities.

A fairly philosophical and poetic man, he has a tendency to make long-winded, eloquent speeches off the top of his head that often detail the better aspects of Humanity and its nature. He is also quick to point out the flaws in other's arguments without missing a beat in conversation, though this does nothing to detract from his charisma. Indeed, in some people's eyes, his wise, sagely demeanor and counsel often heighten his ability to lead.

In other matters, Michael loves his son Nicholas and is proud of the man he has grown into. He believes his son is strong enough to handle most challenges on his own, though he does often show great concern for his wellbeing, as shown when he scolded Nicholas for recklessly challenging a clearly stronger opponent.

History: Michael was born in the Enchanted Dominion, and later became one of the retainers of King Stefan and a member of the nobility. He served long and faithfully and was renowned for his swordsmanship and his vast wisdom. At some point, he married a young woman named Helen and the couple had three children, the youngest of whom was named Nicholas.

Michael raised his son to be a knight and taught him everything from swordsmanship to ethics. When he had grown to manhood, Nicholas departed the Enchanted Dominion and explored other worlds, but Michael, having had enough for one life, did not follow him.

Since the rise of the threat of Memories, however, Michael has taken a far more active role in the affairs of the worlds and has come to his son's aid many times. Recently, he has also taken to exploring the worlds and (unlike Nicholas' direct intervention on behalf of worlds) he has acted as a mediator and a strategist in an attempt to create a more unified front against the creatures.

Abilities and Skills:

(Level 5)


Strength|| 6.
Constitution|| 6.
M. Affinity|| 1.
M. Resistance|| 9.
Dexterity|| 8.
Speed|| 7.
Stamina|| 5.

Fighting Style:

Like his son, Michael has very little to no magical affinity, but has great dexterity, speed, balance and coordination. Although not as strong or as durable as Nicholas, he has greater magical defense and is faster and more agile, able to run circles around most opponents. His armor is enchanted to protect him from magical attacks and boasts superior durability without hindering his movement.

His primary fighting style revolves adaptability and evasion. Because he is ambidextrous, he can wield both without difficulty, often changing which hand he attacks or defends with at a moment's notice. While holding off his opponent with one weapon, he swoops in with the other for a killing blow.

The weakness in his fighting style is that he must sacrifice strength for two weapons. He cannot focus his full might into one attack without discarding the other, and so he must make use of both to keep his balance.

Physical aspects aside, Michael is a highly perceptive combatant and has decades of experience under his belt.


Grey Ward. His famous sword. The blade (true to its name) is made from an unknown grey substance. The handle and guard are circular in shape, while the blade itself vaguely resembles a rapier. It has no special powers or properties, but it is an excellent thrusting weapon and despite its length, it is remarkably light and very flexible.

Reaver. A large hatchet he wields in conjunction with his sword. Despite its unusual name and the fact it originally was a wood-cutting tool, this is a very deadly weapon capable of easily cleaving through flesh and bone. It lacks decoration or ornaments, and it has no real distinction beyond having a name.

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