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Hum-Drum Fun [Open - R]

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Hum-Drum Fun [Open - R] Empty Hum-Drum Fun [Open - R]

Post by Cleptoblade on August 18th 2014, 3:08 pm


Jack hummed to himself, standing on the very rigid ledge of a cobblestone building within the walls of the Kingdom of Dreams...the sturdy appearance of the lowly peasant's marketplace that made him wonder what made the leader decide to treat the minions so well. I mean come on, Drakar. I'm supposed to find my cum-haired brother and make his ass forget the past. Teach him to be his own kinda guy and yada-yada. Shit, you really need to get more creative! I'm black-themed, he's just fugly. The writer then stalled for thirty minutes talking to a man who was quite blue. Jack shrugged after waiting so long in his head, but not really in the time that had passed, contemplating what to do next. Make money busting heads? Stop Make money through prostitution? Don't you dare I'm the writer. You do as I say. Whyyyyy Oh, now he's crying.

Jack materialized his karambit, no longer being a bitch Fuck you and spun it, attempting to look cool as the crowds began turning towards him. Returning the scans that were cast upon him, he acted baffled by the amount of attention he was getting. Everyone knew karambits were badass, but who knew they were THAT badass. Ring around the rosie. Pocket full of posies....don't make me finish it PLEASE do it or prostitution Ugh...so cliche. Ashes to ashes, we all fall down. Oh look, you're about to cry again. The people started noticing that Jack was talking to himself, considering he was crazy and needed to be sent to the asylum for his actions, at least he wasn't forced to be part of a brothel, dressed as a woman. Who would ever be evil enough to force him to do that?

Once they dismissed Jack, he started to notice in the blindspots of the marketplace the shadows that would hide the squaters and beggars had began morphing, causing him to scratch his head in response. Standing on the ledge of the building, he decided to stretch and continue to his search for his brother. Turning, he was met by a large, dark mass that snarled at him. What the knowing knew as a Defender, he knew as an annoyingly fugly beast, and I had to agree with him on this one. Finally. Can we just get on with the killing? Jack reacted by summoning his Ninjato in his other hand and swiped it upward, slicing through the Defender like swiping a credit card, knocking it back onto its rump. Oh, that must've heart. Can't twerk in your applebottom's anymore! Jack chuckled, but avoided actually saying anything. Soon, screams could be heard, and he turned and cocked an eyebrow HA. YOU SAID No. Stop.

Heartless swarmed the marketplace, and the Defender was not even dead, provoking him to replace his karambit with one of his Bolts. Firing several times, spouts of purple ichor streamed from the body STOP USING ICH and soon a pool of blood ran throughout the cracks of the building's bricks. Soon, it dissipated and this led Jack to avert his attention to the several neoshadows that terrorized the public. He could count five, but that was because of his lack of intelligence HEY. I may be a prototype but I know that there are as many neoshadows as almost all the fingers we have on our hands! As I said, he really can't count. I'm kidding, ass. Jumping down, he switched from his NInjato and Bolt to both of his Karambits. Running through, he swiped the neck of one, planting the blade of the karambit in deep and tossed it at another, twirling and slicing away at another Neoshadow. Truly, there were six Neoshadows that he had assaulted, using both karambits to capture one and swing it around like a rag doll, swatting at the other Neoshadows. I MUST FIGHT UGLY WITH UGLY! But sadly, I can't hit you, Drakar. Brothels exist in this universe, I swear upon it.

The Neoshadow being improvised had dissipated, Jack then continuing to stab down on the Neoshadows that were knocked to the ground, killing two of them before smacking another with his blade across their face, slaying them. Getting rid of his karambits, he mounted one and began using his left hand to fronthand-backhand it continually. WHY! DO! YOU! OOZE! EVERYWHERE! THERE! IS! A! TIME! AND! PLACE! FOR!" he prepared a final fronthand slap like he was playing golf, bringing it down hard. THAT! he stood after slaying the heartless, sobbing falsely as the surviving citizens gathered around him. In a whirlwind of emotions, he went from sobbing to waving at the audience gleefully. Hi! I just killed these guys! This won't be considered a hate crime right?

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