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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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STR || 5
CON || 7
AFF || 5
RES || 7
DEX || 8
SPE || 5
STA || 5

STR, SPE (+4) burst movements.
DEX (-5) Flexibility, (-3) Ranged Accuracy.
AFF (-4) Defense (+2) Offense, Supplementary



Geronimo is a 24 year old, petite female. She stands at about 5' 6" (167.64 cm) and while her form is fairly curvy for her size, baggier clothing easily hides her features. Geronimo is tan, with borderline black hair and extremely dark brown eyes. She'll typically wear her hair up in a pony tail, due to easy management, while still keeping it long enough to stylize, in case her missions require going incognito.

Her attire varies, from casual civilian to a proper representation of her Native American ethnicity. However, she doesn't feel the need to honor them verbatim and will accessorize due to a fondness for the style, opposed to obligation of her heritage.



|| Recon Suit ||

Geronimo's Recon Suit has a plethora of built in capabilities. This has come with years of development and modification, in order to expand her prowess. It primarily uses electrical and solar energy.

Her helmet, has the following vision settings:
-Stage I Zoom || (+3) to base long ranged accuracy, (-3) to base short ranged accuracy.
-Stage II Zoom || (+6) to base long ranged accuracy, (-6) to base short ranged accuracy.
-Infrared Vision
-Night Vision
-Bioelectric Vision  

Her helmet is also equipped with a respirator and language translator.

Her suit, has a cooling system, which keeps her body temperature stable in extreme heat. However, due to prioritizing, and not wanting to add excessive bulk, it does not have a heating system.

There are flexible solar panels on the back of suit, which are revealed when the 'skin' is pulled back, allowing the suit to recharge itself and convert its energy. During this process, it becomes exceedingly difficult to utilize the rest of the suit's capabilities.

The suit has two modes of stealth. One allows a cloaking that helps disguise her from normal, human vision. The other focuses on advanced technologies from viewing her. Allowing nigh invisibility from cameras, sentries, and etc. However, she cannot use both forms of stealth at once.

With the appropriate tools feeding her information, the suit can download files, as well as process maps, create viruses, and counter them. However, this requires her to be knowledgeable enough to perform these tasks with the tools given to her.

The suit can also reroute energy to her various weapons and devices.

|| Cybernetic Neurology ||

Her suit is primarily controlled from her brain, due to cybernetics added. They span down her spine, entwined with the root nerves of the body. While this does mean more to lose with nerve damage, whatever was going to damage them was likely to be fatal in most scenarios where it matters.

Atop of this, between each vertebrae on her back there are black rectangles, which is an access point for the suit both to compress and expand. The suit requires energy to do either, meaning if her battery is at 0% or her suit and/or cybernetics were hit with an EMP, the suit is either stuck compressed or being worn by the user.

|| Forever Gun ||

The Forever Gun primarily functions as an energy pistol, but has two other modes. Both of which require on a charged up blast, which requires a small recharge time before firing again, opposed to the pistol which can fire more frequently.

The pistol can act as a single hand shotgun, allowing a more powerful and spread out blast, but sacrifices range.

Utilizing the same method, Geronimo uses the holster from her Plasma Knife to act as an extended barrel for the pistol. The design of the holster was purposely intended to have this use, making attaching and detaching relatively simple.

There a few, specialized bullets, which are able to be shot through this gun. A specific bullet type, Model TR005, can be shot and act as a tracer, acting as a syringe and injecting nanotechnology into the blood stream. The nanobots naturally deteriorate after 3 days. The casing for the TR005 also acts as a physical, external tracer. Model SN003 can be used to stream a map of the area, which is created through a sonar, high pitch sound that humans cannot naturally hear.

|| Holosphere ||

The Holosphere, similarly to SN003 bullets, can help stream a location via echolocation and sonar. However, it is not limited to map creation and area identification.

The Holosphere can create projections, allowing the user to either cast a live feed, or place a recorded projection over a large area, depending on the needs of the scenario. The larger or more intricate a projection, the more energy is taken from the orb, causing a shorter lifespan.

Similar to the suit, it can absorb solar energy, however it does not function when doing so. It can also release the solar energy, if needed as an battery or to be used as an attack against an enemy, but this fries the Holosphere.

|| Plasma Knife ||

The Plasma Knife uses a normal knife as a conductor, allowing it to keep it's shape. The energy create a thing, but efficient film around the weapon, allowing it great parrying ability, while also allowing it to ravage the inorganic much more efficiently.

|| Battery Pack ||

In case of an EMP or a situation where the suit reaches 0% energy, the battery pack, when attached to the suit, enhances Geronimo's natural electromagnetic, allowing the suit to use this as an emergency supply of energy.  



|| Photosynthesis ||

When exposed to the Sun, she can absorb the solar radiation to sustain herself. Geronimo can metabolize the energy she receives. Unfortunately, it is imperfect, meaning she needs to indulge in normal human habits, just not as often.

She can also carry an enormous amount of the solar energy, which can allow her to power her suit, power abilities through the suit,  or have her last an excessive length without nutrients.

|| Lingering Warmth ||

When Geronimo comes in contact with a persons body heat, whether through touch or close proximity, she can cause the temperature to moderately rise, slowly causing them to overheat over a long period of time.

If multiple people are afflicted with this, and they group together, they are more likely to burn and hurt themselves. Once they separate, it returns to its previous state; a slow burn meant to drench them in sweat and waste their energy. This spell lasts a half hour per caster level, but can be dispelled by the caster if they regain proximity with the target.

|| Incinerate ||

Using an extreme burst of heat, she potentially can melt metal, incinerate appendages, and set forests ablaze. She is not limited to touch, or an appendage, but can use various while also launching this raw heat from a moderate distance.

The less energy used, the less effective the attack. The inverse also stands true.

|| Arid Heat ||

Geronimo, acting as the epicenter of the spell, can create a large area of extremely hot, humid heat. This isn't a constant force, but an initial shift of the environment around her.

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