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"Its not kidnapping if we had fun."

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"Its not kidnapping if we had fun." Empty "Its not kidnapping if we had fun."

Post by Arae Kanay on August 10th 2014, 2:28 pm

A tall girl walked along lazily around the alley ways of twilight town. The sound of her heels echoing off the high walls and other smaller cracks that split off to different directions. She almost dragged her feet as she walked around a tired and gloomy look on her face as it peered off towards the orange bathed hill leading up to a clock tower. A heavy sigh etched itself out of her lungs as she continued up her arduous journey up a small incline. Her brain bounced ideas around in her head if she should just lay down right in the middle of the path and wait for someone to carry her the rest of the way or just find a way to flatten the land so she doesn't have to do so much work. Though it would take way to much work and no one is going to carry her. She continued to sigh and walk up the incline. She finally had reached her destination just outside the clock tower the scattered remnants of people still there talking talking pictures slowly dispersed as they talked about some event or movie or something they went off to go do. She was too absorbed in the tall building to listen to what the rest of them were saying. She felt the tall structure was nice however was missing something important. She walked over to the edge of the building where a small crack in the ground rested as she placed her finger in the crack tiny spiders crawled up her arm as they joyously waited under her clothing. Whispering to them as they crawled down her body and started crawling up the wall leaving strands of their silk weaving together as she used it as a rope to climb up and reach the highest point on it looked around as the wind blew her clothing around the cool breeze ignored by her as she sat down and began clacking her fingers together as long thin threads began to flow in the breeze catching old of the side of the building. She started lightly humming as she span more silk wrapping around the clock tower matching the color of the materials leaving only the clock face safe from the smothering hold of the silk. She quickly and beautifully made the clock tower her next a nearly invisible spiders next the only on touch could be noticeable by the people below walking around. thousands of spiders crawled around the bottom waiting for her weaving to finished as she stood in the middle blocked out by the orange bathed camouflaged silk and plopped down on the silk strong enough to support her weight and curled up in to a ball as she felt an uncomfortable feeling in her body. It was not painful but it was unbearable. She could not figure out what it was. All she wanted to do was sleep but this feeling continued to pester her causing her to toss and turn and shake the threads holding her like a hammock. Getting fed up of this feeling she slid down the inner walls of her fortress of silk and walked out from the side of the building looking around for any sign of life that wasn't a spider crawling around her feet or on her shoes. She quickly looked down and had a "Hm?" noise escape her throat as she perked her head up and decided to walk inside the building looking at the ticket holder her eyes beamed in on his face as she asked.

"What is this annoying feeling in my stomach that doesn't let me sleep?"

She ordered the man as a confusing look appeared on his face the only thing he could think of was that she was hungry so he stammered out a small reply.

"Uhh....Your hungry?"

She popped her head up as she walked outside replaying the reply in her head.

"This is what hunger is? This is terrible. I have to feel this each and every time I do not eat for an extended amount of time? This is awful. This is unjust for one such as me. I do not deserve to starve as such. Now to find something to eat. That means more walking. Unless......"

She started wrapping more silk around her fingers and hands as she grasped her hands on the brick half wall that laid in front of her looking around checking the drop she leaped off and slid her clawed gauntlets down the side of the walk catching speed as she met the roof of a building below picking up a small pace as she leaped off kicking the wall down to slow her decent landing on the ground her swords and scissors clicking together causing a few people to turn their heads as some strange woman lands in the middle of the street. She looks at them her eye's piercing through them as she grabs the nearest person.

"Where do I find something to eat. Tell me now."

Small spiders crawled out from between the silk threads that stayed wrapped around her hands as the man manage to croak out "Over there." pointing out a small cafe with a picture of bread on the door as she dropped the man and walked towards the place opening the door as she stood in the door way announcing her presence.

"I am hungry, you will give me food."

She commanded to the cafe as a woman at the counter meekly asked "Can I help you?"

The woman in purple glanced over at the small glasses wearing female that probably just started working there and was already having trouble trying to figure out how the place runs. She had a new feeling stirring in her body more in between her thighs but this one wasn't unpleasant in fact it was starting to overpower her hunger. The woman walked towards the counter as she leaned in and said.

"I am hungry I want something to eat that looks as delicious as you. Or you could just let me eat you up you would probably make a nice meal."

The poor glasses wearing girl confused and flustered as she looked down at the wooden counter.

"W-w-w-w-w- would you-u like our meat course?" She barely managed to ask as her face grew redder with each passing second.

"Only if you are the one feeding it to me."

The woman in purple had no clue what was coming over  her but she liked it. She stayed looking at the girls reddening face and soft features as a male employee big burly man holding his hands to his side as he gruff and loudly asked.

"You sure lady? The meat course is a LOT of food hardly enough for someone of you small figure can take."

She glanced over at the man and stated.

"Oh trust me sure I can take a lot. I always have enough room for something delicious."

The man a little taken back as he went to the back with a small red tint in his face. The woman in purple continued to look at the girl finding out more of her body. Busty, short, chubby legs and arms, yet not too terribly chubby in the middle. The more the woman looked the more the other feeling grew. 'She is so delicious looking yet my mouth isn't watering something else is. Right this is what humans know as lust. Noted.'

"Well I am going to go sit right over there miss, When my food is ready I will only accept it if you eat with me."

She walked to her table and sat down waiting for her requested meal to appear. The woman licked her lips in anticipation as she noticed the small plump girl walk up to her holding plates and plates of meat breads and more meat as she did her best to place it all on the table, bow and start to walk away. The woman grabbed her clothing from behind slightly tugging and pulling her back as she landed on her lap sitting down with a flustered and apologetic look on her face the glasses girl began to panic as the woman took a bite of some of the meat orgy that sat steaming in the setting sun.

"I told you I will only eat if you eat with me. So."

She picked up some meat as she placed it close to her face and the girl took a small bite. A smile appeared on the woman's face as they ate together in a strange lovey setting as the girl sat on her lap while they ate the whole course of food. Finally letting the girl up the woman stood up hunger sated as she grabbed a hold of the girl again.

"You I am keeping for my own." She said as she started to walk out of the door.

The large man appearing again saying something about paying but the woman ignore him as she carried the girl in her arms and walked out the door heading back up to the clock tower.The girl panicked and asked where the woman was taking her and who she was in a flurry of panicked questions.

"I am Arae, and I am taking you back to my place trust me you will like it. It is very well made."

She said walking a bit faster up the hill to the clock tower setting the girl down as she folded her arms in triumph. The girl confused wondered why she took her there as she was guided by the woman towards the back wall where it was in the shadow of the building as she tugged on the wall it bent and flexed as if it was a paper cover. Arae began to climb up bringing the woman with her stopping just below the clock face as the view of the town over took the girls panic of the situation she looked out forgetting where she was and everything else in awe that she was able to see this.

While at the shop the man quickly put out notice of the kidnapping bill runner around to the guard and anyone nearby. Probably trouble for Arae not that she cared she took slight advantage of the situation and stripped with the girl she kidnapped. Spent some nice time together too.
Arae Kanay
Arae Kanay

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