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Project Cleptoblade

Subject: D-9.0

Given Name: Jackson Kizeke

Alias: Jack

Age: 9, Appears 21

Elemental Simulations:

-Light- -Darkness- -Water- -Space- -Rose/Plant- -Twilight-

D9 was intended to be the magnum opus of the Dataloid Project, being able to wield a keyblade, even if it was temporary and quickly forgotten. He seems to possess the ability to generate his keyblade and a mirror version of it, but afterwards he will lose all memory of the event. Any simulation of light, darkness and the chaos of Twilight is limited to his use of keyblades, and his magical simulations have been limited compared to fellow Dataloids, relying mostly on physical combat. Even though D9 had the greatest potential, he has inferior ranged aim but superior physical traits to all of the Dataloids. D9 also possesses a simulated personality of a regular being, acting with a free will even when he does not possess one.

Unlike the other Dataloids, D9 does not viciously need a master, but is mandated to search for one when lacking. D9 acts ruthless with a touch of attitude and ire, portraying a very juvenile sense of rebellious attitude. D9 is very harsh in tone, with rude jokes but likes to keep things playful, and will tone down the harshness of his humor. D9 is completely pale and has a black attire with shaggy, black hair but may alter the colors of his body features and clothes. Over his eyes he wears a black cloth, which is actually a stabilizer for his eye sight since he requires repairs no scientist is prepared or taught to do due to foreign technology. He prefers hunting and socializing over the inquiry of technology and crafts most Dataloids have. This set him apart from all other Dataloids, acting like a real person compared to the robotic speech of the predecessors and D10.

D9 was the creation of Dr. Kizeke, the inventor of the technology, in an attempt to create the first artificial selection over the ability to wield a keyblade or not. While successful partially, Kizeke believed it to be a failure and thus, directed D9 into becoming like the real, living, conscious Users. D9 was sold to a dirty-dealing program that knew about all but D10 of the Dataloids. The program had extorted the scientist, planning to use the Dataloids to form an uprising as he saw great power in the Dataloids…especially the combination of their powers and User-status. When D10 had to hunt down the Dataloids, he was forced into combatting all nine of his brethren. One by one Zeikke had used his powers to full capacity upon receiving a no-borders command from his master, Dr. Kizeke.

D9 was the last to fight Zeikke, summoning the power of Twilight which was an unusual simulation crafted by Kizeke, not that of light and darkness forming a paradox mixture but the mirror of aspects of the world, turning chaos into normalcy and normalcy into chaos. What was normal then had turned into what considered chaos…was even tearing away the magical simulations D10 used against his former brother in arms. After a grueling battle, D10 had seemingly obliterated D9 using an .EXE command, but whatever he used had similar effect to D9’s keyblade simulation. No memory, and something Dr. Kizeke did not observe…all D10 had was the memory of slaying all of the Dataloids. Lightly told to leave Kizeke, D10 left him feeling banished. What was not known was the presence of D9’s fragments recollecting and growing, expanding into a new D9 that had retained the memories of his past incarnation. A very new appearance, one constructed by the mind and heart D9 had grown. This time, D9 was able to replace the dead heart within his body that was pseudo-active. Now a heart had assimilated and fused with the “True” D9. Taking the name Jack, D9 had decided to search for D10 upon learning that Kizeke had sent him into the real worlds.  D9 felt like he needed to console his fellow Dataloid, but unlike the rest of his kind he was able to evolve his simulated free will and personality into a legitimate one using his heart, overriding his coding but…corrupting it in the process. Now he is given a desire to become a lord to the humans and carry out a cliché machine-rules-mankind complex.

Str: 7
M. Aff: 9
M. Res: 1
Speed: 6
Dexterity: 7
Stamina: 6

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Primary Programs

Lethal Weapon

Jack has been built to be able to use any weapon to at least an adept level of skill, especially if they are ranged weapons along the lines of crossbows or guns. He specializes in ranged, but is not limited to it by far, even spanning his savant skills between Eastern and Western varieties of weapons. He can go from using a ninjato to a parang while maintaining a variety of styles to his mode of combat. Also, he was built to be an expert of Eskrima and gun-kata, but implements elements of Choi Kwang-Do.


Jack may record everything he views and hears, as well as creating a database of anything he records and analyzes, but it is a prototype of the Infernal Library and thus, has a greater amount of imperfections than the finished product. Jack may create several "playlists" of data, but his UI when accessing the database is simply that of a command prompt inside his head. He does not have an AI inside his head to give him advice, and relies solely on his own consciousness.


As a prototype program thought to be lost, Cleptoblade gives Jack the ability to simulate another's keyblade as well as having his own pair of light and dark keyblades. When this is used, it is unconsciously accessed and afterwards Jack's memory is fragmented, preventing him from remembering the use of keyblades. If he sees another keyblade, in special situations he may simulate the appearance and basic functions of it (keyblade functions), manifesting his own replica of it. This is actually due to his keyblade's special powers of creating a mirror version of itself and when not imitating another keyblade, it takes on the desired appearance of the user.

Hephaestus Heart

A prototype version of the Infernal Generator and the MAS-P, it is slightly inferior but with the pay-off of ultimately giving the wielder limitless, unstable use. The instability causes a lower efficiency than its updated version, MAS-P, as well as having the adverse side-effect of possibly overloading the systems, causing an eventual system failure if stressed too much. The Hephaestus Heart comes with a device, named the "H-Knuckle" which grants the user more efficiency in use, but limited supply as well as the ability to use the hand to consume inanimate material that is not possessed by any magic of any kind, granting 10% yield of the material consumed by the hand. So for every ten pounds consumed and dematerialized, there is only 1 pound and the rest is lost to deterioration and jumbled matter bonds. The ability only grants a thousand pound limit on the material consumed, which isn't much when it comes to the density of some non-magical materials.

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Karambit |x2|

A pair of Karambit that have "The Ripper" engraved into the blades on both sides.


Hydra Gun Base: Bolt

A prototype to the Cerberus Gun, the Hydra gun is capable of taking on two different forms that switch by the Dataloid's command. The base form is a pair of pistols that use energy-based ammunition, the magazines able to carry up to twenty rounds each before having to be discharged. Each gun can be reloaded twice, and the bolts of energy are equivalent to that of a .38 special in terms of caliber.


Hydra Gun Variant: Heracles Bolt

A combination of the pair of guns in the Bolt form, the sniper is a highly-decorated gun with stabilizers, padding and recoil reducers as well as a heavy-duty silencer. The scope has a range-finder and a built-in target-finder that allows Jack to be confirmed when a successful shot is possible. It fires either ballistic, explosive rounds or highly-specialized piercing rounds that is equivalent to a .55 caliber gun. The ammunition is optimized for a maximum range of two miles without adjusted aiming.



A bow that has an assisted draw weight with reinforced limbs and multi-layer carbon nanotube wires for pull back, which does not have stabilizers but with enough strength, they are not required. It has an adjustable draw weight between light (75 pounds), medium (125 pounds), heavy (175 pounds) and Overdraw (250 pounds). It utilizes three types of arrows: explosive arrows that act as a small fragmentation explosive, spear-tips that spin (a prototype of the drill tips) with a very powerful torque, and EMP arrows that releases an EMP within a 10 meter area when fired. It comes with a drop-down sight and the arrows can have either long, medium or short fletchings.



A simple, reinforced ninjato meant for stealthy executions. It is of average size but weighs ten pounds.


Throwing Stars and Rope Darts

Jack wraps a rope dart around his arm, hidden by his sleeve, as well as having a pouch on his left and right hips that hold six throwing stars each. The throwing stars are collapsible, only opened by the force of a throw.


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Twilight Anomaly

Binary Sequencer

†Binary Bash† utilizes a sequence of binary code to determine the output force of a melee attack from Jack. This may boost/weaken an attack or it may be used in conjunction with other sequences to create a plethora of effects, a combination of Binary Bashes or a combo of Binary Bashes. This is a buffer/debuffer of attacks and if the decimal equivalent is =/< 90 it is a debuff. If it is =>91 it works as a buffer.

†Binary Blast† utilizes a sequence of binary code to determine the output force of a projectile fired from a weapon or created by another sequence. It works identical to Binary Bash, except for it only applies to projectiles, magical or physical. Unlike Binary Bash, the sequence must equal at least 110 for it to be a buffer.

†Double Sequence† Allows the use of two sequences, combining them into one total.

†Alchemy† using a Binary Sequence, a random effect may be generated out of five, if the sequence is within a decimal equivalent of 50 to 200. The first is a maximum Binary Bash Buffer, accompanied by the second as a maximum debuff. The third is an Anomaly effect, which allows Jack to make a "Rule" which initiates another sequence, automatically combining the number with the Alchemy sequence. The fourth is another Anomaly effect, but instead of a "Rule" he makes a "Right". The fifth is a Anomaly effect which creates a mist around Jack within a 10 foot radius, causing him and those affected to be sent into motor disarray when it comes to movement.

†Rule† Jack may created an anomaly that affects things on a minute level. This may be something such as increased force of attraction within a certain area to the world that others are in, exempting him. It is dependent on his decision, (note the rule must be agreed upon OOC). This can only be achieved through another sequence that allows an Anomaly effect.

†Right† Jack will grant another a buffer of sorts, such as a stat increase or for luck to be on their side. This is dependent on his decision, but it must be positive or a negative effect on him.

†Locksmith† This can only be achieved if a sequence has reached the maximum 255,  forcing a double sequence and if the total is more than 325, it forces Jack into his keybearing state, along with a +1 to up to two separate stats and a -1 to two separate stats.

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