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The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only] Empty The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only]

Post by Occam on August 23rd 2014, 12:32 am

What a wondrous amount of architecture, what do you think Alpha?
Well, sir. Since we cannot find the headquarters Lady Belysa spoke of, I assume offering something so massive in scale would sufficiently net some trust.
I was thinking the same thing, I assume completely re-building the inside of the cathedral would give us a sufficiently study base of operations. I can operate underground, expand. Maybe we can take a third of the landscape of this place and utilize it.
I assume there will be resistance, sir. It wouldn't be too smart to jump the gun on this.
True, I shall scope out the place for Lady Belysa and maybe she can supply me to build something. I prefer the ship, to be honest.

Zeikke strolled about the cobblestone grounds of La Cite' de la Cloches, an odd world he had explored via hopping worlds. He had re-visited the kingdom from the world of dreams, as well as Radiant Garden to see if either had any interesting advantages. He acknowledged the integrity of the massive kingdom from the world of dreams and the technological advantage from Radiant Garden...but the latter probably had security beyond his abilities. This was the first new world during his hunt and the third he visited, taking in every detail of the city's features. Passing by the citizens, he made sure to look like a tourist in awe by the architecture, spinning and dodging people he pretended not to see until the last second. Zeikke especially paid mind to the cathedral before him, but noticed the buildings around it were significantly weaker integrity-wise. "Sorry ma'am, sorry sir. Oops! Sorry!" the constant regurgitation of apologies when no one really cared had worn Zeikke down...charades were quite meaningless to him.

Exiting the grounds near the cathedral, Zeikke had moved on to the harsher, more slum-like area...it seemed there was something he had leverage with. If he could politically exploit the poor and use propaganda to his advantage, he could easily usurp whoever had dominion over the land he walked about. Approaching a beggar, the man had sobbed as he requested as little as spare change, which bewildered Zeikke, who just looked away and left. Angered, the beggar shook to his feet and rose to his feet, and shook his fist. "YOU! YOU ARE THE SAME AS THE...the...what was I saying?" Zeikke shook his head in disappointment, it seemed as if he needed to eliminate whoever controlled the area if he disappointed the poor. But if the poor suddenly had money, what would happen? A mass confiscation? A revolution? A rebellion? Who knew, but he realized the cathedral was definitely a sign that the city was greatly influenced by religion...which made his moves all the more requiring anonymity and caution. "It seems, Lady Belysa...That I have a present for you..." he decided to use the communications in his gummi ship to hopefully contact Belysa, assuming she is in her ship or the communications device they had would pick up the signal.

"Golden Girl? Golden Girl do you read me? I think I've found quite the nice pl-zzztzzz...place for you." Zeikke was set aback by his sudden glitching, which he thought would just be a hiccup since his reprogramming he performed, but he dismissed it temporarily...it would be an issue for a time without Belysa. Accessing his kNet map, he had checked for any AI similar to him, which had come up as a negative...but it could have been the enigma that he fought back in Radiant Garden. "Sorry, my communications bugged a bit, had to fix some loose wiring. Anyways, if you get this I found a great place for our city of gold. I can't find Traverse Town for some reason, so I decided to hunt down a good place for business. A decent sized city, a cathedral. Religion's a bit of a bump, but we can usurp the religious ones. As I see it, any religious figure and guard working for them is a bunny unless you say otherwise and I won't try catching the bunnies unless you say so." he was quite casual about the slaughter of those who deemed themselves innocent, but he knew that they treated the citizens like they consisted of grime. "I know that sounds ruthless, but you have to consider what these people do to the citizens." he rolled his eyes, he really just wants a laboratory...not truly a place for Belysa. But he complied, and he wouldn't cross her unless he was taught to be able to.

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The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only] Empty Re: The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only]

Post by Belysa on August 25th 2014, 12:05 am

Aboard the G.S. "Fiat Lux"

It was the aftermath of a particularly furious rally down in Radiant Garden. Though both Rosse and Stewart had volunteered to stay behind and process more of the people coming into the House of Light, Belysa herself  decided she had been on the world long enough for the day. It was no secret to her own mind that being there was something that disturbed her quite immensely. Maria's memories of a tall, proud, elegant world--the City of Light--had been reduced to something so feeble, broken, and disfigured. It was a thought that made Belysa want to empty the contents of her stomach all at once, and yet made her heart ripe with fury.
How dare they touch her home? How dare they take her friends, her family, her love, away from her?! The Darkness, the Heartless, that fairy witch--none of them had the right! They could not sit there, and not be punished for their crimes against the very symbol of Light in the worlds!

And they had not been truly punished. They still lingered, all of them, still continuing with their plans and schemes, defeated, but not dead. No...the Darkness had such great power that it could revive the damned back without explanation. Was there even truly an end, even if she did manage to seal the Realm of Darkness and destroy it? Perhaps.
The only way to find out, was to do it. The scientific minds and brilliance from the past, that might have been able to tell her for sure, was lost in time, lost in shade...

Or perhaps, not all of it.

Noisily, the intercom system began buzzing, feeding through a garbled message that made the woman jump from her state of mediated thinking. Judging from the location as pinpointed by the positioning system on the Fiat Lux, it was broadcasting from a meager little world that Belysa herself had never bothered putting on her visitation list. The speaker retained more of her interest though--young Messer Zeikke--the boy whom she'd recruited at the Land of Dreams not too long ago. She'd hardly heard a word from the youth since they had parted ways--he had mentioned something about locating a place where they could expand themselves, away from the sight of their enemies--and it seemed that had finally come into fruition.

Based on the description she was being given by the intelligent youngster, this world was one dictated by the mandates of some sort of Church. Belysa rubbed her chin, brow knit with thought. That would be a little more difficult to manage, but if they were so blind by religion, it would be simple to lasso them over to her side with some subtle nudges. Considering these religious folks seemed to be on Zeikke's ill will, the woman could only conclude that they were not of particularly stout moral standard. Interesting--a corrupt religion was the best kind in her opinion--it was easier to toy with.

Putting her finger to the reception button, Belysa spoke coolly into the microphone before her.
"This is Golden Girl. I've departed from Radiant Garden, and I will be on my way to explore this place with you post haste. Please continue observing our little bunnies, and see if they're worth keeping around. Remember...we have no wish to destroy the innocent residing here in these worlds, or we are no better than the Heartless we vow to protect them from."

Underground, Belysa thought to herself, the idea settling strangely into her mind. Yes, that would be an interesting way to conceal themselves, in broad daylight, away from the eyes of any enemies. It rang to question as to why she hadn't thought of that herself, but this boy was smarter than he appeared. In the two weeks they'd agreed to their partnership, Zeikke had already made progress in strides, though nothing horribly significant given the House of Light's current size of their headquarters.
...But if this city was as big as he claimed, if they really could go underground...they would have enough space to do whatever they pleased...

And a perfect place to launch their final assault against the Darkness.

((It's short but I'm trying to yank this muse from its grave. Sorry.))

I do impressions:
"Complaining about people complaining always fixes major issues! Let's do that instead of trying to find a collective solution by talking it out amongst ourselves as a community and point fingers instead of taking responsibility for our actions! While we're at it, let's attempt to satirize and/or demonize everybody who attempt to make a suggestion! Man, we are way better at this than those other people with experience who are trying to help!"

All RP's with Belysa in them are SUSPENDED for activity until further notice.

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The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only] Empty Re: The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only]

Post by Occam on August 25th 2014, 11:39 am

Zeikke began to ponder on his abilities before Belysa arrived...and what they would mean to someone like her, a mobile forge that could practically fill any structural desire of another. Kizeke wanted to created something ingenius, and he had to finish and close in on perfection. But he didn't anticipate the program who had bought the Dataloids, forcing Zeikke into fighting them...it was better than the greedy use of them for the program's own needs. Forced to delete the Dataloids, with Jackson being a mystery...he just felt a genuine sense of sorrow. Sometimes it just seemed like he was a monster, one that could create wondrous things but in the end the machine is used to destroy and kill...the Infernal Librarian. In this case, the Infernal Architect. Allowing him to take over and build what he pleases...to tear down beauty and then rebuild it as his own. It wasn't the most pleasant task.

As Belysa responded, he had dismissed the thoughts he had before about his past and him as a person and nodded his head towards her as his form of a greeting. "Thank-you Golden Girl. Don't worry, I'll keep a close eye on them. I'll be near the Cathedral upon your arrival. Golden Boy, out." he made his way for the church once more, preparing himself for what was to come. What route would he take? Kill the religious official? Exploit his corruptions? Ruin his reputation and the church's to the point where taking it from the Catholics has so much ease? Of course, it would need to be an extended operation, it wouldn't take less than a day to succeed...this wasn't going to be his last visit before they really claimed the massive city of La Cite' de la Cloches. He wondered how the people would see them...if they were protectors against darkness it would convince them to choose them.

We let loose a darkness and the two of us hunt it down. It happens in front of everyone, and by executing it...when the Church couldn't WE are the victors.
Sir, Lady Belysa may not take a liking to your idea.
Of course I'll ask her. We will show how weak they are, but not only that we should also exploit their corruption. A mixture of both would allow us to be the heros...WE will be who they want to follow, not some corrupt religion.

Zeikke quite liked his epiphany, reactivating his communications system within his ship to contact Belysa, but he knew that if it was intercepted that it could ruin things rather quickly. "Golden Girl, I have a fantastic idea. Fantastically risky, but trust me I feel it could work. I'll see you soon. Golden Boy out." he paced, wondering what could be strong enough to coerce into attacking the city...and how would they do it? It's not like he could just summon one up, no his systems weren't built to do that. But something grand was cooking, and he would do it. Yes...he was going to pull it off as long as Belysa supported him. In the mean time, he took the time to activate his Infernal Generator, creating a makeshift lab so that he could begin working on blueprints and concepts for the city, as well as summoning his prints for the grand gummi ship. The lab was manifested through a mist of white cubes surrounding him, forming several tables with various tools and gadgets. He was able to do this due to being outside of the city (where he landed).

Drawing up some different designs, including tunnels and other assorted, underground rooms, he decided that the cathedral needed a defense system. Which led to the manifesting of some concepts on mechas that he could alter to be used as stationary turrets. It was so wonderful...to put himself to use. But sometimes, he really does seem Infernal. Regardless, the designs were genius, and he was quite proud of what he was creating.

The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only] JPlGHQ2

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The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only] Empty Re: The Infernal Architect [Belysa - Otherwise invite only]

Post by Sponsored content

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