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Name:Ragnar Leonidas Smith

Age: Mid 30's by look of appearance yet no exact age is known

Appearance: Leo stands to be around six feet tall weighing a mere 190 pounds of sheer muscle with an excellent physique. His hair is longer on top and normally swept back; shaved around the sides. His eyes change from emerald green to amber red, depending on his mood. As a part of being a half-wolf his ears are pointed and furry as well, but are usually hidden by his hair. His teeth are unusually sharp also. Leo's nose is average size, not too skinny and not too short. Another typical trait is his long beard. His skin is slightly tan, yet it remains covered by his black cloak. Underneath his shroud, he bares no shirt with black pants followed by his boots.

Sex: Male

Species: Half-wolf

Personality: He was once a nice person, fighting for the side of light, yet his time spent in the Realm of Darkness has caused his heart to be callused. After returning from the Realm, Leo took a darker path, diving into depths which he would possibly never return. He is cold and not quite talkative. His confidence in himself is ever present.

Weapons and Equipment:
[*]Weapon Name: Guardian's Soul Keyblade
[*]Armour Name: Cloak of the Guardians (it is thick enough to withstand the blow of a blade, yet not enough to absorb the pain it would cause.)

Supplementary Battle System[b][b][b][b]

Strength 6
Constitution 6
M. Affinity 6
M. Resistance 6
Dexterity 6
Speed 6
Stamina 6

History: His origins are a question even to him. His oldest memory is of his awakening. His eyes opened with his mind in a daze only to find himself upon the sandy shores of Destiny Islands. For a season he fought under the flag of Destiny Islands in hopes his memory would return to him. After coming to the conclusion that his memory would never come back, Leo left the Islands and traveled for a spell.

Along the way he found quite a few allies and together they formed a group called the Guardians of Restoration. This alliance was formed to fight every inch of darkness that would befall any realm within their galaxy. For a time the Guardians were strong and they could see that peace was returning to the vast amount of realms. Yet it would not be enough...the Guardians ultimately disband after the death of Leo to the hands of Biscuit.

Though Leo would not be dead long, he found his way through the pits of Hades and fought for the right to once again be amongst the living.

After coming back, he found the Guardians were no more, evil once again ruled the galaxy...his friends were gone, none to be found. It was then that Leo's heart held no more light only darkness could be found inside of him. He fell into piracy; pillaging and plundering his way throughout the worlds to seek his own benefit and gain.

Years passed and he could not even be recognized by those that knew him before. Not only had his appearance changed, but his soul had taken the darkened path to the black abyss. Eventually his evil ways caught up with him...the end result was his precious ship resting at the bottom of the sea, his crew imprisoned in Hades herself...and Leo washed up on the shores of the Realm of Darkness once more.

He spent a decade in the Realm of Darkness...his hatred inside was only recently that he returned to the worlds...ready to once again see what could be found.

2,201 posts before the site hack
Date Joined: September 3, 2007

140 Max Magic

Founder of the Guardians of Restoration
The Ruthless Guardian of Storms

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