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Name: Jeremi Stuart

(Apparent) Age: 27

Appearance: Physical: Standing at 6 feet, even, his appearance seems to be, now, a compromise between many forms. Large and imposing, but not so large as to look brutish. Strong, but not statuesque in his musculature. A worn fleshtone, but, not the treacle-like tone he once had. Hair long and white, adularescent in sheen, but, contrary to all incarnations, his eyes are a bright, almost unearthly cyan.

Attire: An interesting attire, now, he wears simple brown pants, sturdy brown leather boots, and a red tuic, cuffed and hemmed in white. A stout leather belt sits at his wait, over the tunic, bearing hook points for sheathes, pouches, and the like. The buckle is comprised of a material bearing the color and shine of gold, but the hardness of steel. Set in the buckle is a massive green gemstone, at least the size of the palm of your hand, perfectly round, tooled into a smooth lens-like shape, and strangely murky. (Sigils and signs can be made to appear suspended in the gem, which immediately becomes as clear as glass, though still bearing a green hue.) Over his shoulders, a red cloak falls, trimmed in white, which falls nearly to his ankles. It is held closed by a clasp, resembling the buckle of his belt, but much smaller in size. Various amulets and gems are strung up to it, forming a sort of necklace, draping over the shoulders. Various other small gemstones appear to be clasped onto strands of his hair. Atop his head, a red, wide-brimmed hat sits, the "crown" of which is encircled by a maroon silk sash, held tight by a clasp like unto the ones mentioned previously, but smaller still than the clasp holding the cloak. Closed in this clasp is the feather of an unknown bird. Maroon-and-gold bracers manage to peek out of his sleeves, and metal plate covers the toe, top, and heel of his boots, speaking to, perhaps, armor beneath these clothes.

Sex: Male

Species: Unknown, human-seeming

Personality: Generally, Jeremi is kind, giving, and concerned with others, especially true with those close to him. His time wandering all creation has made him more aware of the bigger picture: He is more prone to deal with things on a larger scale. Though reluctant, he will, nine times of ten, put the well-being of the whole over small fragments. While as kind as they come, he is not terribly social on his own, usually dragged into being as such by the friends he does have. While slow to anger, he has lines you do not, by any means, wish to cross.

Abilities and Skills:

Lv: ???

Strength || 6
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 6
M. Resistance || 6
Dexterity || 7
Speed || 1
Stamina || 10

• Corridors of Darkness: Jeremi can create Corridors of Darkness, allowing him to transport matter between two points in space, by way of the Realm of Darkness.

• Sixth Sense: Jeremi can perceive other planes of existence, allowing him to ascertain details about people, and magical objects/constructs/projections by way of his natural senses.

• White Magic: Jeremi is capable of using Healing Magic. In addition to simply healing wounds, this White Magic allows him to negate fatigue, and restore energy, as well as bring about the removal of diseases.

• Accelerated Healing: Jeremi's natural healing factor accelerates healing. Wounds are healed/damage is undone in a space of minutes, or hours, as opposed to weeks or months.

• Space Magic: Jeremi possesses the ability to control and manipulate Space, and the elementary forces of physics.

• Nothingness Magic: Jeremi is capable of wielding the pure, raw power of Nothingness. This manifests itself in several ways, but, is by no means limited to the following.
•• Nothingness Energy: Jeremi is capable of channeling Nothingness into directly destructive abilities, wielding the power like a pyromancer would wield fire, or a photomancer, light.
•• Constructs of Nothingness: By inflicting Nothingness on the idea of "This thing is not there.", Jeremi can call upon physical constructs. Weapons, shields, armors, other items, which may, or may not, require direct physical manipulation by another entity in order to move or act.
•• Matter Decay: The ultimate expression of Nothingness. Jeremi can project an energy field that expresses Nothingness, as a concept, upon all within it. This effect is applied over time. The effect is stronger, and more rapidly applied, the smaller the field is. (Due to the size required to affect a whole battlefield, this ability is not practical for use in combat.)

•Darkness Magic: Jeremi possesses a keen ability to wield elemental Darkness. This manifests itself in several forms, but, is by no means limited to the following.
••Dark Energy: Jeremi is able to project field, beams, orbs, etc. of Elemental Darkness, for use as an attack.
••Shadow Constructs: Jeremi is able to transform Dark Energy into Dark Matter, a magical construct that resembles metallic obsidian. This can be used to create objects of any kind, which may, or may not, require direct physical manipulation by another entity in order to move or act.

•Water Magic: Jeremi is able to manipulate water present nearby, in both liquid and gaseous states. He can also conjure water from pure magical energy. Water, natural or conjured, may be used to create water formations, for offense and defense. Geysers, jets, etc.

• Thunder Magic: Jeremi is able to manipulate electricity. Among other abilities, this most commonly manifests as directed-energy attacks, on-demand lightning, and the ability to create, manipulate, or destroy magnetic fields.

• Wind Magic: Jeremi is able to control matter that is in a gaseous phase (most commonly atmosphere, but, any gas will do.) He may also conjure, from energy, a limited number of gas-phase elements (Specifically, the common atmospheric gasses.) This usually manifests as strong winds, creation of vacuums, and atmospheric phenomena.

• Earth Magic: Jeremi is able to manipulate earth, stone, and earth-elements, for attack, defense, and mobility. In addition, Jeremi can project pure Earth Magic, as an energy attack, or to enrich/empower a spread of earth, or earth-based constructs.

• Keyblade Mastery: Jeremi possesses a Keyblade, and all the powers and abilities expected of a Keyblade Master.

...There's a belief that children of different abilities are somehow inherently special. Better. Indigo Children, they're sometimes called. ...While these special children may have more intellect, and mental talent, it comes at a price. They are awkward with their own kind. Cold. Analytical. ...I've even heard the word "soulless" thrown around once or twice, with the especially withdrawn ones.

...What do they know about it, anyway?

...I went by another name, once. Simon Ambrosius. Names taken from famous magicians. Simon Magus, of the Christian Bible. Merlin Ambrosius of Arthurian lore. It it what I call myself now. But, once before, I was known by another name.

Jeremi. Wayne. Stuart.

My family wasn't much to talk about. Radiant Garden denizens. Middle-class. I always wanted for the simple, childish things, and, until their divorce, never got them. Though my mother would constantly make our tight financial situation known, she would always make our wishes come true. ...A desperate attempt to curry the favor of my sister and I, steal our love away from our father, only to pin it on her freak-of-the-week. ...I have no doubt she meant well. It takes a special kind of person, to deal with an "Indigo Child". She, like the average person, simply wasn't able to fully understand. I never wanted or needed for a thing, under her roof. I lived a charmed life, which would come back to bite me.

Thank Kingdom Hearts for my father. Where my mother would simply cave in before my demands, no matter how inane, my fahter was as crafty and stubborn as me. I take after him, so, it never surprised me. He pushed me, challenged me, brought me right to the breaking point. ...I only wish I'd seen it for what it was, then. What I first saw as intolerance and a lack of desire to understand, was truly a father's love. Strong, tough, at times bitter to the soul's tongue, but always for the best.

Like many of my ilk, I grew up with very few true friends. And, anything more? Almost unheard of. I found my solace in the old tomes of the libraries. History, fairy tales, magical theory, especially. This was my passion. The things of the supposed Great Land. Magic. Knowledge. The sacred swords of the Light and Shadow. Kingdom Hearts. And the shattered sword which was its key. These things had always entranced me. When I was not in school, or working, I was apprentice to the native Moogles. Some of the few entities in the world still capable of working and teaching the old artes. I was a quick study. Eager, if a bit overambitious. I was confident enough to pedal my wares to all who showed interest. Though most ridiculed me, and berated me for my obsession, one small group of friends and family alike were regular patrons. ...I was especially proud of the Wayfarer's Heart which I sold to their de-facto leader, a young girl by the name of Saria. ...She moved soon after. ...I like to think she still holds onto that Wayfarer's Heart, in case she were to ever find herself far from home.

...I am glad she left. Not long after, the Heartless horde began to assail our city. ...And, this... This is when I realized I was meant for more. ...A Keyblade appeared before me. And, then, another. I took hold, readily, and let the weapons guide my hands. ...Though I fell, I am sure that my valiant struggle saved many lives.

...Imagine my shock to find I had not died. I awoke in a featureless void, with a strange emptiness in my soul. In this place, I did encounter many demons, cast into a sort of purgatory. My only means to return these worlds was to exploit and consume the powers of these beings. I returned as a being which I later learned was called a "Nobody". Xeremij.

...You'll have to forgive me. My memory of these times is tenuous, at best. My return was to Twilight Town, wherein I met an aerokinetic Nobody by the name of Terradagger. It was during my travels with him that I learned of the two warring powers: The Republic of Free Worlds, and the Oblivion Empire. I knew that it would be unwise to be caught in the middle. As such, I threw myself behind what I deigned to be the winning team; the Oblivion Empire. I seemed to impress its Emperor, Zexion, in some way. I must have, for he appointed me as a Regent. It was only shortly after that I learned of another good reason to serve Zexion. He opposed the Remnants of Xehanort. Beings which I learned were responsible for my becoming a Nobody in the first place. Responsible for the destruction of Radiant Garden. Consumed by an intellectual supposition of rage, I happily went to work ammasing my forces, for the inevitable conflict with the Xehanort Remnants. However, I found myself set upon what I'd assumed was an ally. Once before, I had made myself powerful allies in the Empire. I had the Sultan of Agrabah, and the MCP of Space Paranoids as mentors. The Sultan of Agrabah, the Trickster, however, assaulted my realm for reasons I could not understand, and absconded with my world's source of power. While Zexion did inevitably punish the Trickster, and personally returned the power source, I had learned the wrong lesson. Fortifying my position, I isolated myself from the worlds around me, more focused on my people and my power than any sort of revenge I'd once planned. ...I soon found, however, there were others with my desire. Rulers and warriors who were, first, for the people. The Guardians of Restoration. And, in them, I found a new obsession in their leader. Arianne Rose. I learned of her through her followers, and through my own research. ...And, in this, I learned the Great Lie of the Nobody. Certainly they START without hearts. But, given enough time, they won't stay that way. I gained a heart. And I fell in love with a dead woman. And, in the haste of my new heart, I expended nearly all of my energy to restore her, and my body began to fade.

However, they say some emotions are so great, that even Death may keep its distance. Love is chief among these. The love I felt for Arianne, and she for me, allowed my heart to cross back over into these worlds, and rebuild my wasted body around it. Oddly, things began to move quickly, then. Within mere days of my restoration, I found myself a husband and father-to-be. I was so thrilled. In that moment, I had resolved to give it all up. The fighting. The strife. The Keyblade's call. I was a husband. I was going to be a father. I wanted to give my child a life where he or she could live happily. ...Of course, nothing's ever easy, now, is it? I was informed by a representation of Fate, who just happened to be the MCP's mother, that my child... ...My daughter was never meant to live. ...In that moment, I did something I regret, to this day. I took up murder. ...Granted, I only took the life-energy of those soon slated to die, for various reasons, but, it's still murder. ...I lost count of the sickly or corrupted lives I brought to an end, all to muster the strength to save my unborn daughter. ...Of course, while I was busy with this task, as I understand, Xemnas saw fit to abduct Arianne, and try to take my child away from me. ...Considering how easily she near-literally walked out of the Castle That Never Was? He should know better. Shortly after, the bargains with Fate were made, and, my daughter, Analie, was born. ...We were staying in the Radiant Garden, until I had secured a home of our own.

Alas, no. ...No matter which god you follow, they all seem to enjoy ironic fates. ...I understand now. Arianne's death. My OWN death, and ressurection. Our daughter's many near-misses. ...And, my abduction from our bed, in the night, and my daughter's incredibly painful death at the hands of Xemnas. ...It is all a result of something Arianne had done ages ago. ...In her world, in a time before mine, she and her sisters-by-fire had felled an ancient devil. The Destructive Mind, Ahriman. ...But, his influence was not gone from her worlds. Worse, they followed her here. The Daevas. Servants of Ahriman. These monsters addled my mind, and saw my daughter slain, so as to use her as a weapon against her parents. ...I wouldn't allow it. In a rage, I connected myself to the Darkness. I drained their influence from the soul of my daughter, which they had given a grown body, and anamnesis. Together, we began to play, and win, their game. The two of us chased them across dimensions, taking various forms. A Ninja, and his Demonic Familiar. A Machine Being, and technician. Dual psychics, leading a team of heroes. High-tech super-soldiers, battling an alien menace. One by one, my daughter and I found and killed each of the Daevas. Our return to these worlds came with the death of the Final Daeva.

...I wonder... ...How long has it been? What has changed, since I have been gone?

...I cannot believe I ever wrote that. Let me shed some light upon the truth.

Far back enough, you get the unvarnished truth. My family was middle-class, we lived in the Radiant Garden. My mom spoiled me rotten, where my dad actually treated me as I needed to be treated. I was an "Indigo Child", as they're called. I grew up, as a VERY young child, with few friends. And, the ones I did have were so counter to me, I didn't relate well. I read a lot. The old fables about the World of Light, the Keyblade, and the ancient war that sundered it all. And, I studied under Moogles, learning to smith, enchant, tailor, and craft leather and gold.

It's where the truly great friends that I had were mentioned, that fact gives way to fiction. Saria Genesis took a liking to me almost immediately, as did her dear friends. I needed them in my life; they challenged me to be what I could be, and yet, was not. In fact, it was through them that I learned to fight, considering Saria's go-to method for settling disputes was a duel. We were close, and, I found I cared nothing for what others thought of me. I had my friends. Soon enough, Hanamaru Izumi was added to our group, and, with the Trinity complete, we were a force of personality that few could resist. We practically ruled that town, the way we did as we wished, unchallenged.

...It's never simple, though, is it? Friends can only keep secrets for so long, and, Saria and I learned what  Hana was. A blood-member of a Brotherhood of Assassins. ...They showed up in the tales, every now and again. Their symbol had been adopted by many secret societies. But, most believed them long since gone. She gave me an excuse to really step up my own training with the Moogles, devising clever machines, and stronger materials, for her to use, to advance farther and faster than had ever been seen.

...Saria did move. And, I did break apart a Wayfarer's Charm as a sign of union between the three of us. What I failed to mention is how close the three of us were, and the secrets we shared that nobody else knows. But, that's hardly your business. Hana and I got closer still. Hell, despite our age, I went so far as to craft an engagement ring for us. ...Of course, when the Garden fell, that all fell apart.

I never had two true Keyblades. Only the one. And, Hana? I simply wouldn't risk her falling to these monsters. Merlin was opening World Doors left and right, so, I threw her through one. And fought. And lost. ...I didn't become a Nobody, though. No, MY fate was far worse. I was forced to flee into the Crystal Badlands, to escape the Heartless onslaught. ...Honestly? I would've been better off. I met a monster. A shining woman, whose torso emanated from the neck of a bird more massive than anything you've seen. She has a servant. A wild man garbed in snakeskin, wielding a mace. The man restrained me, and the monster woman chained my body, and my mind, placing me in  a shell.

Yeah. The Bellicose Nobleman? The insufferable paladin who roamed these worlds, did all those things? That was the shell, driven by my addled mind. The TRUE friends I made, then, (all one of them) I still would be happy to meet. But, I consider that entire period of my life a living hell. Oh, and, let me clear something up? Arianne Rose? Miss Guardian Pinky? She was long-since pregnant before I even touched her. I'll bet you anything it's Jet's. ...Or, it was Jet's.

Now, why was all this done? Simple. Ormazd wanted her paladin dead, so she could be drawn back to her world. That's where I, and my fellow puppet, Xemnas, came in. We were made to set her up to die, to suffer.

Is it any wonder I can't stand most divines?

I still don't want to get into what happened while I was away from these worlds. I remember too few details to justify writing it, and, frankly, I'm not proud of most of it. Thanks to Ormazd's influence, I was not a terribly nice guy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm back for the first time in centuries. I've got some things to take care of.

...You'll find that, in this world, there's very little that is certain. Including what you think you know is true. About yourself. About life, and death.

Much of what you might call my "history" is in flux. And, honestly, I've long since stopped caring. When you've been born, lived, died, as many times as I have, and have even met parallel instances of yourself? "History" quickly loses its relevance. This place is like the world I know, but, different. There's no Empire here. ...And, yet, there seems to be relics left behind.

Something is wrong here. And I mean to find out what. ...Besides, having a spare hero kicking around is always good.

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