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Name: Rakki Senshu

Age: 25

Appearance: Rakki is a male of above average height standing at around 5'11" and he has a lean build made for speed and in general staying ahead of his opponent. His weight is around 165 lbs, mostly muscle, and he typically wears whatever is common for where he's at though he prefers black or white clothing and tends to stay away from color if he can help it. His hair is a jet black color that almost shines in even dim light and extends halfway down his back, giving the illusion that he greases it when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. His eyes are a very dull, light grey color that appear cold and heartless from the way Rakki stares at people. He has a hard set face but usually tries to smile which gives him the odd appearance of being mean, yet smiling earnestly to people. His shoulders are square and slightly less broad than normal, almost unnoticeable with long arms and slightly larger than average hands which sets his upper body off to someone who's paying close attention to his body. His legs are long and solid muscle but appear thin from how lean the muscle appears to be.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Rakki appears to be, well, a mean person on the outside with his more grizzled and rough appearance, but he tries to be nice to those who will listen. His kindness is said to get him in trouble at times as he prefers not to kill anybody he's involved in a fight with but will resort to it should it be a necessity. His smile, once used to it, can woo the ladies along with his thin and developed body which inherently made him a bit of a ladies man even though he doesn't really notice it that much. He is also fiercely loyal to friends and even more loyal to friends who are also allies in arms. The loyalty runs so deep that he has been known to make foolish decisions in combat to put himself at risk in order to remove a friend and/or ally from harms way. This has made him more brash than he thinks he is, as he likes to believe himself a thoughtful strategist who is incapable of putting people within harms way, something he is right on most accounts about except for his loyalty. He doesn't have any qualms about surrendering to a superior opponent should the situation call for that as the most logical course of action.

He isn't a violent person naturally, either, but will fiercely defend people he believes need help should the need arise. He fights to cripple and disarm more than he does to overwhelm and destroy, something he believes sets him apart as a more forgiving and defensive fighter and strategist. This doesn't necessarily mean it's a good trait to have, as when brutality is needed he can't seem to find the heart to execute the order himself or by commanding others to do it. He also prefers hand to hand combat, and his fighting style reflects that heavily. In close quarters he is virtually unmatched, while at mid and long ranges he tapers off and become useless save for forming strategies.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Light's Redemption: Rakki's fighting prowess in hand to hand combat is demonstrated greatly with this technique. Using the Light element, Rakki focuses pinpoint control of the element in his hands and forearms to use it in combat with his enemies. Whether that be as a layer of armor against sudden attacks or adding a sharp little point of magic on the end of his fist strikes to damage his opponent, this is a passive ability that he executes without much thought but which provides him a decent range of utility. When using this, he receives a bonus to Constitution and Magical Affinity of +1.
  • Light Propulsion: Rakki isn't built for strength, rather, he's built for speed and just getting his foe to submit rather than forcing a victory. Using this technique, Rakki can add a significant burst of pure Light magic to a physical attack that adds the momentum needed for, say disarming a man of his sword or sending them sprawling in the dirt. The light has a slight blinding effect for both parties, so judicious use of this technique can cause temporary blindness in both Rakki's opponent and Rakki himself. Gives a +2 to Magical Affinity.
  • Repulsion: Expelling Light magic from around his body, Rakki swirls this magic in a protective barrier that absorbs and then repels attacks from the outside due to the high velocity of the swirling magic. Rakki cannot see through this barrier, though, so this mean he must guess at when his opponent is done attacking which is always a gamble. The shield is usually capable of taking damage of mid level spells and below fairly well, even to the point of neutrality in some cases. However, higher tier spells can find themselves more than capable of destroying the barrier and inflicting damage upon Rakki, though the damage wouldn't be as high as if the spell had connected with full force.
  • Energize: This is Rakki's best technique, where he infuses his body with Light magic and controls it with his mind, will, and body all at once. This provides a glow effect to Rakki, a huge indicator of the technique he's going to use if the opponent has seen it before. This provides a buff to Rakki that begins at +4 to every stat except stamina and is reduced by one every post made after the first post of usage. Once the buff hits zero, the spell recedes and Rakki receives a -5 to all stats except stamina for one post, with the second post following the technique giving him -2 out of sheer exhaustion. The third post, Rakki back to being relatively normal, though the next usage of the technique can only last three posts within that same topic with diminishing returns to a minimum of one post of usage. At that one post, the usual +4 is invoked for that post but the drawbacks afterwards are more sever, comprising of a -6 and a -3 instead of -5 and -2.

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Breakfast: These are brass knuckles made of steel Rakki has for the purposes of fighting. If breakfast is important, then Rakki is sure to give it to you. Rakki can channel Light magic through this weapon to increase its effectiveness.
    • Boar Tusk: A lightweight armor that is made of spell forged interwoven steel cords, Rakki wears this underneath his clothing to protect his torso from all manner of attacks. It is as strong as regular armor, if not stronger, and much more flexible by design.
    • Item Name: Item Description

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b]

    Strength || 4
    Constitution || 3
    M. Affinity || 6
    M. Resistance || 6
    Dexterity || 8
    Speed || 10
    Stamina || 5

    Rakki's spells grant him a favorable close quarters combat advantage, blessing him with +1 to Dexterity and Magical Affinity when up close and personal. However, he isn't so great at mid and long range fighting which imbues him with a -1 to Dexterity and Magical Affinity when he isn't within punching or kicking range.

    At the age of 7, Rakki was taken into the service of a master strategist and fighter to be tutored in the ways he had learned through life. His father had approved, as Rakki was the third son of his family and thus had nothing to give his family in return for his life. For ten years he learned, undergoing hardships like people can't even dream about most of the time. He learned how to fight using his fists, becoming an expert at the art of bodily combat and was even proficient in using his legs, something he developed on his own. When he was 19, he discovered his affinity to Light magic and began to incorporate it into his everyday training and usage until he was comfortable with it as he was with fighting. His sensei noted that Rakki lacked the will to finish an opponent off or even harm them, really, instead relying on them to give up once they had been beaten into submission.

    While his sensei was satisfied with his aptitude for strategy and the likes, he was infuriated at his actual approach to combat. "Put a map in front of the boy and he'll form a master plan to kill the enemy. Put the enemy in front of him, and he simply takes their sword." was a favorite way to describe Rakki by his sensei. His other disciples were smart, none as smart as Rakki, but they all had it inside of them to kill an opponent. Rakki was almost never challenged by them on this topic, though, because none of them were as fast as Rakki was no matter how hard they trained and fought. Even the sensei was slower than Rakki's fists, and coupled with his usage of Light magic, Rakki was given the nickname Fist of Light which is a name he took gladly.

    After a quarrel with his sensei, Rakki found himself kicked out the place he lived and instead found himself in the middle of Radiant Garden without really an inkling as to where to go. Upset and starving, he found himself a place among the town guards and palace guards, quickly rising to the middle of the organization with his smarts and fighting prowess. Now, he ponders the days away in daydreaming while standing guard for people he never really knew or grew to care about.

    History: Read Above?

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