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Alexander Carvardukaras
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*Disclaimer: All Abilities Listed That Seem To Have An Absolute Effect In Terms Of Damage, Debuff, Lethality Or Otherwise Are Still Subject To Story, Meaning That If The Result Is Undesirable To My Writing Partners It May Be Ignored Or Otherwise Altered.

Name:  Alexander Carvardukaras

Age: 20

Appearance: A physically fit male, Alexander's body is refined and tough. There is not excess muscle or fat, but enough tone to his svelte appearance to denote his warrior heritage. Gifted with naturally tan skin, bright blue eyes and long, blonde hair with what seems to be grease holding it back from his eyes Alexander is about the average height for an Olympian. His face is fair and defined, his chin lightly clefted and his nose strong and sharp. His brow is pronounced but not distracting, adding to his somewhat serious demeanor.

Sex: Male

Species: Dissident, God-Killer

Personality: At first glance Alexander comes across as a docile and calm person, usually taking many events and circumstances in stride that he feels exist beyond his control. He sometimes exhibits frustration at this occurances, but never seems to dwell on them for very long. This is especially true in regards to individuals that Alexander has no personal attachment to, as he regards the tragedy of others as their misfortunes alone, and not his to deal with.

However, this belies his true feeling on the matter, as injustice fills him with rage. While generally subservient to laws Alexander is naturally rebellious, sometimes having done things purely for the thrill of getting away with illegal actions. This is the reason he has chosen an illegal profession, as he believes this is a way to be free of societies chains. Almost passively and casually does he assist those that he witnesses in need of help, as long as he possess the means to do so. If he lacks the capability it may bother him, but by no means ruins his day.

Alexander is somewhat temperamental though in regards to how sociable he is. He never initiates conversations with strangers, and for being a gladiator somewhat ironically attempts to avoid conflict with other people. He is generally a private person, and keeps to himself often. However, the few people he does befriend are all unique in his eyes, and he extends to them the same love he would the family that he utterly lacks. In this regard, Alexander chooses a family and sticks with them, and is often unreasonably loyal to them despite what they are doing.

That said, Alexander does have a well-developed moral compass, and clearly demonstrates that he knows what is socially right and wrong. While he detests the chains the world of Olympus has placed upon her people, he also realizes that they were developed at least partially out of necessity. It is this desire to possess facts and understand why people behave certain ways that lend to Alexander a vast and flexible ability to manipulate people, even without meaning to.

A fighter at his heart, Alexander is positively explosive in combat. While still new to the Coliseum, he demonstrates excellent fighting sense and is adaptable to opponents within his class. He has even been able to learn to apply lightning magic to destroy metal on the fly after fighting an armored opponent once. His ability to develop new strategy is phenomenal, however he is immensely stubborn and refuses to take advice from anyone during combat, often insisting on learning the hard way. This has cost him a few victories and many injuries.

Alexander also comes across as reckless and impulsive, seeming to have some kind of death wish. This is because he feels immense guilt over something he inadvertently caused, and while he feels that it is his duty to remain alive as punishment until he finds absolution in the resolved situation, his internal self-loathing bleeds into his fighting style, His calculated risks all take into account body parts and external damage, weighing the need for victory versus the need to stay alive.

He is also fairly easily drawn into mutually beneficial agreements. Seeing no harm in accepting the terms of certain deals, or at times failing to recognize when things are worded poorly on purpose, Alexander willingly trusts those who come forward with seeming advantages, his drive to win not pushing him to cheat, but pushing him to drastic measures of increasing his own strength.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Ars Terminus: Alexander channels lightning through his sword and shield, giving one the ability to cleave through even the thickest metal by destroying it on impact, and the other the ability to withstand even the mightiest blow by turning the metal that strikes it into dust.
  • Sin Eater: Alexander grows stronger in the presence of Darkness. Using darkness based magic on Alexander will damage him less and less over time, while increasing his physical prowess more and more. On the flip-side, light magic drains Alexander and causes him to physically weaken.
  • Sin Engine: As long as there is darkness on the field, Alexander can slowly regenerate wounds and stamina. However, light magic drains his stamina and with enough concentrated and sap his power into unconsciousness.
  • Dissident Survivability: Alexander can survive grievous injuries that would kill a normal person. As long as his body is not completely destroyed, he can regenerate from practically nothing in a matter of a few days provided there is enough darkness present. In a neutral environment, it may take weeks, while in n environment of light, it may take years
  • Corridor of Darkness: Alexander can use a corridor of darkness to traverse the various worlds in order to fulfill a variety of tasks

Weapons and Equipment:

    Three Evils Set:
  • See No Evil: A wicked, jagged blade wielded by Alexander that feeds off of Darkness. It increases in size and sharpness in direct proportion to how much is present on the battlefield, and while it's durability and lethality increase it becomes more and more evident that it is an extension of his body and not merely a sword, as he continues to wield it with expert ease. If another person holds this blade, their hand will be poisoned.
  • Hear No Evil: A mighty shield emblazoned with the crest of a heart, half-black and half white. This shield becomes more and more durable as well as easier to use the more drained Alexander becomes, not responding to Darkness in the same way.
  • Speak No Evil: An amulet that contains a "world of darkness" within itself. If Alexander is in dire straights, he can ingest this world for a temporary resistance against the damaging effects that light has on his combat performance.

Effects of Sin Eater in depth
The more darkness Alexander is around, the stronger he becomes. As he becomes stronger and hits a cap of fifty percent for his current level, the next post sees him go through a change. He will automatically ascend to the next level, his stamina will refill to fifty percent, and he will gain access to a slew of new abilities each time. If his stamina is above fifty percent, no change occurs. Alexander is always assumed to start at tier one, and to ascend to each level more and more darkness is required. To reach level two he need only be surrounded by heartless or around an individual who is strong with darkness for an extended period of time, but to reach level five he would have to present in the realm of darkness.

Level Zero: Alexander has been in the presence of a strong source of light for a small amount of time or a weak source of light for a period of ours. Alexander begins to lose his strength stamina, until his body becomes incapable of moving. Alexander's vital signs can completely stop, simulating death. However, once the source of light is removed, Alexander will be able to resume "living", and his vitals will return to normal. His regeneration completely stops at this level, and he becomes little more than dead weight.

Level One: Gladiator. Alexander is normal human being, with the ability to use magic. He is athletic and strong, a trained gladiator. In this stage his regeneration abilities are normal (for him), able to repair most soft tissue damage within an hour, up to three at most. His broken bones can take up to two days depending on severity. Limbs take up to a week, as it requires total reconstruction of the removed part (however, this hasn't been an issue thus far in his line of work). Sin Engine is capable of maintaining his stamina fairly easily in this form.

Level Two: Demon Hunter (requires weak heartless Heartless/ poor source of Darkness to be present). This evolution has never been triggered in Alexander. As per the statistic rules, his stats increase by x2. His regeneration abilities increase to the point that most soft tissue damage can be repaired in just forty-five minutes regardless of severity. His broken bones heal in a day, and regeneration of lost limbs takes up to four. Barring special circumstance, he can not remain at this level usually without some source of darkness nearby. While in this form, Alexander's Sin Engine is rendered inactive during this level, unlike his Level One state. He becomes more wild and reckless at this level. His skin and hair become paler. He also gains access to two new abilities.

  • Corrupt Thundara: The darkness seeping into Alexander' body is corrupting his stores of magic, and it shows when he gains the ability to call a powerful rain of lightning down around him. Primarily AoE, the small lightning storm lasts about three seconds and is extremely difficult to avoid within a fifteen-foot radius. It deals increased damage against targets who have darkness as a listed element, and reduced damage against targets with the element of light.
  • Corrupt Lightning Destruction Wave: A primarily defensive technique, this technique presses outwards from Alexander's body in a radius of ten feet, reaching this distance in under a second from casting. The attack is capable of upturning earth and dirt, and forces even the most resilient foes away. The energy in this attack is honed for knock-back and not damage, so the only damage incurred is impact damage thus dependent on physical resistant.

Level Three: Black Knight (Requires being around moderately-powerful Heartless, moderate dark presence) This evolution has never been triggered by Alexander. Becoming much more reckless and lethal, Alexander's personality takes another drastic step forward as he begins to act with utter reckless abandon. His healing factor takes a massive evolution and becomes able to restore tissue damage in a matter of minutes, while broken bones and severe injuries take hours to repair. His toxic blood also becomes highly acidic, and he gains several predatory traits. His teeth become sharper and as durable as the metal of See No Evil, while his skin goes from pale to blackish blue and his hair turns straight black. Sin Engine becomes capable of generating an amount of stamina that can feasibly support this level as well as the first. Alexander not only has access to his technique from level two but a slew of new ones, as well as the techniques from level two receiving a range and power boost. Alexander's base statistics are multiplied by three.

  • Dark Thundaga: Corrupt Thundara receives an upgrade in power and range, reaching twenty-five feet in range and a giant increase in overall power. The lightning is visibly able to crack and deform the surfaces it makes impact with, dealing massive damage to foes with the darkness element. The effects of light's resistance to the attack are lessened.
  • Corrupt Lightning Devastation Barrier: Alexander uses Corrupt Lightning Devastation Barrier and holds it when it reaches it's maximum distance, creating a powerful shield. Coming within five feet of the shield will deliver an electric shock to whom ever approaches it. The strength of the barrier is determined by Alexander's magic resistance, and as such it can withstand eight powerful direct hits of magic. However, light spells reduce this to four hits, and darkness/lightning spells increase it to twelve.
  • Super Conductor [Channeled]: Alexander can target metal objects from a distance of twenty-five feet and attempt to hit them with an ultra-powerful lighting strike arced from his body, disintegrating most metal weapons and objects immediately.
  • Biological Shutdown: If Alexander can make physical contact with a foe either with his bare hand or though metal, he can hyper-charge them with electricty and temporarily over-ride their nervous system, rendering them completely immobile for a period of time determined by their physical resistance and Alexander's niche.
  • Overcharge: Alexander can inflict lightning damage on his body, increasing his physical movement, physical strength, and overall physical resistance. However, doing so causes DoT that is not affected by his improved resistance, and drains stamina for the duration of the move. If used for more than five consecutive posts, will cause paralysis.
  • Predator: Alexander is able to smell blood and sense movement in the immediate ten feet around him, allowing him to keep track of the positions of multiple foes at once.

Level 4: Armageddon's Beast (requires boss heartless, strong dark presence). This is the highest level Alexander is capable of reaching outside of the realm of Darkness, though he has never reached it yet. Alexander's body shifts into a much more predatory-looking creature than last time, bordering on the demonic. Wings start to sprout from his back, and his left arm is covered in thick, black scales. These same scales cover his right forearm, his shoulders, his chest and his shins to a lesser degree. His muscle mass increases, and his eyes lose their pupils rendering him completely blind. In exchange, all his other senses are completely enhanced. Sin Engine once more becomes a moot point, not able to produce enough stamina to adequately affect the form's function. Alexander is essentially no longer human in this form and ruled completely by his fighting instincts. He is capable of recognizing friend and foe, and maintains some intelligence, but is little different from a trained dog. His healing factor allows him to heal injuries of the flesh in moments, while severe injuries and broken bones take minutes, allowing this incarnation to rejoin the fight after he's put down. His abilities from the last forms are all amplified even further, and he gains new ones as well.

  • Devil Thundaza: Dark Thundaga experiences another shift in range and power, covering a 35 foot radius and dealing critical damage to all foes with darkness as an element. Foes with the element of light no longer have a resistance to this attack.
  • Hyper Disruptive Lightning Singularity: Alexander's Corrupt Lightning Devastation Barrier draws all metal towards itself, destroying most metallic objects instantly when the make contact. This effect is passive to CLDB. In addition, using Corrupt Lightning Destruction Wave will cause Biological Shutdown if it makes contact with an individual when cast.
  • Tesla's Monster: Super Conductor can now have up to five targets instead of one. Destroying a metal object held by a person inflicts Biological Shutdown.
  • Sudden Nerve Trauma Effect: Alexander can detonate Corrupt Lightning Devastation barrier. Foes within twenty feet of the blast will experience Biological Shutdown, and Alexander will sustain massive damage.
  • Everything Evil: Alexander gains passive strength boosts in relation to how much damage he takes and how many individuals with the element of darkness are engaged in a fight. The range on the secondary effect is limited to one-hundred feet.
  • Execution: If Alexander can make physical contact with a foe through skin to skin contact, skin to metal, or metal to metal, he can initiate an improved version of Biological Shutdown that will kill opponents of a significantly weaker physical resistance than Alexander's magic skill. In all other instances, it inflicts Biological Shutdown.
  • Fourth Level Limit: "I am My Own Reaper"- Alexander's body constantly damages itself, stacking Overcharge up to five times. At the end of three turns, Alexander's body will succumb to the damage and cease movement. His regeneration factor will be crippled for up to three days, at which point he will "return".
  • Fourth Level Limit Break- "Forgive Me Kristina, There is a Monster Inside of Me": Alexander detonates his entire body, creating an electrical explosion powerful enough to deliver the Execution upon all sufficiently weak individuals within 50 feet. All others are inflicted with biological shutdown. There is no damage done to physical structure as a result of this attack.

Fifth Level
This form is only hypothetical for now.

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 8
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 1
M. Resistance || 8
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 7
Stamina || 6

Alexander is painfully bad at most forms of magic, with exception to lightning magic [+7]
Alexander is very poor at resisting light-based magic [-7]

Alexander's blood is extremely toxic and almost certainly lethal to most creatures that ingest it, granting him an immunity to poisons and venoms. In addition, his body can be used to cultivate anti-venoms and antidotes by skilled individuals
Alexander is allergic to precious metals, with each metal triggering a violent reaction when making contact with his bare skin, ranging from loss of coordination to blindness, to numbness and even interrupting his regenerative abilities

Alexander doesn't resist curses and debuffs, he absorbs them. All curses and debuffs cast on Alexander are twisted and made beneficial, further improving his abilities and forcing his powers to evolve to new heights.
Alexander doesn't resist blessings or buffs, his body outright rejects them. Blessings and Buffs permanently fuse with Alexander like curses and debuffs, but their positive energies are twisted into having negative effects.
(Note: The two above effects only apply to actual spells, not drawbacks or enhancements brought about by any of Alexander's abilities)

History: Alexander's parents were both successful people, with his mother being the daughter of nobility and his father being a highly influential participant in the Games. Both of his parents died under mysterious circumstances, and left Alexander an orphan with a vast fortune awaiting him, to be bequeathed unto him on his twenty second birthday.

As an orphan, Alexander was held to high expectations given his lineage. He always demonstrated an innate physical prowess, but as merely a child couldn't handle the pressure and fled from the orphanage at around the age of ten. He met up with a man who performed illegal carpentry tasks, who taught him that society was a mass delusion created by people so they could feel relaxed and safe around one another. Finding the man's words appealing, Alexander became his apprentice.

The next few years saw Alexander form many connections with the rich and noble of Olympus, performing many illegal tasks for them. It was around his sixth year working with his Master that he met a girl named Kristina, who was a noble. Finding each other mutually interesting they began to meet in secret to talk, and eventually these rendezvous turned into a courtship. They dated in silence for three years, before Kristina suffered accident that Alexander seemed to have caused.

Her parents rejecting Kristina for her lies, and his master rejecting Alexander for compromising his work, Alexander attempted to care for Kristina on his own, pouring every bit of his savings into her medical care. As the money dwindled, he ran out of options and eventually headed towards the games, determined to win money to keep her alive and keep her treatment going for as long as it took for her to get better. Surprising to basically nobody, Alexander had an incredible knack for for gladiatorial combat, and has sense improved his skills in the ring to provide for the girl he loves.[/b][/b][/b][/b]

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