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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Kyra Lightbringer

Appearance: Kyra is about 5ft, 7in tall. She has bright blue eyes that turn gold when she uses magic, or when in a heightened emotional state. The long scar across her right eye is usually covered by her shaggy, blonde hair (which is constantly falling into her face) She wears a key-shaped locket on a gold chain, usually tucked beneath her shirt. She generally wears loose-fitting clothing due to her desire for maneuverability. She has pale skin, but not to the point where it looks sickly, and it is usually glowing with the light she radiates. Whenever she gets emotional, her skin begins to glow.



Personality: Kyra is always smiling and laughing. She is quick to trust (which can sometimes detrimental to her) and slow to anger. She is fiercely loyal to those she considers her friends. So loyal, in fact, that she would gladly die to protect her comrades. Any threat to herself is less important to her than that of her friends, and she is more likely to protect them than anything else. Though Kyra may be selfless at times, one of her greatest flaws is her pride. She doesn't fear death (after all, she's gotten out of it before) and consequentially can sometimes be quite overconfident. She hates being wrong, and may become indignant when insulted. This, however, rarely results in true rage, for she is not really an angry person.

Abilities & Skills:
Light Shield: Kyra can shroud herself in a force field of light that repels darkness and attacks by heartless. This ability, however, has no effect on nobodies or other humans(unless they are using darkness attacks)

Sacrifice: Kyra can take on damage dealt to other people by touching them. The damage and effects taken by that person are transferred to Kyra, and she suffers the damage as though it were dealt to her. If this ability is used to revive someone who has died, Kyra's memories of that person are erased and she dies in their place.

Recovery: Kyra heals much faster than normal humans, particularly when using the Sacrifice ability. Wounds dealt to her do not heal immediately, but recover in about half the time it would take had the blow been dealt to a normal human being.

Dark Sense: As a warrior of Light, Kyra can sense the element Darkness and it's power within other people around her.

Defender's Burden: While her normal constitution is only slightly above average, it increases by half of her current stat points when she is defending someone else. Her determination to protect people allows her to withstand more damage, more out of sheer willpower than anything.

Defender's Rage: Kyra is not easily angered, but when she is, watch out. This is generally brought on by a threat to those she considers her friends. In her enraged state, her strength is doubled. Her anger drives her to attack relentlessly and recklessly, often neglecting to block enemy attacks.

Wings of Light: Once Kyra learns to control the light that flows from her body, she can shape it into a pair of wings large enough to hold her full weight (including armor) and allow her to fly. These wings act as a light spell and can be shattered, causing pain to Kyra as though they were a real appendage.

Quicker Than A... Well, You Know: Kyra can fire rays of light from her hand at enemies. If they hit, they do the same damage that any projectile weapon would (unless the opponent has resistance to light)

Weapons & Equipment:
Righteous Fury- Keyblade: A mysterious key-shaped sword that seems to appear in her hand at will. It is bright white, almost blindingly so, with golden edges that swirl into various designs. She can't seem to remember how she got the power to summon it (she used Sacrifice on someone who was dead, though she was revived, the memories of the person she was protecting, and the keyblade she used to protect him, were still gone) but still she feels somehow that it was meant to defend.

Protector's Plate-Armor: Appears on her when she summons the keyblade. Adds +4 to defense, but -4 to speed because of it's weight. Can be dismissed without the keyblade's disappearance.

Potion-Item: Restores some health to her or a comrade, she rarely goes anywhere without one.

Base Attributes:
Constitution: 6(+4 w/Protector's Plate)
MA: 6(+2 Light)
MR: 7(-2 Darkness)
Speed:8(-4 w/Protector's Plate)
Stamina: 4

Light Affinity (+2 light damage, -2 dark resistance)- Kyra has always felt a strong connection to the Light, and finds it powerful and easy to use. However, darkness seems to hurt her more than it does others of equal strength

History: Kyra grew up in Radiant Gardens... or at least she thinks she did. To be honest, most of her life is a blur. She remembers pieces of her past. Playing in the garden, birthday parties with her family... but it seems like something, or rather someone, is missing from those memories. At first she figured she had had an imaginary friend, but that wouldn't explain how whole years had disappeared from her mind. She has a sneaking suspicion that it all has something to do with a young, blonde-haired boy whose picture is in the locket she has kept around her neck for as long as she can remember, which isn't saying much.

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